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  1. Harriet 'the Hat' revealed!

    What he said. The 8" Threat Range of this Hoist setup isn't really that much and most of the game out-threats him. Blind, Cover, Crowding Out, Tough Skin, there are counter plays to this. If you let your opponent setup a big Hoist activation knowing how it works you deserve it a bit to be honest.
  2. Choosing a 10 post Hemlocke

    For me it's Obulus, Scalpel, Dirge, Pelage, Skulk, vHemlocke, Cosset, Brainpan & Memory, Silence, Bonesaw. I never have a free activation to use Tooled Up and to be honest Cosset and Pelage easily can get a TO together in a turn. Haven't used Graves for the last few games and don't really miss him.
  3. VHemlocke Play Test

    vHemlocke is bonkers in Morts. Obulus with Midnight Offering and Puppet Master is so mobile! Repositioning Dirge for 1inf to make Cosset hit really hard is great as well. All the repositioning makes for a lot of fun and don't even get me started on Blind from 22" away Need to test the girly squad (Scalpel, Dirge, Cosset, Pelage, vHemlocke, flex), I was enjoying playing Scalpel but after her Legendary play she needs to pick her targets carefully.
  4. Sick of blacksmiths

    Just put the ball on Tater? She can't do an Attack and not get Counter-Charged for huge dmg.
  5. Harriet 'the Hat' revealed!

    Also Hoist needs a target within 8" to pull off those 5 SPs. It's a lot of setup that gets ruined with 1 Blind.
  6. I just feel you can achieve the same effect with Friday and the math says it works better with her. Friday is way better at scoring, repositions scum which allows for some sic Ganging Up action, is a setup piece with Dirty Knives and with Commanding Aura is still really good at dealing dmg. If Mash is working out for you then great, but I don't see a reason to place him in my team in place any other player.
  7. Polish Guild Ball Championship 28-29.07.2018

    More info about the event here FB event
  8. Esters is the safer choice most of the time in general. Tapper is also good into Blacksmiths but you need to be on point on your positioning and chain of activations. EDIT: @ForestRambo they are a very solid team and if played extremely well they seem a bit OP. The problem is if you overextend and stretch the team too much all the synergy goes to sh*t and the players get focussed down without a chance for a solid response. And probably more than with any other team you need to pick carefully the time when you go for a goal. Patience is key when playing Brewers.
  9. He is not an auto include into scoring heavy teams IMO Engineers have no problem getting the ball off him, neither do Fish, Blacksmiths nor Midas Alchs. His >> on two doesn't do anything if the opponent Tackles him and that's really easy. If I want to kill the ball I bunker it on a Def6+ Arm1 Friday, if I want to score then any other Brewers is just as good to be honest. I've scored more goals with Hooper than with Mash and I did give a solid amount of time on the pitch. For me he just doesn't bring anything special to the team. He might be good against new players as UM takes some time to find any counter plays to it but against Top Tier players it just doesn't really work anymore.
  10. With all the ARM going on, it may be difficult to reach those sweet high playbook effects. More than once I failed to even KD a 3+/2 enemy model with Tapper. Against Hammer I feel Tapper is ok, but the sisters are scary.
  11. What I forgot to mention is that I tend to play rather aggressively with Scum. I often bring him into to Scrum which helps keeping him within 4" of Tapper and if after Tapper's activation I see an potential TO that would be overkill with Hooper I Old Jake's the cat and he goes for it. 5-6TAC with +1dmg makes dealing MOM3 per attack easy.
  12. Thanks to be honest our game was one of my most educational games ever that kick-off you pulled off haunts till this day and I always double check if I can receive the ball no matter what
  13. I think I never used Union in Brewers and never looked back. A huge part of their power comes from getting as much out their in-guild buffs as you can. Union addition breaks that synergy in some way. Hooper is almost as good at pushing people around but brings better dmg output and more bulk to the pitch. Hemlocke helps with condition, but most of the time I prefer to spend MOM to clear conditions rather than 2INF. As for my Tapper team, she can go into the flex spot for now, but I need more games with her. I think Tapper, Hooper and vetDecimate will shut down any team trying to go for TOs against Brewers. Although she does feel like all-rounder and might in the long run end up taking Hooper's place in the core of my Tapper team. Truth be told Tapper, Scum, Hooper, vetDecimate, Friday and Spigot feels like go play anything that I choose Tapper for. Against Farmers I think Esters is the safer option. You nuke them with AOEs outside of Treshers threat range (0,5" but still) but I need to play with them after the Errata. I'll be honest, for Brewers I think A&G are an easy TO. Tapper with Tooled Up has a solid chance to TO A in one activation. It's the fact that Corsair splits my bunker that makes this Match Up so difficult.
  14. I still sometimes end up doing as you but that's mostly after a long break from her and playing a lot of Tapper If I get her some Ganging Up then she's a solid beater and gets a full stack of INF. Without any helps it's not that easy to go past 2 net-hits and that's without the target having cover. With Pint Pot and vetDecimate I feel she might swith to a more supportive role as both of them are better at dealing good dmg.
  15. Lately I've been asked a few times for some tips on Brewers. To avoid writing this stuff over and over again I decided to make this thread and keep it nice and clean in one place. 1. The roster My roster is Tapper, Esters, Scum, Hooper, Spigot, Friday, Pint Pot, Stoker, Lucky, vetDecimate. 
Tapper - my main captain, gives great inf efficiency, you basically play with 15inf and dials up the dmg output up to 11. Tough Hide 18HP, 2" melee and easy KD make him hard to deal with and a great front-liner. If you pick your targets correctly he can deal out a ton of dmg himself and get a lot of momentum as well. If you get 3-4 MOM out of his activation then you have enough to use all the other Heroics. So either make sure to target players you can TO in one activation or players that you can setup on. For example models 3+/1 are great for setup (KD, CA and you can easily get MOM 4dmg every attack) and 12HP models are easy TOs. You can hard cast CA and on 2 net-hits you get 3dmg for a total 12hp. Also on models 4+/1 you should get some MOM 4dmg. Other than that he's great at kicking for more details check the Pat Cat video.
 Esters is the more versatile captain. Has ranged pressure, gives out buffs for free, has a great playbook for generating momentum. I mostly play her into condition heavy games, fish (because Tapper gets rekt by Corsair) and Morts (again, Tapper hates Obulus), Butchers and I think Masons but with vetDecimate I think I'll give Tapper another go against them. There isn't much to say about Esters I feel. Gives out good buffs, has board control, good playbook. Allows for a maybe bit slower game than with Tapper but a more stable one as well. A nice trick for her against heavy goal scoring teams is to keep the ball on Friday with Agility near Spigot. 6+/1 and the ball isn't going anywhere.
 Scum is great. Allows Tapper to deal good dmg, helps with Ganging Up, is annoying to deal with because of UM, deals huge dmg under CA and gives an option to gain MOM on turn 1. Would love to play Quaff but Scum is just too good to give up and don't see place for 2 mascots in the roster. You need to keep him 4" from Tapper at the end of each turn. 
 Spigot is the anchor of the team. Time's Called make the team as fast as Fish, Tooled Up works wonders in a team that's known for wrapping easily and makes Friday a great ball holder. Keep him in the back lines, he's the easiest squaddie to TO. He just hangs around giving Football Legend and Time's Called. On occasion he can go and deal huge dmg if there happens to be a KDed player. Friday, most of the time is a setup piece and ball holder. Helps keep the cat near Tapper, throws DK at people and enables the Fur Ball (I'm not a fan of the name 'Pat Cat', let's make Fur Ball a thing). Against goal scoring teams, keep her in cover near Spigot and most of the time people will sink a lot of INF trying to get the ball off her. Hooper, Tapper's best friend. The two of them are great together. 18/17HP, Tough Hide, 2" melee makes them great frontliners. Hard to TO them and Hooper with True Grit and CA deals sic dmg. Pint Pot, brings more inf efficiency to the team, surprisingly hard to TO, has potential for dealing huge burst dmg which is crucial for an Esters team. Works wonders in a mirror match, so far in my 5 mirrors he player 5 times and I have 5 wins. Opponents never took him. Great against player with great Counter Attacks and against Counter Charge. Takes the third spot in the front line with Tapper and Hooper. Stoker brings some ranged pressure to the team, board control with burning AOE and MOM >> on 1 net-hit. Is a good tank, can heal 10HP a turn and clear conditions. Can deal good dmg but needs some Ganging Up to really shine. For me essential against condition heavy games like Hunters and Alchemists. Lucky is a good solo player. Gives some breathing air in a synergy heavy team. Works great in every line-up and will get some value in every game. Helps with conditions, is good for MOM generating with MOM 2 on 2 net-hits and is a solid striker with an 18” goal threat range without any setup. His dodging ability I mostly use for goal runs or it can put in position to engage 2-3 enemy players and the opponent doesn’t gain all that much from his own 4” dodge. Use the dodge with caution and if you’re not sure about better don’t. vetDecimate, the newest addition to the team. IMO she’s a bit broken, not on her own but with all the buff the guild has to offer. I think she’ll be kicking when I’m playing Esters. With Tooled Up and Speed she has a 12-14” threat range and some serious dmg dealing potential. She does everything to be honest, she would probably feel fair with INF 2/3 but I guess all the whining that brewers are bottom tier paid off. For now I can’t see a reason not to take her into a game, apart from not owning the mini still. I can’t wait to try her with Tapper and Hooper, 3x Tough Hide, insane dmg output it will be insanely difficult to reach the back line with them in front. I leave Quaff, Stave, Mash and vetSpigot at home. I’m missing the point of Mash, he’s a solid player but in every aspect is outshined by other Brewers. Friday, Spigot, vetDecimate and Lucky are better strikers, Friday and Scum are better at killing the ball, Hooper and Stoker are just as good if not better at pushing people around, his parting blow isn’t all that great since his KD is on 4 net-hits. He needs some tech to make him unique, his rookie variants are great, if he got the ability to pass the ball after receiving the ball that would be sic. His Volley Shot is a trait I never used to be honest. Stave is situational and I would take him if I had another slot in my roster. If you misplay with Stave you get punished really badly but you can get some good value out of him and against Farmers I see a place for him in a Tapper team. vetSpigot is a tremendous striker with only one problem, his name. Football Legend and Time’s Called are too important for me to give up. 2 Matchups By default Esters plays into Alchs, Butchers, Farmers, Fish, Hunters, Morts and for now Masons. Alchs in case they go Smoke and spam conditions, Butchers because Fillet wrecks Tapper, Farmers because Tresher out-threats Tapper and Millstone is a huge problem (maybe after the nerf this will change, still didn’t play this MU after the errata), Fish because Corsair is a thing, Hunters because of conditions as well but Tapper can play this out as well but more so when receiving. Morts because Esters can put huge pressure on Obulus from range and he needs 6INF to puppet master her so it’s no longer that good a deal. Tapper plays the rest. MY fav captains to play against are vetRage and Ballista and with vetDecimate these should be even easier to deal with. 3 Playstyle When playing Tapper, my team is Tapper, Scum, Hooper, Friday, Spigot and flex. In the flex spot most of the time I take Lucky or Pint Pot. Lucky when I feel like having more goal scoring potential, Pint Pot when I need to scrum harder. Tapper, Hooper and Scum make the front line and block access to Friday and Spigot. Most of the time I will lose an early goal and after that I hide the ball on Friday in cover near Spigot. From my experience this is the safest place to kill the ball as most strikers struggle to tackle her and the opponent ends up sinking inf and activations trying to get the ball off her. Friday also repositions scum to help keep him within 4” of Tapper and I like to give her 1-2 INF to threaten the opponents goal (20” goal threat range WITHOUT Time’s Called) or to throw Dirty Knives. Spigot gets 1 or none inf most of the time. With Commanding Aura up Tooled Up isn’t all that important and I often feel like going one activation earlier but without Tooled Up is the better option. Tapper, Hooper and Scum focus enemy players between the three of them you might look for 2 TOs a turn or 1 TO and good setup for the next turn. I use True Grit and Old Jake’s almost every turn. The flex spot just fills in what I need in a given game. Against vetRage I take Pint Pot for the additional dmg and with his Heroic he’s annoying to deal with, against Ballista I take Lucky for the first turn fi Tapper is hit with Dead Bolt and I don’t have momentum. The most important thing in a Tapper team is to keep Spigot alive, Time’s Called, Football Legend and Defensive Support on Friday might not be flashy plays but they make the team insane. Keep them all rather close to each other so they can support everyone. With Esters it’s a bit different. You gain easier support, ranged pressure, good condition clearing and a more defensive team. Since you don’t have Tapper you might lack burst dmg. A model that can deal huge dmg without time to react from the opponent. That’s why I think Pint Pot is essential for her. You get 2 turns of 2 INF 5 players, if both of them get some dmg buffs (Strength or Tooled Up or both) then you’re good to go. My standard Esters team is Esters, Scum, Friday, Spigot, Pint Pot, flex. Spigot and Friday for the same reasons as for Tapper, Pint Pot for the burst dmg and the second Glut Mass (really burns down enemy inf). The flex spot is mostly Hooper and Stoker. Sometimes I’ll swap Pint Pot if I’m fearing a really condition-heavy game and take both Hooper and Stoker. Against Obulus and Corsair when kicking I kick with Esters. Glut Mass makes their key plays really expensive when it comes to INF. Against Obulus dropping 2 Tooled Up AOEs on him forces him into a more defensive play. If you also land a Dirty Knives on him he starts his next turn on 5HP and that hurts. Into Fish just Agility Friday and hog the ball on her near Spigot. Ruin the opponents game plan and grind it out. I believe she’s the safer option most of the time but I sometimes get impatient with her and start rushing her in as if she were Tapper. That’s when you throw the game. She really ok with only 2-3 INF a turn and letting the other players do all the work, but with some Ganging Up she’s great to go in herself with Strength. With vetDecimate I guess her team will change a bit, maybe she’ll take Hooper’s place in the Esters six, but time will show. With both captains by default I aim for a 1-4 game. 2-2 also happens but you need to look for those openings for the second goal that won’t give you opponent too big an advantage. Usually I do this when I catch the opponent into a solid scrum and even he gets the ball after my goal he’s struggling to get anything done with it.