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  1. It happened yesterday on a match, the Union played Lone Striker, won the initiative and activated first Avarisse & Greede. So, are these two guys suffering both - 1 TAC ? I"d say yes they do, but other players have a different point of view. Thanks for answer.
  2. Hi guys, Rulebook says : During an advance, a model may gain or suffer modifiers to its MOV. Apply these modifiers immediatly and cumulatively. So, imagine Casket (or any model with reanimate) with burning condition and only one hp. Casket starts a sprint of 5" (burning), and is hit by a parting blow. Casket loses his last hp, triggers reanimate and isn't burning anymore. So his sprint immediatly rises to 7" ? I'm not completely sure, because in this case the model has lost a modifier. The doubt is devouring me, thanks for help !
  3. Balthazar

    Fangtooth in Season 3

    I guess you're joking. I can't imagine a worst match up for Fangtooth. Many light footed players with mz 2", who just don't care about your 29 hp and are so happy to trigger dodges and gb plays on your DEF 2 ARM 1. Can you explain ? I've some success with Fangtooth against Butchers and Masons, always play him with Rage (any version).
  4. Hi guys, I like Graves II. I mean, I really like the model, with rats around his legs. But when I look at his card, I just feel disappointed. On paper, synergy with Vileswarm doesn't look so bad. But... - Graves I looks much much better, he tackles on column 1, gives tool up to the team. Graves II trades one point of TAC and DEF against one point of ARM, bad trade. - If I play Graves II, I play Vileswarm too, so exit Dirge, and so no reason to put on the table Cosset and Silence. Which captain for Grave II ? Obulus I think, Scalpel really want the first version with tool up. Other guys ? In fact, If I leave besides Cosset and Silence, I can only choose between Casket, Ghast, Bonesaw and one Union guy. Maybe will I try something like : Obulus Vileswarm Graves II Ghast Bonesaw Rage But it seems to be quite wonky. Any thought or advice ?
  5. Hello, my question is : can a model have more INF than he could be allocated with Bag of Coffers ? It seems to me okay, because the wording says "gains 1 influence". So this is not an allocation, like Misdirection for example. Am I right ?
  6. Hi guys, I discovered Guild ball a few weeks ago, and it was a great surprise. This game has found a lot of popularity in our strategy games' association, the AJSA. My team choice was the Union, for the style of its models. I think I'm going to acquire soon the Morticians, because I like their tricky gameplay. Apologies for writing errors if any, english is'nt my first language. Balthazar