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  1. Jedianakinsolo

    The Vast Array of Basing

    We'll go through building bases using fairly accessible supplies and what you need to think about going in. Lots of pictures so I wouldn't recommend this on mobile data. http://midwestwargaming.com/vast-array-basing-part/
  2. Of all the lessons to be learned, the main one is always use clock. http://midwestwargaming.com/guildball-batrep-4-masons-hammer-vs-fishermen-shark/
  3. Jedianakinsolo

    Winter Painting Contest - Winners!

    Agreed. I thought he had it locked down with that freehand work. Really a beautiful paintjob.
  4. Jedianakinsolo

    Winter Painting Contest

    @Zerachial I like that one. Looks good. I think the tones are a little bland or flat, but that's something I've really struggled with on the Hunters and Brewers both since they seem to have so much leather and straps and nonsense. I think you handled it pretty well.
  5. Jedianakinsolo

    Optimal Thresher Turn 1?

    Thresher is great at both, but he's better at kicking off than Grange is. Grange is probably better at receiving than Thresher is, but I'm more comfortable with Thresher because I wasn't touching Grange until this last OPD change. A Grange team receives really well because everyone is no less than a 3 dice pass, if not 4. If you're playing Bushel, this is really great for I'm open. They can all build up momentum pretty reliably passing the ball back and forth and set up for a turn 2 domination as long as you don't let the other team get into you too much. Bushel's good for 2 momentum on her own just with "I'm Open" and passing back. My meta also plays GIC quite a bit, we feel that it's a good thing and is going to stay around. With this in mind, I usually put two out to where my first activation of the turn can be Tater sprinting up to a harvest marker right away. This is usually followed by Millstone who bump one or both forward a bit and further supports the field with another harvest marker. I have been known to leave it back far enough for Jackstraw to reach so he can teleport up, walk forward and drop 2 Harvest Markers in the area Thresher is going to go. This means Jackstraw is right before Thresher. I also have Peck and a flex spot in this lineup which is either Harrow, Bushel or Grace. Bushel is only if I receive so I can have a reliable pass to Thresher before he goes, and she can return goals pretty reliably. She's crap at ball retrieval though. Somewhere in there, Peck activates and either moves or whatever. If Harrow is in the list (Which I bring against Tough Hide prevalent teams, so Engineers, Brewers), he just activates early, does his HM stuff and tools up Thresher. This means Thresher has to hang back to within 4'' but I find that I don't have to worry about losing that too much. Actually, when Thresher walks 5 for the kick off, his back edge is still within 4'' of Harrow so it's not often that it's a big deal. If Harrow isn't in the list, and Grace is (Which might become a thing, I haven't decided), Grace activates relatively early to give Thresher 2/2 MOV. Probably after Millstone because I want Millstone within 4 or 5'' of Tater. So, Thresher kicks, with GIC free 2 harvest markers in place. Then Tater, Millstone, Grace/Harrow, Peck, Jackstraw/Bushel, Thresher. Without GIC, it's Thresher kicks. Then Harrow if I have him, otherwise Millstone to push and drop and HM. Then Tater for that sweet countercharge, Grace, Peck, Bushel or Jackstraw, Thresher. If Jackstraw goes much earlier, he gives the opponent a chance to mow down the Harvest Markers, and I've found that having 2 of them that far forward lets Thresher deal that free 3 damage at the end of Round 1 and beginning of Round 2, and there's not many models that survive that.
  6. Jedianakinsolo

    Winter Painting Contest - Finished Entries

    Here she be.
  7. Starting off the new year with Obulus into Fillet. http://midwestwargaming.com/guildball-batrep-3-butchers-vs-morticians/
  8. Jedianakinsolo

    Old Father's Harvest - New Farmers box

    It should come with the card packs in the same language variety the other two boxes came with.
  9. Thanks @Henry, for actually answering the question
  10. I had not heard that. Is there a rules clarification for that?
  11. Follow up to the article from a few weeks ago, How to get through an Activation, is another one focused on newer players. Surviving your Opponent's next activation. This one will focus on Defensive Stance, Counter Attack, when to do one, the other, both and how to maximize their efficiency with positioning and character plays. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fmidwestwargaming.com%2Fguildball-new-guys-surviving-opponents-next-activation%2F&h=ATNDXQiwPdw2FyMBLXqdRq64pLspUYXrto0QDatVs9HsfJU7Uk2bRYU95kPbqgl-M2O-shddaLPUbn-zSp-H7WBVitUIBePy8FG-rNv1c1LGVNIgNF6mpF1ZFLDvUynNibULvMpD9AmRakM_HL9eCc4tLiSRQxdBp6U0atRiUxiRV4EZZ8YNaBwg7TPY_4flW9qpfK4uhBm_Yz9vQU2IkWDiioIy8c9HX_O0AaMFMadbPdMqffdVo_bZXHEn1w
  12. Jedianakinsolo

    Midwest Wargaming Batreps

    That's one of the nice things about the GIC for the free heroic, I will admit. I like to either finish a model and charge, or just charge with Tapper into this round's target(s) to get CA up and start putting damage down, but sometimes I have to skip Ol' Jakes because I don't have the momentum if I killed the target last turn. The GIC for a free heroic is a nice get out of jail free card for situations like that. I'm not sure, actually. We're playing one tomorrow I think, and Butchers are most likely going to be one of the teams, probably Adam's since they're his. I might steal his Blacksmiths, or I might try Smoke. I actually really like Brisket3 into Butchers too but I may wait on that one for a minute. Thanks! I'm glad I'm not the only one that appreciates the written formats. I think @TheCurkov has got the best video batreps because, rather than just a simple stream, he's got a fairly professional overlay and great thoughts on the game. The issue I find with video batreps is that I can't watch them just anywhere for data reasons or because I don't want to hear it on phone audio. If I have the ability to sit down and watch Youtube at home, I'm usually doing other things. So I enjoy written articles more usually because of the ability to read them nearly anywhere without the data problems or sound issues. The two author thing is something I like too. I didn't do it with my old warmachine batreps, but I really enjoy Adam's thought process and I feel that there's a lot of levels of play happening in our games and I felt like doing it with just my input was really robbing these matches of some of their worth. This is a really great suggestion. It'll force us to get over our Corsair PTSD from a game a few months ago, but it's a really solid matchup idea. We will probably try this. I kind of want to hand over my Farmers to Adam and let him get some time with them while I face them from the other side and Corsair is definitely in the running for that. We'll add it to the list for sure.
  13. Jedianakinsolo

    what I truly feel Brewers need

    I forgot about the armor, which is a better point. I still don't think it's worth it. Cinder's pretty reliable by herself and this is before Alloy or Ferrite get involved. As far as pressure, I don't feel that Tapper generates any more than Friday, in fact I think he generates less. Friday's got more threat range, can bring the cat with her and between the two of them, maybe Tapper can get involved too. Friday's threat range is so much more than Tapper's that I don't think about ever kicking with Tapper first. Secondly, if they go for the first turn score, I like the option of keeping Tapper back there to annihilate the scorer, or at least know where to put CA so someone else can.
  14. Jedianakinsolo

    what I truly feel Brewers need

    Sorry, I didn't see this earlier. I still don't feel like any of that is a good option. I don't want to put Tapper in early because I don't think it takes much for Blacksmiths to kill him when he's in their scrum with 3-4 activations to go on their part. Have you played into this matchup? Cinder needs 1 hit on 5-6 dice (depending if she bonus times). That's a 4 if she's not near Spigot and a 5 if she is. It's not that far out there. Needing a 4, with 5 dice, it's 96.87%, a 4 in cover is 93.75%, but you'd still probably bonus time up to 5 dice. Needing a 5 is 80% on 4 dice, 86.83% on 5 dice and 91.22% on 6. I wouldn't describe any of that as "effectively killing the ball on Friday". Without Instruction, I could see it being an option. With instruction though? Not hardly.
  15. Jedianakinsolo

    what I truly feel Brewers need

    . I feel that Hooper is a trap. He requires his heroic, and at 3inf cap, he doesn't want to waste a swing on the KD. He's setup intensive, and his damage output is easily matched by Stoker or Spigot1 with less work. Literally, 2" melee is all you bring him for. I desperately hope Decimate2 has 2" melee so that I don't ever have to play Hooper again.