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  1. Kaernak

    SWVa guild ball newb!

    Are all the models still that awful metal?
  2. Kaernak

    SWVa guild ball newb!

    Okay so I tried to get into this game before and my local scene died but we've recently gotten a new player (and pundit to boot) and I still have no team. Hoping to get a really really punchy team. Which team should I pick? I've read that butchers are really good at that but understand that s4 is coming out.
  3. Kaernak

    SWVa guild ball newb!

    are those the season 1 or 2 cards?
  4. Hello everyone! My local store has recently developed a guildball scene and as I was tired of painting models from WM/H I figured I'd give it a go. Picked up Union because I liked what I read about them on the internet. However all of my models came with season 1 cards. Is there a way to fix this?