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  1. The competitive 10

    What are playing into blacksmiths?
  2. what I truly feel Brewers need

    I guess someone has to. I love their playstyle, but the Farmers have a very similar playstyle, with better synergy and better Captains. I'm in the middle of a batrep, Brewers vs. Blacksmiths, and I remembered some Tapper thoughts I had awhile back. I wish CA was either momentous, or a column down or both. Hitting Commanding Aura on column four can be pretty challenging, and that's really his big schtick. He's not much of a one rounder captain anymore, but he also struggles to be the support his team needs him to be. It's not uncommon for me to blow 5 attacks trying to get CA and only ever get 5 pushes out of it, and is one the main reasons I put his Guild back on the shelf. Tapper only comes out now as a proxy for Thresher, who plays like what I imagined Tapper did.
  3. what I truly feel Brewers need

    Pretty horribly if you're the next best option
  4. what I truly feel Brewers need

    Listening to the Strictly the Worst podcast. Even Pat's down on the Brewers and moving on. That's a rough place to be in.
  5. Union 101

    Take them all? I'd probably play Rage2 in every game. Mist, Coin, Gutter, Decimate and Minx is pretty decent. I don't know what I would trade any of them out for, given the options that you have. Snakeskin maybe to hide the ball against Blacksmiths, Alchemists or Fish but that's about it.
  6. Union 101

    I actually really like Brisket3 into Hammer. She's nearly impossible for him to catch and kill with her Unpredictable Movement and legendary. I usually take Gutter into that team though, and maybe Rage1 or Minx for Momentum. I generally like Brisket3 into most fighting teams. Hammer, Butchers, possibly Brewers (Have to watch for Tapper though) and Hunters. Otherwise, probably all Rage, all day. Rage2 into blacksmiths is what I'm told. He casually deletes Apprentices faster than they can do anything else. Again, Gutter is good there, as is Decimate (Unpredictable Movement). Mist is a good kickoff model there, but that's probably the only goal you'll get. I like Benny for holding the ball but that's pretty nearly impossible against Cinder or Alloy so I might trade him out for Harry there so I still have the pushes and some control.
  7. New article through MidwestWargaming with a focus on new players and how to play into Counterattacks, Countercharge and the other traits contributing to the vast array of defensive tech available to models in Guildball. http://midwestwargaming.com/guildball-new-guys-knowing-enough-team-get-activation/
  8. what I truly feel Brewers need

    If Stave got Battering Ram on the back of his card, I'd consider him. Sturdy and Battering Ram and I'd take him. It still might not be enough but I'd definitely try. Even more importantly, a non-heroic based 2'' speed buff would help me consider Spigot2 over Spigot1. Maybe. Battering Ram would be great though. Heck, I might even kick off with Tapper some more, get him some actual kickoff threat. Speaking of Tapper, you know what would help him? Outside of Ol' Jakes coming back true? Marked Target. If Marked Target was 10'' instead of 8'', I'd use it. Right now it's super corner case and does not accomplish anything for him except Guildballing it to get Stoker or somebody in, maaaaybe. As far as Ol' Jakes goes, I wish he could gain an INF and allocate one. Ideally Gain one, allocate two, but I'm happy to meet in the middle somewhere. I understand that the concept of the model is somewhat important. It's not that the Brewers don't have strong options. Spigot1, Stoker, PintPot and Friday would all be auto-includes in almost any other guild, even with 1'' melee. Heck, even Spigot2 would be great in some other guilds. I'd love to have him in Farmers, Union, Morts, any team that's not exclusively kickers like Fish and Engineers and kind of Alchs. We just don't have a captain that can put it together. I don't feel like they have a plan. 1-4, 2-2? They have the kickers to put 2-3 goals on the board but it's almost impossible to keep the ball against any team and I'm not even talking about Blacksmiths yet. No one but Spigot2 has close control. Mash is the only one with 2'' unpredictable movement, so that's something at least but any ranged play whatsoever, or a 2'' melee model (Mist, Vitriol, now Alloy) doesn't care too much. So they struggle to hide the ball and kill faster than almost any other team scores. It's just an uphill battle.
  9. Midwest Wargaming Batreps

    @Zarodis and I, being local players together, have started a batrep series of written battle report articles. We hope to vary up our guilds and get a nice variety, but he is mainly Masons, while I've played a lot of Brewers, Union and Farmers. Between the two of us, we've got every guild but Engineers, so we do plan to get some different reports going. http://midwestwargaming.com/guildball-batrep-1-blacksmiths-vs-farmers/
  10. what I truly feel Brewers need

    GM can be popped by anything. I can take that one random INF on someone with a ranged play and hit her with it. Marked Target or some nonsense. Then it's gone. I prefer Close Control or Sturdy so much more than GM. I get waaaay more mileage out of stopping specifically the first Knockdown or first Tackle then just the first attack in general. Sturdy would be better for Stave.
  11. what I truly feel Brewers need

    I agree with some of what you're saying. Most of it, really. I don't want gluttonous mass though on Stave, I want Sturdy. I'd take Spigot2 exactly the way he is if he wasn't Spigot. I think his rules are fine but you're killing the rest of the team by taking Spigot1 out of the lineup. Does that mean Spigot1 is too good? I doubt it, Brewers aren't doing good. Sure, he's a staple, but if you nerf him to make Spigot2 tempting, the only thing that gets tempting is shelving the Brewers. I've actually played a lot of Spigot2. I played him S2 with Esters, Quaff, Rage... Harry? I think Harry. And Hooper. It was a really inf efficient team with some ranged damage and then Hooper or Rage murdered things or Rage tooled up Ester ranged plays. Spigot2 could score from a pretty solid distance away on 0 INF as long as he had the ball, momentum and the voice from Esters. It was a fun list and I did pretty well with it. The Union change hurt it a lot though. I do hate Esters. For all the reasons you said and then some. I don't trust her to do the job in melee. She doesn't accomplish enough for me at ranged. We don't have the players that can go unbuffed into a situation and do what they need to do. Tapper frustrates me too. I love Farmers because Thresher plays like I envisioned Tapper would, and even a bit like Tapper used to with Ol' Jakes. Now though, Tapper struggles to get the job done himself. I don't know what needs to be fixed on him.
  12. First game with Farmers (how to play against them?)

    Botts specifically stated in the MidwestWargaming interview that the Honor matchup is a potential problem because of her list's casual ability to either chain activate, or get Superior Strategy. A Superior Strategied, Tooled Up Mallet waiting for Thresher to score on Turn 1 is a really bad thing.
  13. Hot Shot and Counterattack

    So it's the difference of the active model. I think that makes sense but I'll wait for the official word.
  14. Union 101

    That was definitely a concern of mine too, but that's one of the things that makes both Benediction and Minx attractive. It's rare I give Minx anything and she still does work. I may not give Benediction anything either, but I can often trigger his character plays off of his playbook with Red Fury.
  15. Hot Shot and Counterattack

    It's specifically a topic you started, @MechMage.