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  1. Our Dark Souls TBG Unboxing Video

    Hello! Brian from the Critical Thwits here. Hope everyone's enjoying the game and having as much fun as we are with it. If you're wavering or unsure, though, you might find our unboxing video useful - Joe and I take a comprehensive tour through exactly what you get and what we think of the contents. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/Jy8-LbZ6mrM
  2. Interview with Rich and Bryce, Dark Souls Designers

    No problem, glad you found it useful/interesting!
  3. Interview with Rich and Bryce, Dark Souls Designers

    Me too! I'm hoping that eventually we'll be able to play through a version of each game with every level and boss in turn. Can but dream!
  4. Interview with Rich and Bryce, Dark Souls Designers

    Thanks everyone! I was really struck by how knowledgeable and enthusiastic Rich and Bryce were, and how much thought they'd put into the game. Looks to me like the game is in good hands!
  5. Hi all! Our podcast recently caught up with Rich and Matt for an interview at the UK Games Expo. We talked about Guild Ball in general and Season 2 specifically, so I thought I'd let you know. You can find it here, about 5:30 in (if you don't want to listen to the rest of us talking!): We're all Guild Ball players but still fairly new - we've covered Guild Ball before but we're really looking forward to expanding our coverage. Hopefully that means I'll be here more and more, especially as we have some pretty good gamers in our group and I need to find a way for my Morticians to rule the roost. Brian
  6. Hi all! I recently interviewed Rich and Bryce from Steamforged at the UK Games Expo after having a demo game of Dark Souls: The Board Game. You can find the article here: http://www.dirgemag.com/dark-souls-board-game-designer-interview/ I'd love to know what you guys think! I've already backed the game and I play a bit of Guild Ball from time to time, so hopefully you'll find it interesting. Brian