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    Excellent thank you.
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    Empathy says "While attacking this model, playbook damage results do not generate momentum" If a playbook result has damage and a push or a dodge and you are able to do that part of the result when you do the damage, would that playbook play still generate momentum or would any result that includes damage prevent momentum completely?
  3. mbowsher76

    Lend a Hand

    Grange has Lend a Hand character play. It is not once per turn. If Grange puts it onto two nearby friendly models and is attacked by a model that ends in the melee range of those two models, would the crowd out be - 4 dice or - 3?
  4. I posted a month or so back with extreme frustration learning my Engineers and struggling to deal with Butchers. I received a ton of excellent advise which I put into practice and I am happy to say that I have been on a 6 game win streak since then. I have only the first loss against the Butcher in our local league and have since beat the Butchers a couple times, Alchemists, Morticians and Union. I have upcoming games against the Brewers and Masons, but I have a lot of confidence in my guild. I just wanted to say thanks to this awesome forum for it's help and suggestions. I am having a great time playing my team and appreciate the help understanding my team that you all provided.
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    Suggestions for playing against Butchers

    Alright, I took all of your suggestions into consideration and an Wednesday I got a rematch with my nemesis Butchers player, Dereck. I ran: Pin Vice Mother Hoist Colossus Velocity Salvo And he played: Fillet Princess Vet Ox Meathook Brisket Harry the Hat I went into this game with the plan of playing football and not worrying about take outs. I didn’t take notes to give a play by play of the game but I worked hard to keep my players spread out to try to prevent gang ups and make him choose what to go after. I received the ball and at the end of the first round he had taken out Salvo and I had the ball on Colossus ready to score the next round. Butchers 2 Engineers 0. Round 2 had me maneuver a bit, Mother gets taken out followed by Velocity. I get Colossus to score but bad placement on my part meant the toss in went to Brisket who just had an open path and easily scored. The ball scatters bear Pin Vice on the left flank. Butchers 9 Engineers 4. Rounds 3-4 Pin Vice gets the ball and with a couple strategic plays I could easily get a goal but this would again leave a pretty easy goal available to Brisket so I decided to try to maneuver more players to possibly get the throw in or at least stop an easy score…but I had to be careful because 2 more take outs would give the game to the Butchers. I am able to score the ball and he uses Super Fan plot card to give Harry the ball and he takes out Colossus. Score – Butchers 11 Engineers 8. Round 5 Things are looking bleak…he can take out one model to win or score since he has possession of the ball. Colossus comes back on the pitch from the back of the deployment zone and jogs to be right next to the goal to try to deter a score. My opponent looks at the board and Salvo is within walking distance of Fillet and only has 7 HP left, so he figures this will be an easy kill for the win. He walks into melee and I declare a counter attack. He hits and luckily only does 2 dmg (and I think he gives Salvo bleed). I roll my counter and get two successes! I double dodge out of her melee range and Salvo lives! I look at the board. Pin Vice has 6 influence and is in charge range of Harry who is within 6 inches of the goal (thus allowing him to get the ball from Super Fan). I charge Pin Vice in and she gets a tackle and take the ball. I buy another attack, getting a double dodge which moves me to Princess. I buy another attack, getting another double dodge putting me within 4 inches of the goal. Take a shot and score. Butchers 11 Engineers 12!! My first victory against the Butchers!!! I have to say, just focusing on the football aspect against the Butchers really changed my opinion on how I can deal with them. Even had I lost, I felt far more involved and like my chances weren’t so low. It was a very encouraging win and a great game and I appreciate my opponent giving me a rematch. Thanks for all the suggestions, I think I now can go into future Butcher matches without feeling like I am all but certain to lose!
  6. mbowsher76

    Suggestions for playing against Butchers

    I appreciate the information guys. I think I may have let myself get the idea that I can try to fight the Butchers and clearly I need to focus on playing the ball game. I am going to give it another shot this week.
  7. mbowsher76

    Suggestions for playing against Butchers

    Well last night's game was a disaster. I was so frustrated and discouraged I eventually just called it. I was playing this team: Ballista Harry the Hat Mainspring Hoist Velocity Ratchet and my opponent was playing: Fillet Vet Ox Princess Meathook Brisket Harry the Hat I tried to use blasted earth (laying out three templates between Ratchet & Hoist) as well as a Molotov and terrain to keep me safe while also trying to concentrate damage on Fillet as she is the biggest threat. I hit every single hit against her and got her down to 2 hp. Between easily generated MP by the butchers she was able to take a breather, do some dodges out of the AOEs (from ball passes, etc) and then with her tossing bleed everywhere as well as a come on mate, she was back to up to 8-10 HP with little effort, in my face with bleed everywhere, between her bleed and legendary she got 4 models to take 6 damage each...it was just stupid. I felt completely unable be involved in the game. He had chosen to receive the ball and kept it on Brisket and just slowly moved her behind everyone to get ready to score and the way he kept his models, anything trying to take the ball from here would have just been ganged up on and taken out. I just don't get how to stop the butchers. They are too fast, do way too much damage, can ignore the entire football part of the game and also try to make it impossible for me to even try to score the ball, they heal easy, have tons of dodges and things that get past rough terrain and can generate MP so fast they can glide and heal with ease. I just don't get it and am very discouraged. We have at least 3-4 butchers players in my LGS so I will be dealing with them a ton. It is enough to make me consider another team, but I don't want to do that if possible. So frustrating....
  8. mbowsher76

    Suggestions for playing against Butchers

    So would you suggest Salvo over Colossus? I worry Colossus will just be a momentum farm for Butchers. And my opponent strictly plays Fillet, whom I really struggle to finish off or even really slow down.
  9. I have been playing my Engineers for a few weeks now. So far I have one win out of 5 games. My biggest issue is the Butchers. We have a large group that plays them and Fillet & Veteran Ox in particular are very popular. I have had so little luck with them I just don't know what to do. My typical teams are: Ballista Mainspring Ratchet Hoist Velocity Colossus Or Pin Vice Mainspring (do not have Mother) Hoist Velocity Ratchet 6th player varies (I have access to Gutter, Salvo & Colossus to fill out this spot). Any suggestions or tips?
  10. Two questions. Lets say model charges my model that has tough hide (-1 dmg from playbook plays) and the attacker gets enough hits to wrap around. Lets say for the first part he selects 3 dmg and then wraps to 2 damage. Would the tough hide reduce the damage from each of the damage selections by 1 (so 3 to 2 and then 2 to 1) or would you add up all the damage then reduce it by 1 one time (for a total of 4 dmg)? Also, for timing. If a model charges and you declare a counter attack and the attacker selects a playbook play that pushes you out of your melee range, do you get to make your counter attack before the push is resolved or do you lose the chance to make the counter attack and do you still pay the MP?
  11. mbowsher76

    LE Rage (Metal) NIB, Kick Off for sale

    I am in Texas.
  12. I have a NIB LE Rage (Metal) that I recently received as well as Kick Off that we have played twice. My son and I are going to build different teams (Fish & Alchemists) so need neither the stuff from Kick Off nor LE Rage. I am open to offers to help fund the new teams for my son and I. Please PM offers or email me at mbowsher76@gmail.com with offers. Thank you!
  13. A question came up last night, can you target yourself with an ability that says "Target friendly model"? For example can Spigot use Tooled Up on himself? Would Mallet get the bonus from Football Legend (+1+1" kick) ? In regards to Football Legend I know the rules say that models are I their own aura/pulses but I wasn't 100 % sure. One last question, if you use an AOE ability and it misses...does it deviate?
  14. I have the models and tokens from Kick Off for Masons and would like to trade them or sell them to get a different team. I am interested in Engineers, Fish, Union but will consider anything other than Brewers and Butchers (already have). Please PM me offers.