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  1. Rejusu

    Veteran Chisel - no more speculation

    Seems like she's gone from being the missile to setting up the missile. Give her 3 influence, 1 to drop squad tactics on someone and then 2 to charge the target. Could even load her up with 4 if you're playing with Hammer so he can use iron fist. Knockdown counter attacks become less of a threat as chisel can potentially absorb them (though you'd lose the assist). Definitely seems like she could be a useful support player. She's a bit bland though compared to her original version. I guess that's just the problem with support pieces in general. I do appreciate that they haven't added in any player specific synergies as Mason's already have too many of those.
  2. Incorrect. The word as it's used in the context of the OPD is defined thusly: NOUN 1mass noun The quality or state of being different or diverse; the absence of uniformity or monotony. ‘it's the variety that makes my job so enjoyable’ 1.1a variety of A number or range of things of the same general class that are distinct in character or quality. But if you want to play at semantics to avoid admitting that you're wrong go ahead. The paragraph in the OPD is clear in what it implies, note not just the part about variety but also the part about it being "completely" painted and based. You have to deliberately missread it to arrive at the conclusion that it means what you claim. And let's consider the hypothetical possibility that you are right. Even then the painting restrictions would be a problem because they aren't clear about what the minimum standard is. But either way ask anyone who isn't trying to purposefully find an ulterior meaning in that paragraph whether they think a plain grey model would be allowed under those rules and they'd tell you no.
  3. It says it right there in the bit you quoted. A single coat of grey primer is not a variety of colour by any definition, it's one colour. And it adds zero shading. The document isn't specific in what constitutes an acceptable variety so after that point it's entirely subjective and up to TO discretion. But it does define a minimum standard which a coat of grey primer fails to meet. What's ridiculous though is unpainted resins or plastics are allowed despite also falling below that minimum standard. And yeah this isn't a debate about whether painted or unpainted models should be required. It's an argument that requirements for painting should be consistent for all materials.
  4. I think painted is better but I also understand why they'd choose not to enforce it. I think the lack of consistency is a problem though. I think if they're going to allow unpainted PVC or Resin then sprayed metal should also be acceptable. It's far too arbitrary right now. Especially since as the rules stand you could take a box of PVC farmers and spray them grey and that would be allowable but if you took a box of Fishermen, assembled them, and sprayed them grey that wouldn't be allowed. Even though in terms of painted/not-painted they're in the exact same state. It's just silly.
  5. Rejusu

    SF Email: Announcing the End of Metals

    Oh yeah metal is lousy for chipping with any sort of impact whether you wash it or not.
  6. Rejusu

    SF Email: Announcing the End of Metals

    Did you wash them before priming? I've been going through my backlog and I got most of the engineers in resin before it was discontinued originally (except Colossus dammnit) and my Salvo and Ballista are just covered in release agent. If you don't wash this stuff off the paint won't adhere properly. I haven't had issues with any of my other resins chipping. And while I haven't had any issues with brittleness some of them are fragile due to how overly dynamic some of the earlier sculpts are. I changed the pose (so it looks like she's skidding) of my Velocity because I was worried about having a single point of attachment, that tiny ankle joint looked like it would break if subjected to a light breeze. I was right as well, I messed up gluing her other leg to the base (it looked attached but it wasn't) and it just snapped while I was painting. Was an easy enough fix and it's sturdy enough now I've glued both legs down but damn if I hadn't changed the pose it would not stay intact for long. Worried that Salvo is going to be just as bad but at least his leg is a little thicker. Fortunately it looks like these resculpts are sturdier designs.
  7. Rejusu

    Model distribution needs to change

    So looks like resins are back but not in singles despite the fact they're going to be primarily selling them through their webstore and not through LGSs. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. Rejusu

    Wild Season 4 Speculation

    Eh adding like for like never struck me as unintuitive but to each their own. It's less complex than dealing with individual damage packets as you have to in other games. I don't see the benefit in taking it out and it feels like doing so would be an unnecessary change that would have unintended side effects. You're right about reanimate but it still affects all the other interactions I described. To me a rule that's not needed is one that's almost never used, like the old icy sponge rules.
  9. Rejusu

    Wild Season 4 Speculation

    That's not true. Pushes have to be in a single direction so if they didn't combine you'd be able to push a model in multiple directions with two push results. It also matters for traits like stoic which ignores the first push, if pushes weren't combined a stoic model could still be pushed by a single attack that wraps. If damage didn't combine it would change it's interaction with traits like reanimate as the first damage packet could trigger reanimate and the second could potentially take the model out in a single attack. Any effect that's triggered when a model takes damage would also be affected by this, Chisel's sadism could be triggered twice by a single attack for example. The only one where I can't think of any ramifications for changing it so the results don't combine is dodges. But combining them makes sense to keep them consistent with the other two. Either way I don't think you can say the rule isn't needed for anything. Taking it out would change a lot of game interactions and not in a good way I think.
  10. Rejusu

    Model distribution needs to change

    See below, because at this point I'd just be repeating what's already been said for the most part if I addressed everything: Also accusing someone of close mindedness is a pretty cheap tactic to try and win an argument.
  11. Rejusu

    Model distribution needs to change

    Well you'll have to go into more detail if you want to make a compelling point because they are pretty different for the following two reasons: 1. While there are things in the box you might not necessarily want, everything in the box is something you can use with no additional purchase required. This is a stark difference from the exiles box which has things in the box that not only do you not want but cannot even use. Also just because some expansions come with useful cards still doesn't mean you need every single one to build a competitive deck. 2. Price. A Shadespire Warband is £17.95 RRP and it's not hard to find them under £15. These multi team boxes are £50 RRP and I haven't seen the 6 metal model boxes much lower than £45. Don't get me wrong, I don't think the Shadespire distribution model is perfect but there's a big difference between paying £15 for some things you don't necessarily want but can and may still use versus £45 for some things you don't want and can't really do anything with other than resell or repurpose. Yes as Shadespire goes on there will be more releases and it'll cost more and more to have every option available. But if the next wave is similar to the first, a starter and six Warbands, then even if you only regularly played with 2-3 Warbands it's comparable in price to owning two Guilds in Guild Ball. Only you have access to every faction and every option for that faction in the entire game... If you only ever play one guild in guild ball then in the long run it'll probably work out cheaper, provided you don't have to pay £50 for a single new guild model on a regular basis... At any rate this isn't about going into in depth comparisons on the price of other games versus the price of Guild Ball. I originally brought it up to dismiss the idea that Guild Ball is competitively priced so things like this are forgivable. There are plenty of games on the market that are as competitively priced if not more so.
  12. Rejusu

    Model distribution needs to change

    1&2) Just because it's the same argument doesn't mean it's any less valid. But you're missing the crux of the argument. It's not removing her from the lineup that's egregious on its own. It's that if you want to continue playing with her once we move into season 4 then as it stands right now you have to buy two £50 boxes. One which already contains her and multiple other models you may already own and one which contains multiple models you may not have any use for. And it's the same for a lot of the odd Union models that people own. By the time the minor guilds started coming out the only real option people have to make their orphaned Union models usable again typically involves rebuying some or all of those models or hunting for remaining blister packs online. That's what's most disagreeable about all this. 3) All those models have their pros and cons but you can't really compare GB to a CCG. CCG product has generally better resale value than miniature game product and has a thriving singles and trading market that can greatly offset the costs of playing if you're smart about it. We're also talking about miniature games, not card games. 4) It's not required to have every option to build a competitive deck and unless you're paying RRP for everything you're more likely to spend ~£120 than ~£140. But if you want to do the same in Guild Ball, have every single competitive option, you're looking at £90 (soon to be £130ish with minor guilds factored in, more if you add in these multi guild boxes) for a single guild. The only exception being Farmers and Butchers currently. You're forgetting that the £120-140 that buying every Shadespire release will cost you gives you every single option in the entire game. Not just for a single faction. And while you may end up getting stuff you don't "need" everything is something you can use. Which is more than can be said of the multi guild boxes. Also that £120-140 gets you a board, tokens, dice, everything you need to play the game. You don't get that with the £90-130 you'd be dropping on GB unless you limit yourself to Masons or Brewers. Again not saying GB is the worst but I don't think it's exceptionally competitive in terms of price either. As a hobbyist as well as a gamer dropping £50 on 6 tiny metal minis when I could be getting a big box of beautiful plastics for the same price is tough. I also agree they didn't know what they were doing, it seemed like they wanted to have the Church released at season 3 but couldn't get it ready in time. And no I don't think what they did was malicious. But I do think it's a little ridiculous that they put out this disclaimer for these models when they didn't for sBrisket. It was unintentional yes, but it still doesn't change the fact they did the thing that is supposedly the last thing they want. It just comes off as a little hypocritical. And I'm sorry but actions speak louder than good intentions. Plus if this is SFG doing the best they can that's actually a bad thing because there's plenty of things they could do better. See the rest of this post. I don't think the problem with Seasoned Brisket and the 6 man boxes is unrelated because I don't think her moving faction would be as much of an issue if the distribution of models wasn't so messed up. I also don't have an issue with models being adjusted for gameplay reasons (except when they hit them too hard with the nerf bat) but I do have an issue with a model being moved into a faction when the only way to obtain the rest of that faction involves rebuying the model and a bunch of other models you don't need. I also have a problem with SFG claiming they don't want to mislead players about the faction status of models without acknowledging that they've already done so, even if it wasn't intentional.
  13. Rejusu

    Model distribution needs to change

    Just because she's been available for that long doesn't mean that's when people purchased her. And it still doesn't change the fact that people aren't going to be happy to find they can no longer play with her without making additional purchases (and currently one of those additional purchases required includes rebuying her!). You seem to be forgetting that miniatures are an investment in time, not just in money. I have precious little time to paint so I wouldn't be pleased to find out I'd used that time on something temporary. Also sorry but this second paragraph is nonsense. You are forced to buy miniatures you don't want if (if being the keyword here) you want to buy the models you do want. You aren't forced to buy the models you want however, that part is voluntary. The issue is people want to buy the models for the guilds they do play but don't want to be stuck paying for models for guilds they don't play. Saying it's a luxury product is no excuse for poor selling practices. Also the pricing on Guild Ball isn't that amazing if we're being honest here. It's a low buy in to a playable standard but frankly you don't get a lot for your money. If you want to compare it to big war games like 40k or Sigmar then yeah you pay a lot more to get into those games. But it's a false comparison. If you put Guild Ball against Games Workshops smaller scale games then it comes up short. A warband for Warhammer Underworlds is £17.95 RRP (and can be bought for as low as £13.50) and contains between 3-7 miniatures and a deck of cards. A Blood bowl team is £20 RRP (can be found for £17) and has 12 miniatures. The cheapest you can buy a new team box for Guild Ball is £35 RRP (£31.50 online) which has six miniatures, eight if you count the goal post and terrain piece, tokens and cards. But for most guilds it's £50 RRP (£45) for 6 miniatures and 6 cards. Six! And future plastic releases aren't much cheaper if the pricing on the minor guilds is anything to go by. And while I like the Blacksmiths I got during the sale I'm not going to pretend they have the same crisp detail as the Warhammer Underworlds miniatures I've been painting lately. It's not the worst offender on the market but it's hardly the best. £50 is a lot of money to be spending on 6 small miniatures you can use, it's an absurd amount to spend on 1-2 you can use and 4-5 you can't. I disagree that this keeps FLGS happy, I've noted here that messing around with the distribution is why my local store have stopped stocking it and judging by other responses in this thread they're not the only ones. Also a store can't easily sell a box that requires a customer own half the factions in the game to get the full value of it. Hard to convince someone who's just picked up a £50 box of Engineers to pick up another £50 box that contains precisely one model they can play in their new team. Also as has already been noted stores don't seem to have a problem stocking a mix of blisters and boxes for every other miniatures game on the market.
  14. Rejusu

    Model distribution needs to change

    Well on the plus side if they start doing resin singles again that solves the problem with the boxes somewhat. On the minus side I already bought Colossus in metal a while ago...
  15. Rejusu

    Model distribution needs to change

    http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/the-soltheican-order And this only muddies the waters further. Also: "The last thing we would want is to allow Union players to purchase the Faithful: New Beginnings box set without first explaining that Veteran Fangtooth & Seasoned Spigot's Union model status is temporary." They didn't seem to mind people purchasing Seasoned Brisket without first explaining that her Union model status was temporary. Also how are they even going to make this work? With these releases the Church minor guild is going to be spread across two different boxes, one of those boxes containing four models usable in neither the Church nor the Union.