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  1. Kueller

    Alternative Captains and Eighth Player

    What was the extra player like for The Butchers? Cheers
  2. Kueller

    Alternative Captains and Eighth Player

    I have been Into gaming and war games for over 20 years but GB has made me really excited to see whats to come. I think they are going In the right direction with it, great miniatures, great rules and It seems to be well thought out.
  3. Kueller

    Team selection

    I love the Boar miniature too, which Is a plus lol
  4. Kueller

    Team selection

    Thanks for the advice about Boar, I will rethink about Meathook maybe only swap for Shank If need be.
  5. Kueller

    Team selection

    Going to be playing Union I think first, that's great they are my two favorite player at the moment.