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  1. Meph

    First turn

    Sorry but in the case of you kicking Akodo .. .who did you have kicking to get up the field for free?Shark or Sakana?
  2. Meph

    New, Shiny Rookie Cards!

    Been away from the game for a bit but am confused about he levels for rookies. Where can I find more to understand what all these cards mean Thanks. Edit: Nevermind ... I see the rules pdf in the zip
  3. Meph

    First turn kicking

    So still not having tons of games under my belt I feel that when I have to kick off to start the game I am playing too cautious with my Ox led team. I tend to hang back so as to protect the goal and keep my team within aura range but out of the opponent threat range. The obvious problem is however that I am not generating any momentum. My thought has been to allow the game to come to me but wanted to see in general how other people handle this.
  4. So a general question as I am also considering Morts for my second team. As game plans are match specific ... what is the general idea of this heavily control oriented team? Is it to slowly pick apart the other team with TO or to be opportunistic with goals? They don't seem very shooty to me but I could see playing as a 2-2 ... what do you all typically aim for?
  5. Meph

    Spookes on the rise!

    So tell me if this sounds crazy but it seems that part of the problem in terms of theme and maybe strength is the ability to load up half the team with non-guild players. I love that Union makes other options available but it feels a bit contrived and I wonder if maybe there should be a limit on non-guild players in your line up. Not sure if that helps with the supposed "balance" concerns but to me it just feels more right.
  6. Meph

    Vs Engineer Advice

    So I finally got my game in. I did go with Tenderizer and he paid off. Of course my opponent is still fairly new and made mistakes. He got aggressive and tried to turn a quick early score but got just too close to Tenderizer who was able to push Velocity out of range and prevent a sure goal ( 5 dice ) ... after that it got ugly and I beat him up good. Tenderizer didnt do much after that but I think mentally he messed with my opponents head.
  7. Meph

    Starting ball-playin team?

    Agree about Boiler. Alone he can walk up and do 8 - 10 avg damage on a 4/1 ... add in bleed and either tack on damage or force your opponent to spend 1 -2 MP. Add in The Aura or Princess and that damage goes to 12 - 14 ... not bad for one turn.
  8. Meph


    So against Engineers ... is he worth a starting spot? Or stick to Gutter?? I may have to play him regardless based on what you guys are saying ... dying to see him in action.
  9. Meph

    Vs Engineer Advice

    Will do. Any reason you wouldn't also have Brisket up front to block charge lanes since she can "unpredictable movement" out of the way of most chargers?
  10. Meph


    So curious about who is using Tenderizer at all ... how ... and to what degree of success. I am curious about using him against football teams but wonder if what is lost in aggression is make up for in a +1 TN or potential tackle by staying near the goal for the most part. His character plays seem strong but ground pound is pretty expensive while seeming very situational.
  11. Meph

    Vs Engineer Advice

    Thanks masterkdog. Ive only got about 4 games under my belt so this all helps. Ive tried to keep my team generally together. Against goal scoring teams do you tend to hang between the goal and midfield? When trying to spread out to protect the goal do you stick to 2 teams of 3 ... or am I just overthinking? So far I havent seen opponents that seem to put much thought into their placement but I have learned not looking to where you are for the next turn or two could be a critical mistake.
  12. Meph

    Vs Engineer Advice

    So let me ask one more ... I typically start Ox, Boiler, Brisket, Princess, Shank, and Gutter. For this matchup I was thinking of dropping Gutter for Tenderizer ... or Rage. Would the tooled up be overkill? Would the Goalkeeping be too small an impact? Would the 2 inch reach continue to pay off for ganging up etc? Ive yet to play the goalie but it seems the impact to preventing goals and the potential KD abilities would be good in this case.
  13. Meph

    Vs Engineer Advice

    Thanks Gauntlet. Another question ... how often are you using swift stance and tough skin on your team? Im still new to the game so I am not sure I am not just too caught up in trying to kill ... but I find after turn one I rarely use either and I am thinking I should use them more and maybe not try to straight up beat people down every turn.
  14. Meph

    Vs Engineer Advice

    I have a league match coming up against engineers and was hoping for any advice since Ive never seen them yet. I assume they are a 2 -2 type guild on average and that I need to be very aware of Pin Vice ability to stack damage quick ... other than that any tips on how to defend against as well as attack?
  15. Ive been looking for updates about campaign. Have heard they are working on it .. .can anyone confirm?