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    Union see Off Mason interest

    So it’s union consisting of Blackheart, Coin, Decimate, Minx, Rage and A&G Vs Honour, Marbles Harmony, Mallet, Flint and Brick Baal goes back and forth during the game with neither side getting many takeouts but after Blackheart misses a 4 dice tap in and gets soundly beaten to a pulp by the masons Minx finishes the game off by scoring the final goal
  2. It won’t let me upload from my phone pic file is too big will add photos when I get to my computer 😜
  3. So it Esters and her brewers Lucky, Stoker, Hooper, Mash and Quaff facing Blackheart and his union oppressor Benediction alongside Coin, Rage, Minx and Avarisse & Greed Benediction kicks off and because the rest of the union team are not really interested they don’t do much just hang around in there half watching the Brewers have fun kick the ball about while Esters hurts them from afar. With all there show boating the Brewers have the advantage and start pressing the attack putting the hurt into Blackheart and avarisse While the rest of the Union can only give Esters a bloody nose and push the brewers about a bit. After the brewers finally lose so momentum the union have the advantage and after a scrum involving Blackheart, Avarisse & Greed with rage in support Esters is strechered Off the pitch, this upsets the brewers and they proceed to do the same to Avarisse and Minx. With the Brewers on the rise again and all the players returning to the pitch Mash continues to keep Benediction occupied leaving the rest of the union unsure of what to do as they were supposed to be getting Decimate for the church but with her hiding out at the brewers HQ they are lost. With Esters back in the fight and her sending Minx back to the medics it gives Lucky an opening to rush forward and finally score a goal to put the game to bed, with the union team in tatters they don’t see it coming. 10 - 2 in favour of the Brewers Decimate is certianly being a hard hard prey to catch while under the protection of the Drunks.
  4. Wilki1979

    Brewer GIC Theory Thread

    Drink up lads everyone gets unpredictable movement heal 2
  5. Wilki1979

    Season 3 is not for Brewers

    I'm going to say I'm loving my Brewers in season 3, granted I didn't play them season 2 as I was only a fish player back then. Im winning a hell of a lot of games and doing quite well against really good players my win ratio is probably around 75% of games ATM, morticians and union are my problem areas but that's probably down to me loving tapper and not having a complete roster. Ive only lost one game to a fishermen player in season 3 using Brewers (I used tapper) but he's a very good player ranked in the top 10. You probably just just need to step back and think about it as I can score turn 1 with Friday when I receive the ball.