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  1. Edek

    WTC Representation

    You know it
  2. Edek

    WTC Representation

    Well I haven't lost a ranked game with her on the pitch and I feel a definite change in many matchups since her release and countering her isn't as easy as you suggest. Maybe it's down to playstyle but for me she made the guild broken AF can't wait to see how things have changed
  3. Edek

    WTC Representation

    Well then you might not be getting the most out of her. Also correct me if I'm wrong, don't you play mainly Tapper? Because it is true she isn't all that amazing in a Tapper team. It's Esters that turns her into a monster.
  4. Edek

    Free cities update

    You guys dropping them reports for Amber? Two so far from me, when the S4 Brewers get uploaded surely more will come.
  5. Edek

    Free cities update

    First game submitted
  6. Edek

    Free cities update

    Where do we post these games? I don't see any games in out Brewers subforum
  7. Edek

    WTC Representation

    My result is a bit skewed because I played 3x against Engineers who are believed to have a really bad matchup against Brewers and it is my most played matchup. The funny thing is that Brewers were really competetive even before vDecimate. Out of all my 35 games with Brewers on Longshanks, only 15 are post Decimate and all together I have 3 losses registered. The problem never was with the overall power of the Guild but how demanding it was. DeciEsters just made the guild broken.
  8. Edek

    Here's why I don't like new Esters

    Way too much fluff for my taste. It's a game, it's a game built with competitive play in mind. If I had to choose between better rules and better representation of fluff in the game I'd pick better rules every day. And a Character Play that allows a player a free Heroic Play still isn't the same as just an Aura with free Heroic Plays.
  9. Edek

    Here's why I don't like new Esters

    As some who's played hundreds of games with Brewers (for the past 3 years both captains had time of dominance in my gameplay). I think I've played a game with every single guild there is, try to play about 4 guilds regularly to keep a fresh view on the game and some game sense. No guild had to keep so strict to the activation order. The addition of vDecimate changed things a bit so that most of the time you keep buffing Decimate for as many activations as you can and then she does the work. New Esters allows the guild for a lot more loose game. Up until now starting the turn with Hooper wasn't that appealing as he didn't have True Grit for the first attack so he wasn't likely to get that much needed MOM KD. Now it's much more realistic. The same goes for Stoker. Needed that Heroic to Burn someone without INF? No problem now. Aria is so much more than just up to 4MP per turn saved. It gives options the Brewers didn't have up until now.
  10. Edek

    Free Cities Draft [Poll]

    #BringAmberHome #OneOfUs
  11. Nice read and congrats I still think The_emu picked the wrong squaddies. With Hemlocke it feels like he wanted to play the control game with rats and that can't go good. I believe Hooper and Friday should be taken instead of Lucky and Hemlocke to add some pressure in melee and goal scoring. With Esters, vDecimate and Hooper even if you TO one of them the other two should easily get a TO or two
  12. Let's say an enemy model is resolving an Attack and chooses as the effect of the Attack a <>. If he first does the < can I then activate Lightning Reflexes? Or do I have wait for the end of the Attack?
  13. Edek

    Guild Rule

    She is too good, it’s really hard to argue with that. I don’t the game to escalate to her level
  14. Edek

    Guild Rule

    They also have the most Heroic plays, the best buffs. The guild is good as it is, just tone down Decimate a bit and I’m a happy man
  15. Edek

    Veteran Decimate

    What he said. Works good in matchups where the scrum is hard to keep in your favour. Good example are Grange farmers, lots 2" melee, additional tricks like Fallow or Grange's -2TAC for Crowding Out makes difficult to keep ahead in the scrum. A solid play is to go with Pint Pot on the last activation and with his last attack use Smashing Faces on a few models. You can deal 5 (or 6 with Tooled Up) dmg to a few models without even rolling the dice, that's huge.