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  1. Let's say Ghast is attacking Flint, within 6" of flint is vChisel, who is under Tower's Protect Those Close aura. Ghast selects his momentus knockdown result on Flint. vChisel decides to take the knockdown herself through Take one for the Team, triggering sturdy, so she remains standing, as does Flint. Does Ghast's attack generate momentum?
  2. Ok, so what happens if Granite takes a damaging parting blow, vHarmony absorbs it, and Between a Rock is triggered? Does Granite finish her existing advance and then jog again? Does her current movement immediately end and her Between a Rock advance then begin?
  3. Hey Nykolae, Thanks a bunch for your response. Obviously I didn't put enough effort into my initial search, but I'm glad to have an answer!
  4. Hey, so I'm pretty sure how this works but I'd like an official ruling. Granite and vHarmony are within 4" of each other Gutter attacks Granite and selects the momentus 2 result. vHarmony uses Team Player to suffer the damage instead. Between a Rock.. is triggered (as an other friendly model within 4" has suffered damage from an enemy attack or play) Granite walks off and takes a parting blow (leaving Gutter's melee as to avoid any further attacks) Now the only place I think this interpretation can be argued against is if the enemy model's attack for some reason isn't seen as the "source" of the suffered damaged, but all of the previous clarifications on team player (such as vHarmony taking the snare if she uses team player to suffer damage Theron dishes out) treat it as if the enemy model's attack is the source of the damage (thus all the carry-on effects). I would just like a Lawyer's Guild clarification that I can point to in case this comes up in a tournament.
  5. Rahn

    I'm on a horse!

    My guess is that this is the first model that will not be able to possess the ball. She will likely be able to pass a free ball within 2" by using her polo hammer.
  6. Rahn

    Let's Revisit Lucky

    My thoughts as to why Minx is superior are based around her strengths. I think she bring more to the table than Mist through her efficiency, mobility, and debuffs. Most importantly, the conditions, abilities, and functions she brings to the table that are just not otherwise available in Masons in faction. Mist is the most frequent Challenger for the union position. Flint, and arguably oHarmony, can both play the striker role very well. Yes 2" melee is great, but acrobatics is no where'd they go and really we aren't hurting for a good striker here. We aren't morticians. Strikers are very thirsty folk, and we have plenty of good places to put influence. On a Honour team you already have Flint, Honour, and Harmony as great goal scoring threats, and fueling them gives you little to no influence left over to fuel yet another striker. On a Hammer team your plan is 2 goals at most, often just 1, and between Hammer, Tower, and Flint (if you're running him) have the ability to score goals to finish off the game after you've made your takeout points, which Minx does a very solid job of helping you earn.
  7. Lots of folks looking directly at a Deus ex machina and trying to call it something else 😂
  8. Rahn

    Let's Revisit Lucky

    If you're considering minx to be anything more than "little risk" in most matchups you're willfully refusing to acknowledge the tools at your disposal. Your initial response contrived a nonsensical situation just so you could say you were right, please tell me how you allocate the influence to that team in such a way that no one can clear off a model that went deep to engage minx. Minx is little risk, tons of efficiency, and brings several things unavailable to the faction. Just the fact that you said "Brick never gets inf" shows me you don't really know the hammer matchup. Whoever is near Hammer who doesn't need to move before hammer gets the inf hammer needs to siphon off. Often that is brick.
  9. Rahn

    Let's Revisit Lucky

    If you are determined to not use any of your tools to solve a problem, I have no confusion as to why you would see it as unsolvable. Brick usually has 1 for hammer to pull off, if he doesn't he's probably also not near Minx. Hammer can go before Minx if he needs to, it's not some strategic tragedy or anything. It's even possible for the target hammer wants to swing at to be snared from the previous turn. Minx's subsequent action can also set up other team members. You are also painting a picture where no one has influence to spend on a damaging attack that has the free consequence of freeing up your back-to-the shadows-double-dodge having model that got engaged. Where do you think the influence is at on this team? Remember, hammer can only take 5. Hammer Wrecker Brick Mallet Tower Minx The team brings a ton of efficiency to the table, you've definitely got the spare influence to have someone free up mix, which supposes you placed her poorly, or your opponent went deep just to engage her, in which case great, they overextended. Meanwhile you could run double striker teams where everyone wants 3-4 influence and you don't have enough to go around. You do you.
  10. Rahn

    Let's Revisit Lucky

    Minx being controllable... Ehhhh... Maybe. My lineup has three models with knockback, and a mascot that gets a 2" push for free, if anyone can clear off a friendly furious model, it's Masons. I get that the folks who play mist are playing a very different team with a different mindset, but Minx is so much upside (I forgot to mention her ability to usually be 6" away from her target at the end of her activation in my earlier post) with, imo, very little risk.
  11. Based on season 2 tournament numbers for hunters and Mort's guilds, I'd guess they absolutely did bet that there was no way the hunters could threaten the morticians, and that this contest would just be a show so all the season 1 and 2 guilds could feel involved.
  12. Rahn

    Let's Revisit Lucky

    This, I can't really understand not bringing minx, she's furious, has an insane threat range, brings 2 inf, and is our only access to snared, while also bringing another def debuff. I wouldn't leave home without her. For me the main strain is bringing all the models I want and also being able to present as if I'm possibly going to play Honour (I'm not). If you don't bring Honour, oHarmony, and Marbles, people won't think you are seriously going to play her.
  13. Rahn

    Masons Decimate

    These models are better, but still suffer from "needless guild logo medallions strewn everywhere" which is something I'd really like Steamforged to back off from. It's super tacky.
  14. I am really really tired of this lazy "slap logos everywhere on the model" style of sculpts. Look at season 1 and 2 Mason's. They are clearly Mason's but they don't need a bunch of stupid logos on them to tell you that.