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  1. Raketkanon

    Printable Tokens

    The site seems down to me, I just get a pageok message. Are these tokens still available @RedSam?
  2. Raketkanon

    New, Shiny Rookie Cards!

    Any idea when? Because there is starting a rookie league in our hometown soon, and one of the players only will have the falconers team at that moment
  3. Raketkanon

    Rookie Ferrite

    I was thinking about the same thing.
  4. Raketkanon

    Rookie Ferrite

    Our league is starting soon, I think that I'll go for the apprentice route, not quite sure yet. The fact that the apprentice route starts with 0 influence seems like a big gimp move in the beginning.
  5. Hi, if Katalyst triggers External combustion, can I choose to push less than the 4"?