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  1. 4 more players left to paint :-)
  2. Comments on smart design

    I started playing brewers at the back end of S2 because I wanted something a bit more straightforward than morts. The fact that brewers changed so little in S3 to me indicates that the team was pretty much spot on to begin with. They can go toe to toe with beat em up teams but have some of the best strikers in the game as well. Since I started with brewers all my losses have been close and all my wins have been overwhelming.
  3. I'm quite looking forward to this
  4. Attaching Friday's Braid?

    I snapped it off by accident then couldn't find it to glue it back on. Just figured "bollocks to it you don't really notice that it's not there"
  5. Why not Graves?

    Crucial artery, two inch reach, decent ball skills and not slow playbook's not the greatest but it's really not that bad. I usually send him chasing mist around.