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  1. Brynwall

    Expansions arrived!!! - but...

    Did you get a shipment notification?
  2. Brynwall

    Stretch Goal Trap Cards

    I'd like to know as well.
  3. Brynwall

    3D Printed DS box organizer

    A lot of libraries let you use a 3D Printer for free.
  4. Brynwall

    Update 107

    Slow your roll.... This was a multi-million dollar Kickstarter and they are working hard at getting it out to everybody.
  5. "COULD" and "CAN/HAVE THE TIME TO" are VERY different... lol just be patient.
  6. The first link isn't working...
  7. Brynwall

    Pledge language has changed?!

    Mine shows UK Core Game (English) and I'm in the US.
  8. Brynwall


    RIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Brynwall

    Additional Rulebook Information

    Any way to download this? I don't see that option anywhere. Or perhaps a link to the Reddit article?
  10. If you pledged as a LATE BACKER you will not be on the Kickstarter pledges and you will not get Kickstarter updates. But if you pledged on the Kickstarter page [before the project ended] AND you verify that you were charged on your credit card you will definitely need to contact Kickstarter support and not Steamforged.
  11. Hells to the yeah! I wish I was on the Kickstarter campaign though; even though I am signed up for email updates I wish I could comment over there as well. haha
  12. I received pretty much the same email, but I was asking if I could post on the Kickstarter pages as well, and they said they don't have the ability to let me do that.