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  1. Hello, With the the black friday sale that just occurred I imagine Steamforged must be swamped with calls and emails full of requests I'm sure. Im just having some trouble getting in contact with someone from steamforged regarding my order from black friday. I have tried email, steamforged's contact system, facebook message, and even calling steamforged number from the US. I have not been able to get a hold of their attention. If anyone knows a way to get in contact with them (hopefully before my order is shipped out) please let me know.
  2. Hello everyone, I'm sure by now most of you who follow the black friday sale has already seen the list of things on sale. One of the items that peaked my curiosity is the "Collection of Hay Bales". I personally like painting terrain very much but I wanted to see what it was about. I haven't found any image or information regarding it. If anyone knows anything please post it down below? Thanks in advance.
  3. Thirft

    Up against the Alch

    I'm conflicted. On one hand I can take Theron who can control Kats and put up some good damage but his ranged plays will have a weaker affect since a lot of them will be 5+ Def. On the other hand Skatha's 2 CST Cold snap won't really be hitting more than 2 targets(?) but she can help negate some of the -2/-2 MOV. I don't think taking Fahad would be a good idea here since he only has 6 hp. That's death every 2 turns but Snow doesn't really add much besides Loved Creature. Should I bring the bear? I feel like the speed slow would really hamper the movement which I suppose you could make up for with Skatha's speed? I dunno what the best strategy to engage the Alch would be.
  4. Thirft

    Up against the Alch

    Since the start of S4 those Alchs have been reworked to be dropping conditions non-stop. It seems to me everyone got a cleanse piece but our team really didn't get anything for that unless you consider Minerva. I don't really count her aura as a cleansing tool since you kinda have to be ahead to capitalize on it. What are your guys thoughts dealing all the poison/fire they'll be spitting our way? Whats your team line up?
  5. Hello, I've been trying to bring my hand painted terrain with me to local hobby shops to play with friends and what not but I have a cardboard box to hold them. I'm pretty sure them jostling around will end up with them scratched and damaged. I was wondering if you guys bring terrain to places where you play and if you do how do you transport it?
  6. Thirft

    The Exiles already sold out

    For me its definitely that. Even if I don't get around to playing them (which i rarely do) I would love to just paint them up. They look fantastic
  7. I leave for one weekend and they're gone! Anyone know when we'll know more will be available? I'd hate to miss out on these amazing models as well as just missing another member of my roster.
  8. Final Score: 4-12 Couldn't keep the ball away from Honour and Flint. I was able to control the enemy pretty well but Brick's threat stagger my offense and V.Harm continued to remove snares. https://imgur.com/iFJ5XRR https://imgur.com/ZitNj8h https://imgur.com/gJMUlnv
  9. Since This season seems to be pretty dominant with the heavy kicking teams and my own league group playing a lot of Shark and Midas I wanted to pick the hunter board's collective brain on this one. What are some suggestion when facing off against the likes of Shark, Midas, Vitriol, or Greyscale? I haven't played too many games against them but I'm already having a hard time theory crafting something to win against those players let alone the rest of the team. 1. What would your recommended line up be? 2. Try to outfight/play keep away with the ball or do some scoring of your own? 3. Do I bring Hearne1 to deal with UM and 2"? Should I bring the bear (now I'm working with 10 INF)?
  10. Thirft

    Share your paint jobs

    Only images I have on hand. These are my recently painted heralds. Excited to paint them. I want to repaint my first base hunters (they were my first attempt at painting miniatures). If there are any recommendations for that I would appreciate (stripping green stuff and paint/primer)
  11. With the release of those videos from Vengeance (I unfortunately missed the live stream) I was able to watch the games. One of the thing that I've noticed are some of the beautiful terrains that are used (that I assume fit tournament rules). I recognize some of them from solidgroundstudios but there are a few I do not. Anyone have any idea where they're from? (E.g: Crate from Mat Hart v. Jason Fox game). Thanks, much appreciated.
  12. I don't have too much to contribute to this already 6 page discussion aside from the "Pinned with a forest in between is bad game play" mentality is wrong. I have seen both ends where it does suck to have to play against but at the same time there are so many ways to get around it. Glide and dodges are certainly ways to get around. I'm also weird in that I've gotten a lot more from Zarola than I have with Chaska (not a lot of successes with the feller (especially against Obulus who just walks him through his own traps)), however I do agree Zarola is pretty 1-dimentional. Only thing that's positive I would say is she can reliably place snares from a range. (Anyone else think its weird her model has a huge machete and she can't do damage at all) As for Hearne.. I don't know. Every time I use him, he doesn't have the defense to hold his own in a fight and it feels weird to play a footballing game with a big stocky character with a spear. That ain't right. I want to take him with the Bear but 10 INF is painful. Overall I still like playing my hunters. I have a better grasp of them than my 2nd team (Engineers) which look like a lot of fun this up coming season. I do believe people are sleeping on Fahad. I do wish they made Egret better. Maybe not even in kicking but damn do I feel bad when I can't get any results with her for the resources I pour into her (I'm looking at you snap fire).
  13. Thirft

    Worst defeat and 'bogey' teams

    Yeah no doubt. One of my closest friends and frequent opponent plays Morts and here are a few things I noted: Be careful with those traps, nothing worse than having Jaecar or Chaska walk through your own traps and be debuffed. Furious will get you through that fear. All I learned from dealing with that team. I hate it so much when he lands those control affects.
  14. Thirft

    Hunters Second Captain?

    I'm thinking more along the lines like Hearne meets Smoke. Could be interesting to have a Captain who utilizes the woods in such a way
  15. Thirft

    Hunters Second Captain?

    I think the opportunity for a trap based captain good but another good idea is a beast support captain. Some sort of captain that buffs and interacts with the beasts on the team. Another possibilities is a higher focus on terrain. Forest terrain that is larger than a 3" or special properties in the woods.