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  1. Skulk Goal Rats

    Note @Henry, who made that distinction between 'resolving' and 'resolved' in the thread linked below, is in fact a member of the lawyer's guild.
  2. Skulk is a new Spook

    Yeah, there's some confusion because of the dual use of the word place. While you do physically place the ball marker during the scatter to determine the ball path and see if there are any intercepting models or terrain in the path, you don't technically game-rule place it until the final position is determined. I really think the term free-ball should just be made clear enough that the "except when resolving a scatter" caveat is redundant, and that would avoid the confusion on this rule (and be more elegant text). Per the ruling about oooh...ball! below, the ball should never be considered a free-ball until after the final scatter location is determined and any models able to snap to have declined.
  3. Which Guilds would you like to see next?

    I'm reminded of the Monty Python soccer sketch with the Greek and German philosophers facing off.
  4. VP, MOM, Goal trackers/counters

    I'm really not a fan of the dials for momentum tracking. It may be really handy for you, but it's impossible for your opponent to read. I think these things should be tracked in a way that's readily clear to both players. Edit: I use glass beads for momentum, and have started using this warhammer fantasy magic tracker thingamabob I found for tracking the score. Contrary to my position stated above, however, it's a little hard to read. =P I have a silver KR case for my widgets, and I used to just write the score there with a dry erase marker. Worked great and was really clear. The warhammer thingamabob just has the advantage of taking up a quarter of the space. I'll probably try painting up the thingamabob so the numbers stand out clearly.
  5. Why I prefer Chaska over Jaecar

    I'd add a small point that Jaecar can also act as a set-up piece in ways that Chaska can't readily match. G&S and a trap can just as well mean a model can't get away from your other models as can't get to them, and the additional -1 def from G&S leaves them extra vulnerable.
  6. Alchemist Newcomer

    You should definitely check out @TheCurkov's YouTube channel Run the Length. He has several short gameplay videos as Alchemists against various opponents, with good analysis of why he makes the choices & decisions he makes in his lineup and throughout the course of the game. Does either of Midas or Smoke particularly draw your interest more as a starting point? The two play fairly different games. Edit: I'll add some brief thoughts (or ramble a bit...). I think the mascots are very close, and you can play either with either captain. I've come to prefer Naja, but Flask is great with Smoke, and other good Alchemist players prefer him. If you're trying to form a 10 for tournaments, you will likely find there's only room for 1. Smoke plays a strong condition/denial game with a good ability to get a goal from odd angles with her cloud jumper ability. A good spot to start would be Smoke, Mascot, vKatalyst, Calculus, Mercury, and then choose another player you like. You want to delay engagement and spread conditions, and do your best to deny the opponent momentum to clear those conditions. Once they do engage, vKat should be able to use his Witness Me heroic to take out a conditioned & softened up player for 4 points. You'll likely be looking for a couple other takeouts from conditions, or another Witness Me after Katalyst comes back, and a goal to close out your 12 points. If you bring Vitriol or Mist for the last spot, two goals and the Witness Me is very realistic, as well. Midas plays a faster goal scoring game. Here, I'd recommend starting with Midas, Mascot, oKatalyst, Vitriol/Mist, and then fill in another two players as you like. Compound can be good against teams like Fillet that want to come into your side of the board, and Calculus can be helpful with blind. Harry is a great companion to Katalyst, but Decimate can also fill that role if you have her available. Her Second Wind can make your fast team even faster, she can partner with Katalyst to get takeouts, and she can even function as a backup striker if needed after Midas and Vitriol. Katalyst isn't a huge damage dealer, but he's very solid in the scrum with a lot of hit points, and high TAC and speed with an easy knockdown and pushes. He's a nice control piece that can anchor the board while your strikers do their striking, and does threaten takeouts over a couple activations. One tip with this team--since Katalyst starts the game on fire, I like to position him in Vitriol's melee range turn 1 to activate her extra 2" dodge. There are a number of ways to engineer this, and it changes if you're kicking or receiving, etc. Midas' Lure of Gold is a really important ability for moving your other players around to get where you want them--or away from where your opponent wants them. If I were to play them in a tournament, my 10 right now would be Midas, Smoke, Naja/Flask, oKatalyst, vKatalyst, Calculus, Mercury, Compound, Vitriol, Decimate I think you want those first 8 players for sure, and either of those last two spots could also be Harry, Mist, Crucible, or Venin, though people tend to have a harder time with Crucible and Venin. If I had an 11th spot, I would take Crucible.
  7. Let's Revisit Lucky

    I agree with you guys on the roster flexibility spots. I really like having Mist in the team, so my 10th comes down to Lucky vs. vHarmony.
  8. Vet Minx?

    I usually play regular Hemlocke as my union slot in Hunters, so no lineup conflict for me with vMinx. Very excited to see this model!
  9. Took me a while to settle on a team to play for. Got several games lined up this weekend. Will try to get some pictures and reports entered!
  10. SteamCon US. Let's hang out.

    I don't know the convention center area much at all. Not sure I've ever been to that part of the suburbs. But I'm sure we can get you pointed toward some good spots!
  11. Masons Decimate

    The Big Lebowski quote, doing double work referencing recent allegations about Kevin Spacey? Edit: the gif scene is from House of Cards, if that's what you meant.
  12. Fight for Hemlocke?

    I have a hard time believing that a veteran player would have the exact same card as the original apart from guild affiliation.
  13. New player: How do I "Midas" post-errata?

    I've been playing around with replacing Harry with Decimate and have found some success. Being able to Second Wind Vitriol to effectively always have Knee Slider for that turn 1 goal is really good, and alternatively putting it on Katalyst to get him anywhere you want for turn 2 (especially if he can engage, put in a few attacks, and then reposition) is a strong second option. With a Midas lure of gold, sprint, and second wind, he can move 20". She's also then a fine secondary beater/momentum generator with Katalyst and tertiary striker. Don't know if she's better than Harry, but it's a slightly different game. You lose the assistance of the 2" push-bot who can set Kat back on fire, and the control of goad, but the team accelerates in mobility. Midas, Naja, Vitriol, Katalyst, Decimate, flex. The flex is probably Compound or Calculus, maybe Crucible. I like Crucible as another fast model that can activate Vitriol's dodge, and there are spots where she's really good behind Katalyst, but I have a hard time fitting her in a tournament 10. When receiving, the plan is to pass the ball around a bit, delay activations, put second wind on Vitriol and get Kat into her melee zone, then take her goal as late as possible, second winding her after to somewhere she is relatively safe but can threaten the ball next turn somewhere other than where Midas threatens it. If I drew Knee Slider, I pocket it here for the second goal. If I have to kick instead, I kick with Vitriol, then focus my activations on threatening the ball if the opponent places it where she can get to it. If a goal is on the table, pull the trigger. If not, increase your threat and then delay. Midas may go first to lure Kat into Vitriol's melee range and set up her dodge. Then I'm trying to gauge whether my opponent will imminently put the ball where Vitriol can threaten it. If the answer is yes, I'll throw second wind on her. If it's a no, I'll delay and possibly put second wind on Kat instead. In between, I'll use delay activations to save Vitriol and Kat for my final two activations.
  14. How do i play Smoke well?

    You really have to keep him back until he can heroic and kill the model he charges.
  15. Current alchemist 10, it's tough!

    I think Compound is too good when he's good to take both mascots instead of him, but I'm on board with the rest of your reasoning. I'd like to have Venin or Crucible available as another model to trigger Vitriol's dodge turn 1, but I don't know where you fit either of them in the 10 if you're playing both captains.