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  1. Let's say an enemy model is resolving an Attack and chooses as the effect of the Attack a <>. If he first does the < can I then activate Lightning Reflexes? Or do I have wait for the end of the Attack?
  2. Edek

    Guild Rule

    She is too good, it’s really hard to argue with that. I don’t the game to escalate to her level
  3. Edek

    Guild Rule

    They also have the most Heroic plays, the best buffs. The guild is good as it is, just tone down Decimate a bit and I’m a happy man
  4. Edek

    Veteran Decimate

    What he said. Works good in matchups where the scrum is hard to keep in your favour. Good example are Grange farmers, lots 2" melee, additional tricks like Fallow or Grange's -2TAC for Crowding Out makes difficult to keep ahead in the scrum. A solid play is to go with Pint Pot on the last activation and with his last attack use Smashing Faces on a few models. You can deal 5 (or 6 with Tooled Up) dmg to a few models without even rolling the dice, that's huge.
  5. Edek

    List choices v Alchemists

    Esters make the condition game ineffective against Brewers. Add Stoker/Hooper to the team and you're golden. As for why vDeci is taken. She has pre-errata Tresher-like dmg output and a better threat range. And apart from that you still have your captain and another beater in Hooper/Stoker.
  6. Edek

    Cat vs Dog : pre season 4

    Brewers play around vet Decimate right now and mostly with Esters. Scum isn't all that useful in Esters' team. With Tapper he can get buffs without putting them directly on him. With Esters all buffs require to 'target' friendly model with means the cat can die and the buffs are lost. Also, the term pat cat is triggering me as well.
  7. Edek

    Theory Crafting Brewer Lists

    It is different, I'll give you that. But I really don't like Mash and Gutter. Skew lists is so 40k-like. I prefer a full-football list. Esters, Quaff, Friday, vSpigot, Decimate, Lucky, but full 2" melee really isn't doing it for me.
  8. Edek

    Potbellied Pass

    The wordings of Football Dervish and Potbellied Pass are not the same, that's why I asked this question. Still, I was rather confident they work the same way
  9. sSpigot passes to vFangy. Can I make a dodge with Spigot AND a Pass with Fangy? Perkins already answered me on Twitter, but a ruling here is easier to find.
  10. The guild really changed after the release of NerfCimate. The most effective playstyle is to play Decimate as a super-solo. The twist is that she only takes in 4INF herself, the buffs most of the time cost only 3INF so you still have 6 to go around (8 after the first round often). In a standard 13INF turn, you can max-out Esters, Decimate, Hooper and still have 1INF for Tooled Up. With Esters, Quaff, Hooper, Friday, oSpigot, Decimate you can play a lot wider than with a Tapper line-up which makes you more flexible and allows a more aggresive playstyle. For the first time in my 3 years of playing Brewers I decided to go solo-Esters and solo-Quaff and add Hemlocke to the roster. Hemlocke is only for the mirror matchup. I'll be honest I no longer have that much fun when playing Brewers, I feel like the guild lost it's identity. I know that I can play without her as if nothing changed, but that can feel arrogant and disrespectful to the opponent 'I'm not playing at a 100% because I don't feel like it'. Try saying that and not come across as a prick
  11. Last 3 major events brewers made 3rd place twice, 2nd once and 1st once, and that’s 2 finals back to back with brewers present. They are on a roll since the release of Decimate
  12. Edek

    Pit Fall triggering

    To be clear. At the Spannish Nationals we solved the issue really quickly, Ignacio was really cool about it (I wish I was as well, but got the timings wrong and started arguing for some stupid reason) , this isn't about that game. @MilitaryCoo though as much, also I wanted to get some opinions on the matter in case I have to give a ruling on such a problem
  13. On the Spanish Nationals I had a situation when playing Esters into Theron. Esters started her activation within 1" of a pitfall-marker. I did some measuring, declared a jog, pointed to where I want to move Esters and then actually placed the mini. After placing the mini (moved more than 2") the opponent says I moved within 1" of a pitfall-marker and get Snare and Bleed which would not allow me to move where I wanted to. I got a bit worked up, argued a bit but after all that the opponent said that I can move into a different spot, I apologised for my behaviour (and I would like to do that again) and it worked out in the end. My question is, if we weren't able to agree on a solution to the situation and my opponent, some player X not Ignacio as he was really cool about this, said that I need to move 2" less and could end up in a position that's not beneficial to me, could I say that he missed the trigger-moment to place Snare and Bleed on Esters when I declared a jog and placing the conditions AFTER I declared where I'm moving and actually placing the mini is too late? I never had a problem like this, but was wondering what to do then.
  14. You're talking about rolling 3 hits on a def 5+ model in a counterattack. That is fun, but hardly an argument in favour of Mash.
  15. Edek

    Season 4

    Hooper with Tooled Up could be fun. Tough Skin, Tooled Up and reliable MOM pushes on the playbook with huge dmg potential if needed, that wouldn't be all that bad