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  1. Yeah agreeing that they will be the last Guild, not sure about the Shadow Council Seat.
  2. This ^^ I have thought and heard the same from others
  3. Are we all plastic now?

  4. Are we all plastic now?

    Its In the Question and Answer bit not on the SF released one but on Twitch
  5. Are we all plastic now?

    It was said at the UK Keynote that they would be released as 12 player box If released at all with a Price Point of £70.
  6. until
    Arrival: 10:00 Registration: 10:00 - 10:30 1st Round: 10:30 - 12:30 2nd Round: 12:30 - 14:30 Lunch: 14:30 - 15:20 3rd Round: 15:20 - 17.20 17.20 Results and Prizes Awards Will be Prizes for the Top Three Teams. Best Painted. Best Goal. Golden Spoons for the Last Placed Team. Paid List: Team One: Greg Day, Aaron Wilson and Jason Mountain Team Two: Maria Wieland, James Reeves and Conor Rooney Team Three: Jason Inglin, James Lee and Paul Field Team Four: Daniel Harwood, Thomas Simms and Sherwin Team Five Heroic Play Team Six: Simon Powell, Paul Fells and David Clegg Team Seven: Ed Ball, James Long and Jay Clare Team Eight I will be using the Clean Play policy to make sure games are ran fairly with players and everyone has a fun and relaxed experience.
  7. What's next for GICs?

    It was mention In the Keynote, they aren't official yet, they are considering how or If they will be added In Season Four. So It would seem It won't be happening anytime soon maybe later In the year. I really like them and hope they become standard In the game.
  8. My Union :)

    Yeah they are great Sculpts, I enjoyed painting them (:
  9. My Union :)

    Solthecian Gutter
  10. My Union :)

    Solthecian Coin
  11. The Goal Post Thread

    I have redo my Solthecian Goal, far more polished Stained Glass Window, will put It up when I have finished It In the next few days.
  12. I used Longshanks for the first time for my Tournament yesterday, really great system and so easy to use, thanks for your hard work (:

    Will you be add a way to handle or log Team Events? Will be running one next year and they are getting quite popular In the UK?

    1. RedSam


      That's great to hear!

      I'm not sure when it will be ready, but support for team events is definitely in my plans. I know of at least a couple of WTC-style events in January, so I'm hoping to have something working by then.




    2. Kueller


      Awesome! (:

  13. The Goal Post Thread

    I love your concept of this Goal, that Is why you Won, well done again (: I thought of Ball In a Haystack like Needle In a Haystack!
  14. Is Skulk Tournament legal?

    Lucky was Ruled/Announced on the Forum to be Tournament Legal by SFG. Skulk hasn't been ruled as such yet, General Release If when the model Is available In your LGS, which which Skulk won't be until the Ratcatchers box Is released next year where Skulk will be In said box. But SFG can officially ruled he Is legal before then but I haven't seen anything confirming that. As a TO of an event you can allow Skulk but that Is up to the TO.