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  1. Mystery box!

    I could be wrong, but I think I did see somewhere it was mentioned that there was a certain amount available each day.
  2. Balefirestorm's WIP

    They all look fantastic, but I especially love your Vet Ox. Great job!
  3. Greetings from KY

    Bowling Green
  4. Hello Empire of the Free Cities! I am a new player from Kentucky. I am actually looking to get a group in my area restarted after the first one disappeared. I am still undecided on what team I want to play, but I have the Kick-Off box set and a set of Butchers. Not sure if I'll go with one of those or just hold on to them to let friends try the game out. Anyways,
  5. Escalation league kit and 'Lucky'

    Is that any show after the 18th? As in available at Gencon?