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  1. Silversmith

    Engineer's 10 Lineup

    I usually run PV against Engineers in the mirror. Otherwise, Ballista is so versatile he plays well into just about anything. PV is also a good captain so it really comes down to preference, though I wouldn't necessarily play PV into high tac teams. No armor sucks vs. Lots of dice. Of course, this advice comes AFTER you needed it. Lol. Sorry.
  2. Silversmith

    Returning player

    If you like fast and tricky start with Pin Vice. Add Velocity, Ratchet, Harriet, Hoist and Mother. If you like solid and dependable Go with Ballista. You can swap Velocity for Colossus for area control. He has close control also so he's not easy to get the ball off of without dedicated attack or a dice spike. And with low knockdowns and pushes his counter attack is pretty dependable. And if distance damage is your thing you can go with either captain, Ballista for deadbolt and Mine field, or Pin Vice to give shooters deletion. Hoist True reps the play you want to copy and makes for dependable damage to soften up the enemy as they approach. I have done up to 33 damage spread across three models using Pin Vice, Hoist and Ratchet first turn. It did take 9 influence (2 for deletion, one for tooled up and 6 for blast earth) and one momentum for mechanical heart, though. Ballista helps to project force. If he kicks off, the opposing team will most likely have someone deadbolted and be forced to run through the mine field to engage the 3 def captain. His tough hide makes up for some of the def though. Biggest soft spot is Ratchet. Keep him in cover and off the front lines if possible. His fixer play and long bomb make him invaluable.
  3. Silversmith

    Minor guild speculation

    I expect exchange players to be V. Velocity and either Locus or Salvo. The tendency seems to be for the least used players to be those who can "play down". Vet captain Hoist would be fun but so would Vet Captain Ratchet for mechanica guild. A mechanica guild would be good, true. Clockmakers Guild or Steamfitters Guild seems more likely though with the first being higher probability. Especially if V. Vel and Locus are the options. Of course Inventors Guild with Ratchet and Salvo being the main guild options would be OK, too.
  4. Silversmith

    Gunline tips

    That's true. However, the lineup you have has several good goal threats all the time and the combination of dependable passes and hat means you have decent mobility and with Ballista's Momentous Inspiration you have the ability to create momentum even when you don't have the ball.
  5. Reading other rulings about knocked down/scattered and I just want clarification. I may have misunderstood something. Velocity has the ball behind the Brewers goal and Tapper attacks Velocity but can't take the ball back because of Close Control. He hits high enough results to knock Velocity down and the ball scatters behind the Brewers goal line. Does that mean the Brewers can't get momentum until the ball comes back out?
  6. Silversmith

    Harriet - Who to replace

    We've been playing speedball (2 minutes per activation, one hour per game) lately because we have so little time and my players wanted to play more than one game a night. This has had the desired effect but I am playing Engineers again (Thank God, after about 3 months playing Blacksmiths for an escalation league). I put Harriet into my lineup and lost 2 games straight. Once to Hunters and once to Fish. Since then I've played: Ballista, Mainspring, Harriet, Hoist, Ratchet, Velocity. I have won every game. One 6-4 with three takeouts, one 10-2 with 3 takeouts and a goal, and a third with 3 goals and a takeout. This combination seems to really make the takeout game more viable and reminds me a little of season 2 Engineers. They'd like to play ball but if they must they can beat face. Also it is frustrating for the opponent to get anywhere near Harriet or chance losing the ball. They are by no means perfectly suited for deleting enemies but they can make it work.
  7. Silversmith

    Vassal Bug/Suggestion Thread

    Plot cards and GICs are still showing up in the UI. I have yet to play a game on Vassal so I don't know what I'm doing but are the Game Plan Cards in there? And why does it still have GICs and Plot Cards? Thanks
  8. Silversmith

    Harriet - Who to replace

    I would think Harriet would make Velocity even better and might cut Compound or even Ratchet (at a cost without Overclock). However if you are going damage/control I would cut Velocity and let Hoist be striker with Mother's help.
  9. Silversmith

    Painting Blacksmiths as Alt Avengers and need ideas

    I forgot about Swordsman and Moon Knight/Ronin. Both good choices.
  10. Silversmith

    Painting Blacksmiths as Alt Avengers and need ideas

    So I have: Sledge -Thor Anvil - Odin Cast - Captain America Ferris - Ghost Rider Bolt - Black Panther Iron - Iron Man Burnish - War Machine Cinder - Hawkeye That leaves Alloy, Furnace and Hearth. Not sure who to make them. Alloy - Scarlet Spider?
  11. Silversmith

    First Engineers Game - probably into farmers

    Colossus is a great piece. He is NOT a beater. He is a scorer and a reshaper, as well as a Ballista setup piece. Charge in, Unexpected Arrival to isolate the target, Singled Out on the wrap, KD next hit, or U/A then SO if no wrap on the charge. However, like every Engineers player i don't take, other options may be better. Harriet/ Hoist, for instance.
  12. Silversmith

    Painting Blacksmiths as Alt Avengers and need ideas

    I'm leaning more toward "original" Ghost Rider, Old West syle for Farris. I like that idea. And maybe Bolt as Black Panther.
  13. Silversmith

    Any tips for speeding up your play?

    This. I forget this tip because I am so bad about remembering my cards. Looking at playbooks sucks most of my clock easily.
  14. Silversmith

    Any tips for speeding up your play?

    I still have issues with this but one thing that helped was playing a few games of speedball. 2 minutes activations all game make you REALLY focus and decide quickly. Also be sure to wear extra deodorant because if you are anything like me you will break out into a flop sweat. Also don't be afraid to play slowly for a while. See if you can play on an extended clock. Start with an hour person player or 1:15. Gives you some pressure without feeling short. When going second, try to stack your influence on the side so it is ready to go when it's your turn. Last, don't worry about bad decisions because you had to rush. We all make bad plays sometimes. Best players (I'm not on, FYI) learn not to repeat many of them.