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  1. dexstarslab

    TOGIT Guild Ball Nova Regional Qualifier

    The Only Game In Town will be hosting a regional qualifier for Nova Open on Aug 19. So if you're swinging by NJ or not going to GenCon like this guy , come roll some dice with us! Facebook Link Tiebreak
  2. If a model with a Kick stat of 4 is Blind and is contesting to take possession of the ball marker from the opposing team, will they be rolling D6+4 or D6+2?
  3. dexstarslab

    Maplewood, NJ 1/28

    Running an event for those that can't go to Captain Con or want to play just cause Guild Ball is fun. This will follow the Regional Cup format Registration at 11 First Round Pairings at 12 Entry $10 https://www.facebook.com/events/1185182371564014/
  4. dexstarslab

    Maplewood, NJ 12/3

    Oh yes sorry 8 players
  5. dexstarslab

    Maplewood, NJ 12/3

  6. dexstarslab

    Maplewood, NJ 12/3

    Sorry about that, it was under private, I adjusted it and changed it in the OP.
  7. dexstarslab

    Maplewood, NJ 12/3

    Highly doubt it, I may just need help on mats/terrain since I only have my own set along with a couple other people that have bought in.
  8. dexstarslab

    Maplewood, NJ 12/3

    Maplewood Hobby is gonna be having their second event before the new year! Event Details: Tournament Length - It's not over til it's overMatch Win Condition - Play to the final whistleRound Length - Team tacticsTeam roster selection -Strength in depthMatch Roster Selection - Move and counter moveRegistration at 11amFirst Round Pairings at 12pm $10 Entry Tickets can be bought at https://www.tiebreak.co.uk/maplewood-winter-event/feed or at the day of event. Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/187677511638746/
  9. dexstarslab

    Another Fish Report from Gencon

    Reading through this feels like PTSD for me Jokes aside, awesome write up. The more and more I was reading through these the more I wanted to bring Corsair again lol
  10. dexstarslab

    My Fish at GenCon

    You could have asked a certain Union player to help you out you know
  11. Hey All, been playing the game for about the beginning of the summer and the addiction has kicked in pretty hard. Up to 3 teams already and came out of my first tournament the other day squeaking out 2nd place with Union Anyways, pushing the game right now over in Maplewood Hobby in Maplewood (duh) NJ on Fridays and soon to be Sundays and have about 5-6 players although on Fridays it's a bit difficult to get table space because of FNM and 40k/AoS. if you're around the area or free those days or even Saturdays throw me a message and I'll make sure to have a table set up!
  12. dexstarslab

    Control Refrence

    So I'm pretty new to Vassal and was just wondering, where are you supposed to put the control reference in?
  13. dexstarslab

    Parting Blow Question

    I assumed that was the case, at the time I didn't have a rule book on me and just went with +2 tac bonus from Parting Blow. Thank you for clearing that up though.
  14. So I understand that parting blows are not affected by gang up and crowding out bonuses, I was curious about effects like Commanding Aura and Singled Out, do you gain the extra TAC/Damage from these skills?