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  1. I'd say go for the blacksmiths... not that I'm biased or anything.
  2. First Impressions - I ALSO had a lot of fun!

    Thats one of the reasons I like hammer. He can go in first activation with no setup and get work done, but hes also flexible and sturdy enough to wait for a bit. I really can't wait to get my set of blacksmiths from my ninja. You can also have Ferrite threat the goal at 27" turn one. Which I think is just silly levels of fun. You can also go 25" and then go with iron (You need to use get over here before sending her off).
  3. First Impressions - I ALSO had a lot of fun!

    I don't actually bother with Honour that much. I generally prefer Hammer sense his momentous results can hit hard enough to generally take out most full health players in a full round (using iron fist of course). The other part of it is that I like to use minx when I can. Being able to fly in and apply snared and screech can just make hammer sing. Its actually one of the parts about smiths that I'm most interested in. Setting up a player to go flying in and annihilating someone. Hopefully it plays out rather well. Also wrecker is one of my favorite models in masons. He can break up a scrum so efficiently. I'm really excited to that iron has something similar.
  4. First Impressions - I ALSO had a lot of fun!

    It's interesting to hear that you used Mason's as a 3-0 team. I've always used them as a 2-2 or even 4-1 team. I'm curious how my transition will be with the Smith's.
  5. Iron and Ferrite discussion

    I haven't had a chance unfortunately. It could be a case of both. I don't think they will be broken good, but they definitely seem to be at least upper middle. There's definitely going to be a learning curve, like there is with farmers, for both you and your opponents.
  6. Iron and Ferrite discussion

    So after listening to the recent strictly the worst podcast, I've realized that iron is really good at removing harvest markers.
  7. Iron and Ferrite discussion

    Tell me about it. I've been hitting f5 on the blog for weeks. But anyways Ferrite is bonkers. Maybe not thresher levels of crazy but she still really good. Turn 1 she has a 25" threat range if you're receiving (sprint 7 + 2 legendary + 2 acro + 4 teamwork + 8 kick + 2 from while the iron hot w/ anvil). Beyond that disarm is also incredibly good. It can make her essentially arm 4. If you managed to combine this with one at a time lads it can really take the bite out of an attack, and you can do it on a counter attack.
  8. With gencon in full swing we've finally been shown the last two blacksmith cards. Ferrite being the master and also a pretty solid striker. Iron, her apprentice, is a surprisingly fast midfielder with a good damage track, and some potentially solid ball game. What's everyone's opinion of these two new players? Link to the Facebook post: https://www.facebook.com/groups/669287583117414/permalink/1469101903135974/
  9. Future Guild Ideas

    Apologies in advance. This is kind of a mess since I was writing it on a phone. I had a few ideas for guilds. The first was my take on what a thieves/preformers guild would look like. The idea was essentially a lot of quirky tricks and battlefield manipulation. Positioning would be important. Some people need to be next to each other, others need to be in/out of set ranges, etc. They would be more of a 2/2 guild. The elevator pitch would be: They're not just playing a game. They're putting on a show. Also mugging you and taking your stuff... Unfortunately I'm terrible with names. So most of these are just the basic roles. Captains- •Harley - essentially a captain with crazy. A playbook built around manipulating positioning with momentus pushes and dodges. There would also be a decent amount of damage numbers but all non-momentus. Her legendary would be to swap her momentus results and non momentus results. •ringleader (didn't have a name) - More of a stand in the back supportive captain. Didn't get too far into his rules, but a lot of character plays and abilites that focus on moving things. Mascots- •Lemur (still working on names) - the idea for this model was that a friendly model could kick him at the enemy and if they have the ball he could tackle it off of them, and then run back to drop it off. •ball python - this was similar to the lemur but could only be kicked to friendly models. Similar to skathas snowballs. Players- Bobo the clown - the big guy of the line up. He's pretty much the hired muscle to protect the preformers. I wad going to give him something like counter charge but only if a mode damages/pushes/kds a friendly within 6". Juggler - A model that was built around relaying the ball around. I was thinking of giving him a trait that would essentially do a snap shot pass (alley-oop). Also other plays like dirty knives. Thug/damage dealer - gains 1+ dmg against enemies that are x" away from other enemy models. The basic idea is that the team uses it's movement abilities to move them out of sight and then he beats the crap out of them. The urchin twins- two models like A&g and B&M. One is about thieving and stealing the ball and the other is about dealing damage, but they work best next to each other. For example the thief would have assist[Other one]. Other ideas I had were stealing stuff, like inf, but maybe stealing buffs? Could also have an informant model that gives details on enemies, maybe in the form of mini vengeance tokens (+1 hit). The other guild I had an idea was a musicians guild. The only part I got was that they all have slightly below average stats, but they all have an aura that turns on once they activate. So as the turn progress the last couple models have a ton of buffs as the song builds up. The names would also be super easy.
  10. Blacksmiths in GenCon Program

    Sweet. They look pretty cool. I'm glad they went with the traditional knight look for iron, and ferrite looks pretty cool as well. I can't wait to see they're full art and models. Also the rules of course. Psst @Steamforged you should totally show us the cards. We'll promise not to share them with anyone until after gencon.
  11. Mystery box!

    Yes, that thing. I also forgot to say that the Theron chibi had the errata changes. I guess they could probably get away with just making them all Chibis. With every other guild having two captains and two mascots to make into cards that puts blacksmiths only slightly ahead. After their second wave they'd be at 6 masters.
  12. Mystery box!

    @Kueller they showed off a Theron and Fahad chibi card at the Brit championships a few days ago. So hopefully that means that they will be redoing the erratad cards. It also sounds like they will be doing season 2 captains as well. I was chatting with a friend about the prospect of new chibi cards and it got me thinking. What are they gonna do with blacksmiths? Chibi versions of all the masters? Not sure whos leading the chibi part but it would be interesting to hear what they might have planned.
  13. Or something like Vitriol. God that model was a pain to attach to a base. I generally like stoic models, but it's nice to mix it up and have some dynamic poses.
  14. @landstander which resin models did you try in the simple green? I've used it on some warmahordes ones and it was fine. I haven't tried it on any GB stuff though so I have no idea for them.
  15. For the original explanation leadDice gave I thought he was working for them against his wishes. Like he was an indentured slave sort of thing, but from the video it seemed more like it was a major part of his family history going back awhile. So it could be more of a "family business" sort of thing I guess? Maybe he is the best of the assassins or housecarls, and therefor a master in that regard? @tehlon Hey now, I like the models so far. That anvil sculpt looks amazing.