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  1. Breaking_Play

    Minerva in Hunters.

    Yep, I'm in the same spot.
  2. Breaking_Play

    Minerva in Hunters.

    She's fantastic! Any thoughts on how the rest of the lineup shifts around her? I've got 7 models I want to bring nearly all the time now, and having a hard time sorting who to kick out where.
  3. Breaking_Play

    Second Wind Chicago 64 Man Tournament.

    I hear we'll have rosters of 12 by then, so you can probably find room for the Snow as well as Fahad.
  4. Breaking_Play

    Burning Spirit and advance

    As soon as an enemy model moves to be within the aura, they will gain burning and thus suffer -2/-2 move. If that reduces their remaining available move distance to 0, then they must immediately stop moving. They do not gain fire until they have entered the aura, so it does not stop them from entering it. However, in your scenario, they would stop the moment they enter it and would end at exactly 1" from Mercury.
  5. Breaking_Play

    Season 4 Changes

    If you're proxying, I suppose so. Thought we were talking about tournaments. The point stands, regardless: three or one, this is the exception.
  6. Breaking_Play

    Season 4 Changes

    "current state" for only a single guild.
  7. Breaking_Play

    Canadian National (Western) Championship

    Sadly my flight back leaves pretty early Sunday evening. I'll be arriving Thursday night, though, so I've got time for a pre-party! EDIT: Eep, I see now the event is scheduled to end at 7 Sunday, but my flight leaves at 6:40. I might be rushing off early.
  8. Breaking_Play

    Assist Stack?

    Ah, thanks! Didn't read far enough. 😅
  9. Breaking_Play

    Assist Stack?

    Do 'Assist [name]' and 'Assist [different name]' count as the same named ability and therefore do not stack, or do they count as differently named abilities and therefore stack? e.g., if veteran Chisel uses 'Squad Tactics' to give Honour 'Assist [Chisel]', and Honour then makes an attack against a model engaged by both Chisel and Marbles, does she roll 4 extra dice and get +2 damage to results, or 3 extra dice and +1 damage (assuming no other bonuses)?
  10. Keep Your Chin Up! The first time a friendly model uses Come on Mate!, it may do so without spending MP. Nocturnal Hunting [6" Aura] Each time an enemy model suffers the taken-out condition while within this aura, after the current action is resolved this model may immediately use Come On Mate! without spending MP. I believe this is correct, but just to make sure. If the Hunters/Falconers team playing Minerva plays the Game Plan card Keep Your Chin Up!, and then secures a takeout within her aura without previously using Come on Mate! that turn, does using Nocturnal Hunting effectively "waste" the ability of Keep Your Chin Up! as that is the first time using Come on Mate! that turn? (In which case, of course, you simply ought to use the game plan ability before making the attack.)
  11. Breaking_Play

    Tournament? Oh... I'm not ready for that!

    I've got a bit of social anxiety myself, and I've found that Guild Ball events are a great way to ease into reducing that. Having the brain-engaging activity of the game gives you something external to focus your attention on, the people are predominantly very friendly, and you've got a clear hobby in common that you can both be excited to talk about. It's a great environment to take some careful steps in.
  12. Breaking_Play

    Terrain base size

    Minimum 50%, not exactly 50%.
  13. Breaking_Play

    Falconers Vs Blacksmiths match report

    Hey, exciting to see the Falconers in action. I appreciate the perspective of thinking of counterattacks as ways to generate efficient setup. Brilliant show as always!
  14. Breaking_Play

    Breaking Play Episode 02

    Thanks for the kind words, gents! @Akaleth, I think you're right. Hammer does sound like a solid choice. He can have a hard time with models like Hearth who can knock him down from range, but the team has answers to that. I'd definitely like to try a Hammer, Mallet, Tower, Brick, Lucky team into them.
  15. Breaking_Play

    Breaking Play Episode 02

    Oh, hey, I finally released episode 02 over the weekend. This one looks at a game between my Masons and Alex Botts' Blacksmiths. Have a look!