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  1. Yeah, if someone is knowingly and intentionally playing on the opponent's clock, that's not unsporting. That's straight cheating.
  2. They may have been talking about KD at reach, rather than range? As Seenah has KD on the second column and has a 2" melee zone. Same for vet Hearne.
  3. Mortician GIC Theory Thread

    If they wanted to be clear, they could also have worded it to state that you could use Take a Breather once per turn to remove conditions, and could also use it once per turn to heal. Something like, "Friendly Guild models may use Take a Breather! to remove all conditions once per turn and may also use Take a Breather! to recover [3] Hit Points once per turn." How about spending your one momentum from going second to clear Burning/Snared/Knockdown so you can move to engage and generate more momentum, then heal once you have more momentum? Or, if you needed to heal prior to engaging because a counter attack or parting blow or Minefield or what have you could be lethal, but then you could still spend a momentum to clear KD from the counterattack? Perhaps a corner case, but there is some flexibility here that is valuable. Not as straight powerful as the efficiency of getting 2 effects for the price of 1, but still a benefit.
  4. GIC: Bait the Trap

    Yes. There is no initiative phase turn 1.
  5. GIC: Gone to Ground

    It's actually not poor phrasing. There is plenty of poor phrasing to go around in other places, but in this instance they are using the precisely correct term as it should be written.
  6. GIC: Bait the Trap

    Adran is correct. From the rulebook, page 13: "Controlling Player refers to the person in control of the active model or Goal-Kick." This would need to be amended to included the person in control of the GIC, but Controlling Player is always used in this manner. It does not mean "the player who has initiative".
  7. Mystery box!

    Got mine yesterday. Hunters, Brewers, their chibi cards, Easter Fangtooth, Brewers & Engineers dice, Shark pin, big league and plot cards.
  8. Ball Retrieval

    He's a little slow at printed speed, but if there's a forest or rough ground nearby he can actually be shockingly fast--especially if Skatha has provided any support. Situational, perhaps, but I find part of playing hunters well is drawing the fight into the terrain that favors you whenever possible.
  9. Ball Retrieval

    Vet Hearne is also a fine ball retriever with 2" reach and a momentous tackle on 2.
  10. Alchemist GIC Theory Thread

    Bleed would still deal the extra damage, regardless of other conditions. It isn't removed until the end of the maintenance phase. Bleed [3] Remove the bleed condition at the end of the Maintenance Phase.
  11. Purity vs Nature's Growth

    Blast Earth would be an example of an ongoing-effect AOE leaving some ground behind. Blast Earth All models hit suffer [2] DMG. This ongoing-effect AOE is rough-ground. So, yes, you are correct. The fact the Hunters captains' abilities create items of terrain/ground does not rule them out. The one relevant factor is that an ongoing-effect AOE is a particular, technical type of AOE that will be identified as such. These are not identified as such, and so they are not valid targets for an ability that targets specifically ongoing-effect AOEs and not AOEs in general.
  12. Mystery box!

    I also haven't received mine, but I'm not worried.
  13. Purity vs Nature's Growth

    Flask Once per turn during this model’s activation, you may place a [3”] AOE over the centre of this model. Models within this ongoing-effect AOE benefit from cover. Theron At the start of this model’s activation, the Controlling Player may place a [3”] AOE within [8”] of this model. This AOE may not be placed within [2”] of another terrain piece. This AOE is forest terrain. This AOE is removed in the End Phase. Skatha At the start of this model’s activation, the Controlling Player may place a [3”] AOE within [8”] of this model. This AOE may not be placed within [2”] of a terrain piece. This AOE is fast-ground. This AOE is removed in the End Phase. Grace Once per turn during its activation, this model’s Controlling Player may choose an ongoing-effect AOE within [4”] of this model and remove it from the Pitch. The key isn't character play vs. not character play. The key is Theron's and Skatha's abilities do not create ongoing-effect AOEs. Theron's is an AOE that is forest terrain; Skatha's is an AOE that is fast-ground, as MechMage said.
  14. Storage for 1 team

    With my 2 half boxes, I filled one with 3 of the F3H and the other with 2 different "pluck foam" trays for larger models. I think a D2H and maybe a V2H? I know some people use the F4H, which is a little thinner than the F3H (fit 4 in a box instead of 3). The bases stick out of the tray a bit there, but the foam is soft and they seem to have no trouble with that. You could fit two of those in a quarter box, though I'm not sure how well larger models would fit.
  15. Storage for 1 team

    I'd recommend the quarter size KR card case. I have two half size cases, which readily hold 5-6 teams together. The foam is excellent, and you could easily fit an entire team in the quarter size with some extra room for tokens and dice and the like. Will take good care of your minis, and you can toss it in a backpack to carry with you.