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  1. Breaking_Play

    Auras with on-going effects

    Additionally, it doesn't have to be the enemy model's activation, just has to be the enemy model that is moving. For instance, another Alchemist could push an enemy model into the aura and give them the burning condition.
  2. That's not what the no stacking rule means, though. What it does mean is she can't buy Blessing of the Moon Goddess twice on herself and then get 4" of dodge added to her next attack. You are allowed to reapply a play to a model already affected by it--it simply replaces the original iteration of it.
  3. Breaking_Play

    Brick's blind spot

    Correct again. They cannot.
  4. Breaking_Play

    Free Cities Draft Poll

    I like the argument. Edge sounds good to me, too.
  5. Breaking_Play

    Hammer's Combined Tackle Knockdown

    Mako is correct. You can select a combined result so long as one of the parts is a legal choice.
  6. Breaking_Play

    Free Cities Draft Poll

    I plan to submit my games from SCUS this weekend, though I'm not settled which rookie to vie for yet.
  7. Breaking_Play

    Free Cities Draft Poll

    Chin up. The event's barely even begun. Once S4 drops this weekend, I expect we'll start getting a lot more games in.
  8. Breaking_Play

    S4 Hunters finally revealed!

    Yeah, we have to cut three, and it's not easy. For me personally, I already played him less than a lot of people, I think, and I mostly brought him because of Gut and String. With the nerf to that control element, there's less he uniquely brings, and he's even more vulnerable than he was before. Don't think he needs to be in everyone's cut, but he's the easiest one for how I envision my games playing.
  9. Breaking_Play

    Free Cities Draft Poll

    Description also says he's got 'nimble steps and deft tackles'. Might be a very good bro for Ulfr indeed.
  10. Breaking_Play

    S4 Hunters finally revealed!

    Agree with this. vHearne is next on my cut list if I decide to bring Fahad back. Skatha probably doesn't need him, but he does have some relatively unique tools in her team I'm not ready to cut yet.
  11. Breaking_Play

    S4 Hunters finally revealed!

    Now that we've seen the cards, any initial thoughts on tournament twelves? Which three models do you cut? I need to get things on the table to sort my thoughts out, but at the moment I think I'd cut Mataagi and Jaecar, and then either Egret or Fahad. Probably going to play a lot more Chaska, and I can see him just slotting in for Jaecar. Also need the second Harrier less between the change to Grace and our improved ability to either play football into teams that are hard to fight or to do damage in larger base chunks from Seenah and Chaska. Minerva is my preferred Harrier bringer of the two, so she's the one I'd keep for when I want it. Then it's a matter of whether I want another fast ranged piece that can also strike, or access to both mascots. I'd miss those Linked shenanigans a ton losing Fahad, but I suspect having access to Egret's Flurry may be more relevant where it comes up. Still, really unsure. So, if I had a tournament tonight, I think I'd run Theron, Skatha, Snow, Hearne, vHearne, vMinx, Chaska, Seenah, Zarola, Ulfr, Minerva, Egret Loving how difficult SFG has made these choices!
  12. Breaking_Play

    S4 Masons - what's your 12, what's your 6es

    My first pass thoughts are that Brick dropping to 1" and Granite's improvements mean I can straight swap them. Dropping Brick, along with improvement to Wrecker, means I can drop Marbles. Then, I think I drop Lucky for a Union. Minx is tempting, but I think Snakeskin could be a fun place to park the ball against Fish. So, if I were to play a s4 event today: Honour, Hammer, Wrecker, Harmony, vHarmony, Chisel, vChisel, Mallet, Flint, Granite, Tower, Snakeskin
  13. Breaking_Play

    Free Cities Draft Poll

    I suppose we'll find out in a couple weeks at SCUS? I really hope they followed through on it, but I suspect not.
  14. Breaking_Play

    Traps mechanics changing.

    She has momentous 2 on 2, and places extra traps on 3. Her damage is only lower in any significant way against tough hide models where you are trying to set up a delayed burst of damage on a subsequent activation. The addition of being able to put out Snare I think easily outweighs the loss of 1 damage from the traps. Table time once we have all the cards will tell.
  15. Breaking_Play

    Traps mechanics changing.

    No, they do not. Harriers only affect playbook and character play damage.