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  1. Since cover is provided by being within 1" of a barrier or obstruction and since the OPD requires 50% of terrain to be obstructions I don't think there's really an issue with models that benefit from cover. Especially since every model that has a trait that gives it benefits from cover also has the smoke bomb character play. A better consideration (in addition to that of oHearne) is models with light-footed playing on a pitch with no rough ground. Which again is largely a hunter issue as they all have light-footed. That said I think light-footed is a low-impact enough trait that it doesn't really matter that it's situational. Being able to ignore terrain is useful when the terrain is there, but doesn't limit you if it's not. But being able to teleport into a forest is a fairly substantial part of oHearnes kit. And basically limits you to only taking him with Theron and only activating him after Theron if there's no other forest on the board.
  2. Mystery box!

    The only guarantees made were that the cards would match the guilds. No more than that. And dice are dice, it's not like they need to correspond to anything. Same with the pin. If you were actually a new player you wouldn't really care much about the rest of the box because you'd gotten two teams for £25 each instead of £50 each. Again you probably shouldn't have bought one if you expect a perfectly curated box for a fraction of the price of what its contents normally retail at.
  3. Mystery box!

    Oh whoops. For some reason when I glanced at it I thought it was the old version. Either way they'll probably be outdated once S4 rolls around so I'm not too fussed.
  4. Mystery box!

    I mean... what did you expect? Mystery bundles like this are almost exclusively used as a way of clearing stock. You buy them if you don't care what you get and the price is good. If you do care what you get then you made an ill informed purchase when you bought one. I didn't bother because I have 3 full guilds (Masons, Engineers, and Union, though missing S.Brisket, Grace, and Benediction), plenty of dice, and the chibi cards aren't that worthwhile since they keep changing them (the Hammer pictured above hasn't even been printed with his errata). I didn't want to get one only to find models for one of my current guilds, or worse two guilds I already have. Plus if I do pick up another guild it's probably going to be farmers or blacksmiths, the two guilds definitely not appearing in this box. These boxes are great for people just getting into the game though, a good way to pick up two teams for cheap that doesn't involve buying Kick Off. If you're disappointed though then I can't help but feel you set some unrealistic expectations.
  5. The metal versions of the original guilds won't be around forever. Just until they can release them in plastic. All future guilds will be plastic but the plan is to transition all existing guilds over to plastic too. But this is a costly and time consuming process as they'll need to revisit all the sculpts and create new moulds. So basically if you want a guild in metal then buy it sooner rather than later. As for the weight, I have a lot of models in resin so it actually doesn't bother me. I find the larger metal models annoying in how heavy they are actually. Also the weight means that when you do knock over a metal model it lands with more force and there's a bigger chance the impact is going to knock something loose. Besides if it's an issue just weight the base, it's not that hard.
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't the A&G blister pack contain the magnet? Magnets aside I'm half tempted to track down one now, since I've only got the limited edition A&G sculpt my only Greede model is a pair of legs sticking out of the ground.
  7. Try a scraper. Something like this. They'll basically do the same job a hobby knife will but they're a lot safer and less likely to damage the model. Mainly because unlike a blade the cutting surface is rigid and doesn't bend. I got one to use with my Dark Souls miniatures since that plastic doesn't respond well to filing and it worked fine. Hopefully will do the same job on the farmers and blacksmiths.
  8. Compound is in both. The Smoke Alchemists box (New age of science) and the Pin Vice Engineers box (Precision made). So if you want to pick up both Engineers and Alchemists you're going to end up with two Compounds... At this point I think I'm just going to hold off on buying any new models in metal. Seems like I might just get screwed at some point down the line due to the way SFG are handling the transition to plastic. Not going to pick up Seasoned Brisket or the Solthecians because I bet you they'll end up in a 6 man box of their own come season 4 (with the rest of that box not available separately).
  9. The Perfect Guild Ball Gaming Table

    Just an FYI Geek chic went out of business months ago.
  10. That only applies to Farmers and Blacksmiths right now. The repacks of the current guilds are 50 GBP and don't include tokens, terrain, or a goal. And personally I have some misgivings about repacking them prior to the switchover to plastic. Firstly it significantly raises the cost of customising or expanding your team line-up. Before if you wanted to make a change to the 6 players you were fielding you could spend 9 GBP to add a standard size model to your roster and give you more options. Or choose your own initial 6 rather than have it selected for you. Now if you want a change from what's in the 6 man boxes, it's another £50 minimum. Secondly it kinda screws over existing players, especially those who don't follow GB that closely. Because you're going to end up with situations where people are missing 1 or 2 models for a guild and their only option to get them is in £50 box sets that contain 5 models they own already. I'm lucky in that I noticed this repacking going on, but I might have easily missed it given that I haven't had much time for GB lately. But I own almost complete sets of Masons, Union, and Engineers. However I didn't own veteran Harmony, Locus, Snakeskin, or Hemlocke. I quickly bought all those online last night (and I think both Locus and Hemlocke were the last they had in stock) but had I waited then the only option I'd have to get those models is to spend £150 on the 6 player boxes which contain 14 models I already own. I know that this switchover has to happen eventually, but it would have been better to do it with the switch to plastic rather than beforehand. That way if you did have to buy a box full of models you already own for one or two models you don't you at least get the tokens, terrain, goal post, and the duplicates are at least in a different medium (and might possibly have some sculpt variance).
  11. Not much promotion for the game?

    I think a larger part of this is because with board games what's displayed on the box is typically representative of what you get and so board game consumers expect what they see on the packaging or in the advertisements. With miniature games though the consumer base is generally aware that everything is supplied unpainted and unassembled and so publishers can put painted minis on the box and in the promotional materials without risking anyone getting the wrong idea. It's worth noting that with Star Wars the X-wing and Armada miniatures games have pre-painted minis and therefore "official" schemes. So licensing isn't always a barrier. That said I don't doubt it's a factor. I hope you never experience a truly bad Kickstarter campaign if this is how you react to an imperfect one. Sheesh. And pretty sure you won't get your wish given how well it looked like Dark Souls sold at UKGE over the weekend.
  12. boss minis 'fragility'

    I would use superglue. Citadel plastic glue may say "plastic" on the bottle but what it really means is "Games Workshop plastic" (which I believe is polystyrene). The Dark Souls minis are made of PVC which I'm 95% sure the citadel plastic glue has no effect on. I've got a spare broken dancer though so I might give it a try and report back on the results.
  13. 6 Player Team Boxes?

  14. House Rule: Grinding (to counter repetition)

    The way we've handled cutting down on grinding is to just skip over encounters that have ceased to provide any meaningful challenge and collect the souls for them. You definitely get to a point where you're geared enough that even bad rolls can't realistically kill you or where it's actually impossible to roll badly. For example any weapon that rolls a blue die with +1 damage is a guaranteed kill on the basic hollows. Minimum damage you can roll is 2 so there's no point even rolling. Similarly anything that does magic damage and rolls minimum one damage can make short work of either bow wielders (as they have resist 0 and only 1 HP). Minimum two damage magic also guarantees kills on both hollows. And poison will guarantee the death of anything with 1 HP (which is 4 out of 6 of the mobs in the core set). I've found this approach to be pretty decent so far as it lets us save time by skipping over encounters that have little to offer other than souls while still leaving the more challenging encounters for us to tackle. Spending a spark to just skip through everything you've beat once has the issue that although you've beaten those encounters they might still be challenging enough that they'd force you to use tokens before the boss.
  15. The Color of Dark Souls

    Try a stipple brush, if you don't have one you can easily make one by cutting down an old brush.