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  1. Edek

    Plan into Cogs

    You played against cogs WITHOUT Salvo?! That’s bonkers
  2. Edek

    Plan into Cogs

    Smoke has a problem getting the ball from the opponent. Midas with TAC6 and a T> on one does that better. Smoke has a better goal threat range when in possession of the ball and you don't want to interact with the opponent. When the ball is on an enemy model and especially one with considerable DEF then Midas gets the job done and Smoke has to count on other models to get the ball.
  3. Edek

    Plan into Cogs

    If you're playing 3-0 why not Midas? He's just better in that
  4. Edek

    Plan into Cogs

    You run circles around them and do what? You score goals, get TOs? With the ball they have no problem reaching anybody on the alchemists team
  5. Edek

    Midas and the Bear Necessities

    Farmers have huge Health Pools and decent DEF values which makes it annoying to TO them with conditions. Also Peck and Millstone make playing the condition game rather miserable. Add Tresher with an insanse threat range and Dmg ouput that allows to rather easily TO an alchemist a turn and you're in for a bad time. Hunters I believe can spread out really well and make it difficult to get any reasonable value out of her. And their ranged game I think is stronger than a Smoke team.
  6. Edek

    Midas and the Bear Necessities

    I've playing an all-out-scoring Midas team in S3 with worse pieces to do that with good results. I feel that mastering this list is crucial because there are some matchups I just can't imagine playing Smoke, like Farmers or Hunters
  7. Is their a difference how the ball interacts with a Barrier and a Obstruction? The rules for both are written slightly different but I'm having a problem figuring out the difference.
  8. Your post seems to go against what is written in the Rulebook. The Rulebook clearly says a single circle on the playbook is a RESULT and a RESULT may contain different effects. But if that's the official ruling than I can live with that.
  9. Let's say sSpigot charged and wrapped to the second Column and chose Ball's Gone and T>< as his Results. Can he do ><, then Ball's Gone, then T? I would guess no as: Says that T>< is one Result and Ball's Gone is another Result and you resolve Results in any order you like. But wanted to make sure so decided to write this topic
  10. Edek

    In Need of Season 4 Advice

    Or you can swap out Pint Pot for Decimate which gives a more versatile team, and she's great to kick off with.
  11. Edek

    S4 And the Joy of Brewers

    Decimate still performs greatly, and she doesn't completely different things to other 2" melee models. TAC 5 and 5 columns with AP is still quite brewery so no problem with that. But do people really run 3 resiliences on a regular basis? I play with 2 and it's more than enough. Who do they swap out for Pint Pot?
  12. Edek

    WTC Representation

    You know it
  13. Edek

    WTC Representation

    Well I haven't lost a ranked game with her on the pitch and I feel a definite change in many matchups since her release and countering her isn't as easy as you suggest. Maybe it's down to playstyle but for me she made the guild broken AF can't wait to see how things have changed
  14. Edek

    WTC Representation

    Well then you might not be getting the most out of her. Also correct me if I'm wrong, don't you play mainly Tapper? Because it is true she isn't all that amazing in a Tapper team. It's Esters that turns her into a monster.
  15. Edek

    Free cities update

    You guys dropping them reports for Amber? Two so far from me, when the S4 Brewers get uploaded surely more will come.