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  1. Kueller

    Falconers (:

  2. Kueller

    Falconers (:

  3. Kueller

    I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    OMG your work on Spigot and Stave Is so Amazing buddy!
  4. Kueller

    Transfer Window...?

    Man you are so bitter lol
  5. Kueller

    Muse on Minis Order tokens

    They are doing a Order pack when I asked them but wouldn't be doing Dice, that would be down to SFG.
  6. Kueller

    My Blacksmiths (:

    Veteran Cinder
  7. Kueller

    Free Cities Draft -All Butchers Read-

    Well Ben we have seen what Is to come with Butchers changes so I'm going to base my decision on where Butchers will stand In Season Four.
  8. Kueller

    Free Cities Draft -All Butchers Read-

    With my Poll on GUBS Butchers are defo one of my most popular Guilds, so we will have a very strong position to get a Players we want. Butcher have got a lot of Damage Dealers and any Squadie Is capable of Take outs. Want I want to see Is a Butcher Striker, since If you use Ox as Captain you have only one player option as one,
  9. Kueller

    My Fishermen :)

    Veteran Sakana
  10. Kueller

    My Fishermen :)

    Updated Imagines with my new Broken Toad Fishermen Bases 🙂
  11. Great fun listen! 🙂 Good to have someone who does their research on lol
  12. Kueller

    Tunapoot’s Minis

    Try using "Insert Image from URL option with copied Image address then you don't need to click on It to see It. Looking Good 🙂
  13. Kueller

    My Guild Ball Terrain :)

  14. Kueller

    My Guild Ball Terrain :)

    Team Hut