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  1. Stave Redux

    It's my favorite topic! Let me pull out some of the previous conversations and how they ended. / fin
  2. So quiet here..

    Clearly you've missed some of the treemen models from Age of Sigmar and some of the Dark Eldar or Slaanesh models from 40k. @Isante I feel like it's kinda quiet locally too. Not a lot of stuff on the FB page and not a lot of people looking for games. I think some it's summer, some of it's 40k. As far as these forums, some of it's the FB group which seems to have more energy. It's devolving into a circle jerk though. Things will probably spark a bit more when the Farmers are out. Until then, faction discussion just hops around a bit between Fish/Alchs OP and then speculation on Hunters. It's all been pretty well discussed.
  3. Big League Sportsmanship

    To be fair, the big leagues incite these kinds of positions and games. I won't participate in another one.
  4. Blacksmiths Name Guess Thread

    Temper and Quench are good. I smell a fellow heat-treater out here. I could see a "Case Hardened" character trait or something. I'd paint any of their weapons in that sweet coloring that happens when you let steel cool to room temp after the process. Some of those orange to blue transitions would look wicked. I could see some welding references too. Arc and Rod. Rod can only move in little tiny circles down the board. There's a lot of metal working disciplines out there though. Torque and Wrench (Cheater Bar character play or trait) Oxi and Acetylene (Cutting Torch: Any models in both model's melee gain the burning condition) Carbon and Stainless.
  5. Doing a Guildball Demo

    All great replies, thanks guys. @Lord Antoine 3 vs 6, I think for brand new players to the genre, I'm going to go with 3. I think I have a demo tonight, and I'll roll with 3, just to get the basics down. Going with 3 I feel lets me get into the back of the cards without overloading them as much. Against people who are used to wargames, 6 is probably ok. I like the idea of keeping the score low though and resetting. That's a legit idea. @Siberys I agree completely. I own 6 guilds, but generally roll with the Brewers and Masons or Union, just because two of those guilds are ones I've played a lot of, and the third is my wife's guild that I've played into a lot. I do wonder if Honor is a good idea because of Linked. It's really a game-changing oddity that they won't see elsewhere in the game, and at 3 player teams, it's a big deal. Idk though. @supertzar I don't mind tampering with the game state too much. Especially shit rolls. Oh, you got Flint disengaged, tackled the ball and got within scoring range all on your own? And you rolled 4 ones. Ok, that's bullshit, and is not how the game is going to go 9 times out of 10. Re roll that shit and let's play this a bit more along the lines of average. This isn't vassal. For the most part though, if I influence the game state into an odd position, I like to engineer it through my own play rather than blatantly changing it. When I was a PG for Warmachine, there were players that hated to be given the game or anything like that, but then when you play the game as it's meant to be played and beat your opponent, they don't generally come back lol. So if you can play a lousy team (hunters) or not use a couple of key synergies and let the opponent figure his out, they generally respond to that better.
  6. Tactics v. SeaBrisket

    Congrats on basic statistics. What the guy above said is correct. And right now, a lot of first turn goal kicks I have seen have been because the player has a knee slider, so if you don't have knee slider, and a striking team is across the board, you should not plan on your opponent's striker on being only 4'' from where they kicked.
  7. Doing a Guildball Demo

    I've got a few articles on getting into Guildball as far as a basic concept of the game and how to go about picking a guild, but as far as actually running a demo of the game, I've run a few lately and I'd like to know what you guys are thinking. For guys coming from other tabletop games, it's relatively simple so don't worry about those guys. The principles of movement and card stats are immediately grasped, it's just a matter of working out the flow of the game. My concern is guys coming in from board games. I've got TKO for this purpose specifically, and it's great for the tools. It's the matter of getting the player to understand what exactly they should even be looking at. So what do you guys do? Originally, the idea was to use the starter kits, 3 person teams and the small pitch. Is this still the preferred method? Are you teaching super new players using the back of the cards or just the front stats and character plays only for that first game? Is there a flow that you've found works the best when moving through teaching stuff? E.g., stats, plays, backs of the card, momentum rules. Or do you just start playing the game and go?
  8. Tactics v. SeaBrisket

    This Hooper conversation is coming up a lot these days. He's been outclassed by the versatility of Harry and I'm tired of winning first activation, but needing a momentum to get Hooper's TAC7 so he can finish the beatdown he started on the previous turn that farmed me the momentum to get me first activation this turn. He's fine, there's matchups he still makes, but he is no longer the auto-include he was in Obulus season and I don't miss him. That INF cap of 3 and not wanting to activate him without a momentum are just two hamstrings I don't need to deal with. Brisket's going to score, and these days, she's probably going to have Knee Slider so killing her in the aftermath is a little more difficult. Far cry from impossible, but more difficult. She goes down pretty easy, but if she still has the legendary, you have to do it in one activation so basically Tapper, maybe. If her Legendary is gone, or she's already activated, then she's considerably less mobile and it's going to take someone like Harry to free her up. Against teams that are absolutely going to score first turn (Shark Fish, Alchs, Brisket3) I try to save Tapper to the end so he can hopefully farm some momentum off of whoever scores, which lets me go first. If I can return the goal kick to someone like Spigot1 or Friday who have used turn 1 to set up for scoring turn 2, and kill whoever scored turn 1, that's 6pts fairly early. Otherwise, I'm hiding the ball and buckling down for the scrum game. The kicker with Brisket3 is how good she makes Mist. This is now somewhat true of any Union lineup since Benediction and Grace are out, but Brisket3 is always going to have Mist, who you might as well consider as having a 14'' threat range at all times between the dodge and cover move bonus. So if you've got Brisket3 buttoned down, Mist is scoring and vice versa. It's a problem of having to deal with both strikers, not just the one. Almost a Midas/Vitriol combo but not that bad. All in all, if they're using that Legendary first turn, that's good for you. It's out of the way, no surprises later on. When I play her, I like Mist to make that first turn goal so she can do her shenanigans in the aftermath early turn 2, and so the Legendary pressure is still on. If you can force the opponent to use it turn one to score, kill the ball, kill brisket, or both.
  9. Hemlocke in S3

    She really got hit from all angles. She was the first Union model I bought for my Brewers as anti condition for my Tapper lineup and she did really well in that regard, removing KDs, poisons and healing 2HP. Losing the 2HP heal cut her in half, but then only having one Union in your roster of 10 means she'll just never make it anywhere. In union, there's nothing she does better than anyone else, especially since she lost the heal. The AOEs, I guess, technically would be her specialty, but it doesn't factor that much into Union gameplay. She had a defined role, and it was a support, healing and occasional noxious blast role, but with the S3 changes, it's just not worth bringing her.
  10. Thoughts on Brewers

    I largely agree. I think he's ok into some matchups, like maybe Masons or Hunters. Especially Hunters. Maaaaybe Alchs. Teams without a lot of 2'' melee and teams that like putting Conditions down. I might even take him into some Engineer teams. Idk, hard telling. Magical Brew and ARM2 make him a little bit of a tank, and on the turn you get CA off, you can run him next and probably kill that model. He's a situational pick, to be sure, but atm he ranks at least the same as Hooper for me.
  11. Thoughts on Brewers

    I played Stoker again the other day. IMO, a better beater with less setup than Hooper, and he can kick a ball too. It's just that speed and no reach that's his issue.
  12. Thoughts on Brewers

    *copy season 3 brewer thread, paste here." Hooper gets covered on page 6 I think. Gets talked about. Still a required model by some, and still considered a good player by all but I haven't played him much this year. Harry doesn't do the same thing Hooper does, but he has the 2" melee leverage, easier access to KD without needing momentum to get the heroic, 4inf if needed. Hooper will deal more damage than Harry, but when the Brewers are all capable of massive beatdown, Hooper isn't really needed. Pintpot and Harry together do his job, and a lot more besides.
  13. Season 3 is not for Brewers

    There's merit to both ways. I've put five INF on Tapper and sent him in and failed to trigger CA before which completely ruins my math for the rest of the turn, so it's important to understand the capabilities of your players with or without the buff. If it's that important to the turn, then it may be worth just paying for it out of pocket instead of trying to trigger it on the charge. And then there's those super weird instances where Tapper kills Harmony in two attacks and stands there with 3 INF left looking around for someone you could throw Mark Target on, and then scratch that little counter in your bag where you keep track of how many times you've actually cast Mark Target. I've also found lately that against teams like Fish, or even Masons where Flint casually counterscores, I've been hanging onto the ball the entire game if possible and scoring at the very end, which means I never get that extra goal INF to mitigate some of the issues, which is another point for PintPot.
  14. Season 3 is not for Brewers

    Yeah I think that was one of my biggest downfalls was trying to get that perfect activation with all the stars aligned. 7 TAC Hooper going in on a commanding aura'd target with tooled up, maybe poison knives and a couple of crowdouts. The times I did this, I either killed the model in the first or second attack, but needed more momentum and spent time pushing around to build it, or my opponent simply stopped Hooper. Gut and String, Puppet Master, Tucked, Blind, anything of that sort. But then, without any setup, Hooper fails. Hooper is the worst first activation the Brewers have because he wants that heroic so bad. It's required. The MOM 3 you want is all the way at the very end. on Column 5 compared to Spigot's on 4, or Tapper's on 4. His counterattack abilities aren't amazing either, with a KD on 3 and the double push on 4. This isn't saying that Hooper is bad. He's fine, but I only bring him when I need 2'' melee. In a game where I can no longer kill faster than my opponent can score, I find I have to focus more on players that can hide the ball, and kill models over a few activations with less support. Thus, PintPot, or Spigot1.
  15. Season 3 is not for Brewers

    That's fine. I don't need him to be affected by every play for him to go do his job. That's one of the problems with the Brewers. They can turn a guy up to 9, but it telegraphs everything so badly. I find that I don't have to have Tooled Up as an option for every player. Harry donating 2 INF to the pool, molotoving and pushing stuff every round is great. He's a fantastic control piece. Kind of like what the guy above me said, there's all kinds of fighting to be done by any player on the lineup. I'm only going to get Tooled up on one of them. CA would be nice but trying to get every little last bonus out of every model on the board is also a great way for your opponent to know which model needs gutted and strung or put on fire.