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  1. vMinx card shown

    Falconers come out a month after Exiles, right? So we've only got a month where v.Minx doesn't just straight replace o.Minx in a roster. Bring both Minx's for that month?
  2. Breaking Play episode 01

    Oh, that makes more sense now! Obvious in person, but a bit of an optical illusion in the video if you've not seen the mat before.
  3. Brick, when to leave him on the bench

    I like to play a very fast, aggressive Honour ball game into Smoke. Honour, Marbles, Flint, Lucky, Harmony, Mist. Smoke wants to play from relatively deep in her side of the field, which puts you in ready goal range once you close. This team can close quickly, comes with a dash of free condition clearing, and 4 of the models can readily deal with Smoke's unpredictable movement if the opponent wants to try keeping the ball safe on her. I could see Vet Harmony instead of oHarmony for more condition clearing and the possibility of using Team Player to make Witness Me! kills more difficult, but I like oHarmony for Acrobatic and linked activations with Honour here.
  4. Breaking Play episode 01

    Thanks for the feedback! Will have that syncing improved in episode 02. At that point, Mallet was still knocked down from Ballista's Deadbolt, I believe.
  5. Breaking Play episode 01

    I just released my first episode, breaking down a recent game between myself and Pat Van Value from Strictly the Worst.
  6. Swissmade's Masons

    These look great! I really like that green.
  7. I do think the clock is important to keep the game moving. It also helps to get accustomed to the pace of play if you might ever play in an event. When my group plays casual games, we use the clock, but we don't hold to 1 minute activations once people clock out--just take full activations and then grant a point to the opponent afterwards. Finishing games in a reasonable time means playing more games!
  8. Unsportsmanlike But Legal

    It's important to note that, though some of us have been through these conversations multiple times, as this game we love continues to grow, there will be new players facing those old frustrations and questions for the first time.
  9. My mason 10, let's see how the hammer hits.

    Looks like a solid 10. My standard has been the same except Mist over Decimate, but I played vHarmony in that slot at the Adepticon championship. Let us know how it goes!
  10. Tactics for the Hunter's Guild

    Fantastic effort, @EpicChris! I'd definitely recommend this as a read for any beginning or intermediate Hunters player. Gave me some new tactic ideas, too. Thanks much!
  11. Slacks gone metal, moving beyond Kick Off

    Hahaha, love the goal marker!
  12. Chiseling away at the fallacy.

    What was the scenario with the goal and Marbles?
  13. Kingdom Con

    Hey, all, if you haven't seen elsewhere, event registration went up last night for the US West Nationals at Kingdom Con.
  14. Parting Blow

    No, they are just outside melee.
  15. Big League 10 advice

    This is the same 10 I've been playing lately and will be running at a tournament this weekend.