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  1. Breaking_Play

    Assist Stack?

    Ah, thanks! Didn't read far enough. 😅
  2. Breaking_Play

    Assist Stack?

    Do 'Assist [name]' and 'Assist [different name]' count as the same named ability and therefore do not stack, or do they count as differently named abilities and therefore stack? e.g., if veteran Chisel uses 'Squad Tactics' to give Honour 'Assist [Chisel]', and Honour then makes an attack against a model engaged by both Chisel and Marbles, does she roll 4 extra dice and get +2 damage to results, or 3 extra dice and +1 damage (assuming no other bonuses)?
  3. Keep Your Chin Up! The first time a friendly model uses Come on Mate!, it may do so without spending MP. Nocturnal Hunting [6" Aura] Each time an enemy model suffers the taken-out condition while within this aura, after the current action is resolved this model may immediately use Come On Mate! without spending MP. I believe this is correct, but just to make sure. If the Hunters/Falconers team playing Minerva plays the Game Plan card Keep Your Chin Up!, and then secures a takeout within her aura without previously using Come on Mate! that turn, does using Nocturnal Hunting effectively "waste" the ability of Keep Your Chin Up! as that is the first time using Come on Mate! that turn? (In which case, of course, you simply ought to use the game plan ability before making the attack.)
  4. Breaking_Play

    Tournament? Oh... I'm not ready for that!

    I've got a bit of social anxiety myself, and I've found that Guild Ball events are a great way to ease into reducing that. Having the brain-engaging activity of the game gives you something external to focus your attention on, the people are predominantly very friendly, and you've got a clear hobby in common that you can both be excited to talk about. It's a great environment to take some careful steps in.
  5. Breaking_Play

    Terrain base size

    Minimum 50%, not exactly 50%.
  6. Breaking_Play

    Falconers Vs Blacksmiths match report

    Hey, exciting to see the Falconers in action. I appreciate the perspective of thinking of counterattacks as ways to generate efficient setup. Brilliant show as always!
  7. Breaking_Play

    Breaking Play Episode 02

    Thanks for the kind words, gents! @Akaleth, I think you're right. Hammer does sound like a solid choice. He can have a hard time with models like Hearth who can knock him down from range, but the team has answers to that. I'd definitely like to try a Hammer, Mallet, Tower, Brick, Lucky team into them.
  8. Breaking_Play

    Breaking Play Episode 02

    Oh, hey, I finally released episode 02 over the weekend. This one looks at a game between my Masons and Alex Botts' Blacksmiths. Have a look!
  9. Breaking_Play

    Tips against Ballista gunline

    Second this ^
  10. Breaking_Play

    Constructing your new Hunter 10.

    I'd agree Seenah can be a trap, if you play her incautiously and/or into the wrong matchups, but I think it's too strong to say she flat is and will be abused. I am curious to explore how the new models and harriers change the games where I've played her previously, though. May very well be that she can leave the ten with these new additions.
  11. Breaking_Play

    Constructing your new Hunter 10.

    I think she brings more passive value than Mataagi, with 2" reach and her Come on Mate aura. I also highly value the knockdown she brings. The efficiency of that aura feels huge, when an injured Theron or Jaecar or whoever can activate and get a takeout and heal themself 8 boxes for 1 momentum, whether she's done anything at all. And I think she delivers and supports the harrier better. If Jaecar gets to attack a model that's been knocked down in a harrier, that model is dead. That said, I've only got a couple games in with them, so this is initial feeling still.
  12. Breaking_Play

    Constructing your new Hunter 10.

    I'm in a pretty similar spot, but with Skatha instead of Snow. I do love Snow into Butchers, but I enjoy Skatha too much to fit him in the 10 as well. I only really liked Chaska into Blacksmiths, and with the new additions, he's gotta go. So I've got Theron, Skatha, Fahad, o.Hearne, Jaecar, Zarola, Seenah, v.Minx, Minerva pretty well locked down at 9, with Egret and Mataagi battling out for the last slot. Need to do some more thinking about matchups and get some more games in to test some things and see where I end up. Actually leaning Egret at the moment, but not sure I'm not just overcorrecting for the appeal of the new shiny.
  13. Breaking_Play


    High quality memery, custom made just for you, @JS
  14. Breaking_Play

    Resin Returns

    Could be a great solution for the 'minor guild but I don't own the major guild' problem of getting crossovers, and similar problems with the 6 model boxes.
  15. Breaking_Play

    Harrier and combined Damage / Push results

    Excellent, thanks!