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  1. Totally my fault for screwing up the terminology. You did not come off offensively. I appreciate Spinsane for stepping in and helping you.
  2. Silversmith

    Well Oiled Machine

    That will teach me to read ALL the rules before commenting. Thanks
  3. Silversmith

    Well Oiled Machine

    OK. I get that. I just wonder why it says snapshot since that's precluded by passing the ball. Or maybe it's just saying pass instead of doing a momentous teamwork action.
  4. Silversmith

    Well Oiled Machine

    Does this mean that the Pin Vice team can't score on a snapshot during her Legendary turn or only that the effect doesn't allow a snapshot without paying 2 momentum? Example 1: Pin Vice kicks to Ratchet who is 6" away and Ratchet uses the legendary to pass to Velocity who is 8" from the goal. Can Velocity snapshot, paying 2 momentum, having received the ball from Ratchet? Example 2: Pink Vice kicks to Ratchet who then passes back to Pink Vice. She passed the ball using her legendary to Velocity who is 8" from the goal. Can Velocity score a snapshot, paying 2 momentum, while within 6" of PV? I think both are fine but having reread the text I wanted to verify.
  5. Controlling player is generally referring to the active player. Hammer would attack Roast and ask if Roast is using his character play. Once that decision has been made Hammer would decide whether to use his Knockback ability. As Field Medic is on V. Harmony's turn only it doesn't affect the play.
  6. The column attack for the Pyromancer Fire Orb spell shows vertical line attack middle column. Is that only column he can attack with that? Or does he hit the column directly in front of him?
  7. Silversmith

    The Engineers Minor are the Miner Guild.

    My first thought was to paint him as Samuel L. Jackson.
  8. I have done both but even on portrait mode the opponent player links are very narrow. Or maybe my fingers are under-pointy.
  9. I have been using the app as much as I can since the "Night of the Disastrous Failures". No real problems since other than the occasional crash. I use an IPad mini or my Galaxy S8 phone and am finding it frustrating to click on my opponent's players to see their cards, even on the tablet. Is there a way to increase the size of those buttons? I really am getting hooked on using the app. I hate that I don't have unlimited battery life. Oh, I second on the momentum tracking. When my opponent uses one of the scoreboards the momentum is hard to see.
  10. All 3 of us had the latest version (My son's wouldn't work either). We tried rejoining the game and the rejoin button was non-functional. My son tried a single player game and it wouldn't work either. We were not connected to wifi but the 4G connection is strong there and the system worked fine last week.
  11. No one in my group could use the app tonight. Mine worked to start with but crashed and never allowed log back in. Even after deleting and reinstalling
  12. Silversmith

    Free Cities Draft Event

    On further thought, perhaps giving Ratchet Tough Skin isn't the answer. Maybe giving a new model that ability as well as other things to make the team more resilient would work.
  13. Silversmith

    Free Cities Draft Event

    I think Ratchet is a great support piece. If they'd give him Tough Skin as well he'd be nearly perfect. I don't think he needs to be replaced. Maybe tweaked a bit.
  14. Silversmith

    S4 Hoist speculation

    They could give the mechanica a heroic play for a free charge within 4" of Ratchet.
  15. Silversmith

    S4 Hoist speculation

    I thought of that too. The only reason I could think they might is that he is a squaddie not a captain and he has one play. But you are probably right.