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  1. Blacksmiths (:

  2. Blacksmiths (:

  3. GIC Game Feedback Thread

    I had a game the other day I used the new version of Pirates Ransom with sBrisket, Mist, Strongbox, Harry, Benediction and A&G against Another Round, using Tapper, Scum, oSpigot, Stave, Friday and Hooper. Pirates Ransom was very useful with sBrisket because as a Captain she doesn't generate as much MP as other Captain and a lot of the time she will lose the MP race. This enabled me to place her In a safe position with the ball and having three MP gave me options, to go for the Goal on my first activation with enough MP to Bonus time the shot or If a opponent could get Into me, I can Defensive Stance, Counter Attack and If I get out still have an MP to go for the Goal. Another Round! was super good with the Brewers, every turn oSpigot could give his MOV buff out, so Brewers have a great Threat Range or Tapper, give out two INF before gets Into someone.
  4. G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    Love your App (: Will you update the Guild Identities Cards with updated versions?
  5. Blacksmiths (:

    Cheers Mate! lol
  6. Blacksmiths (:

    My Wife sleeps a lot and I don't have any Kids yet lol
  7. Blacksmiths (:

  8. Blacksmiths (:

    Iron Is super Static but I tried to not make him look boring, I quite like him In the end, Cinder Is another matter lol
  9. Blacksmiths (:

  10. I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    Beautiful work, you did a great Job on Bushel's Eyes (:
  11. Season Four Solthecian Player

    How Is this to do with Solthecian? lol
  12. Blacksmiths (:

    Thank You (: Cheers (:
  13. Blacksmith painting schemes

    My Blacksmiths Colour Scheme
  14. Blacksmiths (:

  15. Blacksmiths (: