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  1. Kueller

    My Union :)

    LE Rage
  2. Kueller

    will S Brisket get a change in season 4?

    I would like her to have a MP Dodge on one and Route One work on any opponent Player even If they don't have a Ball. 4/8 Kick Is way too strong, since she only needs 3's. She wouldn't have Balls Gone, since Its not In few Character/Fluff she Is a selfish Player and sSpigot has It and apart from a MP Dodge her Playbook Is fine In my Opinion.
  3. Kueller

    Seasoned Spigot

    I might choose "Kick'em When They're Down" GPD card now so when a Player Is KD he gets +1 Damage and +2 TAC 🙂
  4. vChisel Isn't even released so you can't use her at Tournaments until her Release date.
  5. Rookie Chisel comes with a Chisel card not a vChisel card so she can only be used at normal Chisel and the Rookie version.
  6. I'm glad you not part of the Game Balance at SFG lol Every Guild has an Internal balance and these are crazy OP. I hope every Guild gets a Guild Identity and I will hopefully see the Fishermen's at the Playtest Event I'm attending on the 30th 🙂
  7. Kueller

    My Union :)

    Thanks buddy 🙂
  8. Kueller

    My Union :)

  9. Kueller

    My Union :)

    Thanks dude 🙂 Taken me three times to finally get a Solthecian colour scheme I like.
  10. Kueller

    My Union :)

  11. Kueller

    Falconers Delayed until 3rd Aug

    Was It Rageheart?
  12. Kueller

    My Union :)

    Thanks 🙂 You have the Solthecians (The Order) on there way to you?
  13. Kueller

    My Union :)

    Thanks Dude 🙂