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  1. Silversmith

    Blacksmiths into engineers

    I play Engineers more than anything else and have since S2. They are somewhat tough but not so bad since we live in a world with 9 mom damage. If it's Ballista, they'll be after early mom with ranged damage and momentous inspiration. If Ballista kicks charge him with V Cinder and Sledge. They should take him out. If he gets Minefield up just use your first mom to heal back to full. Keep the ball carrier away from Mainspring if you can. Salvo will KD you from range, tetherball and score first activation if he kicks and you let him do it. I might think about C. Hearth for the legendary. 2" reach sucks for Engineers. They only have 2 models with it. Colossus and Compound. Speaking of Colossus, be sure to keep him out of your scrum. He'll blow it up. OVelocity is VERY mobile. With Nimble she's really hard to hit and makes a great snapshot turret. If it's Pin Vice, try keeping her down and pinned between 2 models to crowd her out. She'll take you apart with Deletion and her legendary turn sucks for the opponent. If she hits her passes. I miss WAY more opportunities from missed PV Legendaries than should be statistically possible. If you can KD her and take her out she's not too bad. Of course, reanimate on her, Hoist, Locus, Velocity/VVelocity will ruin your day. It clears their conditions so they could counter afterward and dodge out.
  2. Silversmith

    Noxious blast not sus?

    Makes sense. That's what I get for not reading closely. I completely missed the ongoing effect part.
  3. Played Hemlocke today and noticed Noxious Blast says it isn't sustained but that makes no sense with the way the play is worded. It says "models entering or ending their activations within this AOE suffer the poison condition." Not sure how this part works if it isn't sustained.
  4. Silversmith

    Speed buff in S4

    Some teams have super kickoff pressure. Skatha, for instance. I almost have nothing I can do to keep the ball besides kicking to the wing and hope I get it far enough away from her. I feel like receiving teams have a real disadvantage now.
  5. Defensive stance states, "After a charge is declared the target model may choose to spend 1 MP to respond. The target model gains +1 DEF for the duration of the charge." If my model is knocked down and snared and is originally a 2+ model and I applie def stance does it remove 1 extra die or make him a 3+ for the charge? We've always played the former but I had to wonder whether it was like Bonus Timing a roll. You apply the negatives then bonus time gives you an extra die in addition to your minimum 1 even if negative modifiers would lose more dice.
  6. I am thinking about hosting a Speedball tournament in the spring and am looking at the MFA document. There are a few things that might need updating before it can be used. I saw in a few formats it still references rolling for initiative every turn. And in Speedball the maintenance phase parts c, d, and e are referenced and I can’t find that timing sequence anywhere anymore in the rules. I know it used to be there but can’t remember where. Of course, maintenance phase has changed since last October.
  7. Silversmith

    The Engineers Minor are the Miner Guild.

    Perkins said not a Canary. He said it was A Very English animal.
  8. Hoped maybe a rules question would be answered by now but I guess the expansion is new enough that they aren't expecting a bunch of questions. We have played as though it only hits the one column but that seems a little odd since he isn't always in that line. Most AOE attacks are either the whole front or back line. Other attacks hit the space directly in front of the player. This one seems a little odd.
  9. Silversmith

    Engineers into masons

    My only time into Masons was SCUS. Ballista was taken full to dead in one Chisel activation. Then Locust from 1 below full to dead in another Chisel activation. Be sure to manage their placement and make them come to you. Tower was the key for them with Protect Those Close. And then Granite. Yuck.
  10. Silversmith

    The Engineers Minor are the Miner Guild.

    And here I thought I was old...😉 So my thought is Hoist. He's still resilient with Sturdy just not nigh invulnerable. (Now I'm going to have to paint him blue and add antennae) With true replication it makes lots of sense. Of course, it might be a bit OP with Hoist in there.
  11. Totally my fault for screwing up the terminology. You did not come off offensively. I appreciate Spinsane for stepping in and helping you.
  12. Silversmith

    Well Oiled Machine

    That will teach me to read ALL the rules before commenting. Thanks
  13. Silversmith

    Well Oiled Machine

    OK. I get that. I just wonder why it says snapshot since that's precluded by passing the ball. Or maybe it's just saying pass instead of doing a momentous teamwork action.
  14. Silversmith

    Well Oiled Machine

    Does this mean that the Pin Vice team can't score on a snapshot during her Legendary turn or only that the effect doesn't allow a snapshot without paying 2 momentum? Example 1: Pin Vice kicks to Ratchet who is 6" away and Ratchet uses the legendary to pass to Velocity who is 8" from the goal. Can Velocity snapshot, paying 2 momentum, having received the ball from Ratchet? Example 2: Pink Vice kicks to Ratchet who then passes back to Pink Vice. She passed the ball using her legendary to Velocity who is 8" from the goal. Can Velocity score a snapshot, paying 2 momentum, while within 6" of PV? I think both are fine but having reread the text I wanted to verify.
  15. Controlling player is generally referring to the active player. Hammer would attack Roast and ask if Roast is using his character play. Once that decision has been made Hammer would decide whether to use his Knockback ability. As Field Medic is on V. Harmony's turn only it doesn't affect the play.