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  1. Hello everybody, I want to sell a Limited edition Flint or trade vs a KS Honour, anyone is interesseted in? PS: I'm based in France
  2. Hello everybody, I am seeking for a KS Midas (metal) and a KS Honour (metal), if you want to sell them you can PM me. I can exchange it against a LE Flint. PS: I'm based in France
  3. Hi everyone, Here is my participation:
  4. Allb

    Over the death

    Hello guys, Today I post another report about my Alchemist game to the Union in chains campagn. I play Smoke, Flask, Calculus, Mercury, VetKatalyst and Harry the «Hat ». I played against Obulus, Dirge, Casket, Ghast, Cosset and Silence, Obulus kicks the ball. I begin to score 3 points by killng Cosset and Dirge with Katalyst ! 3-0 Then, my opponent kills Katalyst to reduce the score to 3-2 for me. Then, Smoke and her team put fire/poisson to everybody an Flask goes to the center of the table to cast « Intensify ». Casket comes and the rest is part of history : he kills Flask. The explosion of the little robot kills Cosset, Dirge and Silence. Obulus has 3 hps. 8-3 for Alchemists. I begin the fourth turn, 4 influences to Mercury (to kill Obulus). Obulus is less than 3’’ of Casket (perfect) so I activate Mercury, cast Fire Blast and miss Obulus but not Casket : I generate one momentum with Momentous Inspiration. A bonus time Flame jet misses Obulus (crap) and I won’t kill him. Perheaps my opponent does nothing and Smoke can score the goal. Victory for Alchemists ! 12-3
  5. Hi dear alchemists, Midas has been nerfed, so Smoke have to defend Alchemists' pride against the powerful Farmers. Mercury kick the ball: Katalyst makes the first blood by killing Peck, 1-0 To avenge his mascott, Windle kills Katalyst 2-3 Mercury kills Harrow to give 2 VP to the Alchemists 3-3 It's intensify time! Flask makes two attack's on Windle to make 3 intensifys (with one wrap) and to kill Bushel 5-3! Katalyst wants to be Whitness! He killed Harrow again but unfortunately no one takes a picture of his butchery. 9-5 Smoke miss his goal by less than one inch and all Alchemists in the stadium were sad :(. Who cares? Katalyst is here to save the day and charges Windle to kill him under Whitness me (my Katalyst is quite narcissic) and give the victory to the Alchemists! 13-7! The two MVP are proud to give the victory to Amchemists: So Harry did you make your choice? Creepy Ingeneers or shiny Alchemists?
  6. Hi everybody, I'm looking for the masons of the mystery box (kick off models but in metal). If someone wants to sells them I'm interested in! I'm based in France for the postage ;).
  7. Allb

    [W] KS Midas

    Hi Joe, of course I am. Do you live in Europe?
  8. Allb

    [W] KS Midas

    Hi everyone, I'm searching to buy the KS Midas, if anyone wants to sell it you can mp me.
  9. Your team is amazing! How do you paint Rage's white shirt?
  10. Allb

    Allb's Alchemists

    Hi, Here is my team! Mercury: Calculus: Compound: Flask: Vitriol: Midas: Venin: Smoke: All the team with my goal and a ball: All comments are welcome!
  11. Hi everyone, I'm Al and I come from Paris in France. I love Guild Ball and I currently play Alchemists. I'm seeking to play another guild but I don't know wich one (I hesitate between Brewers, Morticians and Masons!).