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  1. ArmOfObulus

    V Rage into Shark

    Thanks Redmaw. Pride looks awesome, the only worry I have is that I will become dependant on him and then it will be like losing a family pet when he gets taken away in Season 4 lol 😂
  2. ArmOfObulus

    V Rage into Shark

    Thanks MechMage, great advice 👍
  3. ArmOfObulus

    V Rage into Shark

    Anyone had much joy running V Rage into Shark? If so what was your team and tactics please? I'm thinking of running solo capt but the fish matchup seems to look the most difficult on paper. Currently looking at V.Rage, Strongbox, Harry, Benny, Gutter and Mist purely to negate any reach advantage. Thanks,
  4. ArmOfObulus

    WTB Grace & Benny at Vengeance

    Thanks, forgot to add I have got these now. Purchased from Element yesterday. Odd that stock showed as 0 online so I had quite a pleasant surprise when I saw them in store 😁.
  5. ArmOfObulus

    WTB Grace & Benny at Vengeance

    Hi, If anyone at Vengeance this weekend has purchased the new Union box to get Pride but already has G&B. I'd love to guy them off you......
  6. Looking to buy the original starter 3 models as i currently own A&G, Rage, Harry and Mist. Im UK based in Staffordshire, Thanks,
  7. ArmOfObulus

    Go Ape

    Hi, Had a good look around and couldn't seem to find an answer to this. When playing Brick with Marbles and a 2" reach enemy model decides to attack Marbles. If the enemy model ends their advance engaging Marbles but not being Engaged by Marbles does Marbles get to Counter Charge due to the fact he is not engaging the model in return? Thanks
  8. ArmOfObulus

    Mystery box!

    Mine is still unfulfilled..........
  9. ArmOfObulus

    Playing into Corsair Fish....

    Nice idea with Cosset Mechmage. I had discounted her due to the ease of killing her but if I can block the drag lane with Dirge perhaps then I would have the option to PM Corsair closer, maybe get a Singled Out with Dirge before throwing a Tooled up Cosset in on +2 damage it certainly opens up the Casket time at the top of the next turn. Great advice, thanks
  10. ArmOfObulus

    Playing into Corsair Fish....

    Hi, I'm just looking for any tips/strategies for taking on the Corsair scrum and what lineups people have had success playing into it? I've not used my Morts as much as I should have in season 3 and this match up seems like the hardest one for me to put my finger on the best 6 to use. I was thinking along the lines of: Obulus Dirge Ghast Silence Graves Mist I've also been toying with the idea of dropping Silence for Casket and attempting to feed Ghast,Casket and Graves into the scrum all at once so that Corsair struggles for ganging up bonuses and I can attempt to get a sneaky Casket time on old peg leg however the more I look at this the more it looks like suicide lol Any suggestions are much appreciated, thanks.
  11. ArmOfObulus


    I'll try and get a few games in this week in the build up to the British Nationals. If all goes well I'll run it there and let you know the outcome. Thanks for the feedback.
  12. ArmOfObulus


    Hi Kaladorm, The Second Wind is so that Fillet/Ox will already be engaged with their next victim at the end of the first turn/start of second. That way whatever the counter attack outcome there is no way that the enemy model can disengage fully using the Home Crowd momentum.
  13. ArmOfObulus


    Just wondered if anyone has used Decimate much to try and negate the Home Crowd momentum counters to Fillet/Ox? My thinking is to activate a Second Winded Fillet/Ox last and following the take out, Second Winding into base with another model having already got the momentum race wrapped up. Now when activating Fillet/Ox first in the next turn, as long as a momentous result is selected, a counter attack of a KD can be negated by spending the momentum to stand back up and should a double push occur you can use movement to jog/charge back in. Only really played with this is in my head but excluding Unpredictable Movement models I think it could have some legs. Just wanted to get some thoughts?
  14. ArmOfObulus

    Salvo Tether Ball

    Does he need line of sight to the ball?
  15. ArmOfObulus

    Sanchex Cup 2 Sign Ups!

    Hi, really interested in giving this a go. Only ever used Vassal on my own so would like to get a practice game in at somepoint before commiting if anyone fancies it? Im based in the UK but i can try to be pretty flexible with times especially at the weekend. Thanks,