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  1. borthcollective

    Gkullring guildball goons

    That goal post is AWESOME.
  2. borthcollective

    My Fishermen

    Love the Kraken Plinth goal.
  3. borthcollective

    Colour me intrigued - GB paint line

    You could always re-bottle them.
  4. borthcollective

    Union post nerfing

    Wow I didn't know she used to have 2 inch reach. That would be ridiculous, momentously dancing around to the table as she chose. What an amazing striker she would be with 2 inch reach.
  5. borthcollective

    Adding Union to Hunters to a new Union Team

    Ugh, thanks.
  6. borthcollective

    Adding Union to Hunters to a new Union Team

    Coin adds the ability to take Rage above the 4 Inf that he can normally run.
  7. Sakana is still in Rage's melee zone after the 1 inch dodge and now Rage can counter attack.
  8. borthcollective

    paper or metal

  9. borthcollective

    Guildball Intro resource

    Here is Corsair straight from the pdf. Your picture of it is a little blurry.
  10. borthcollective

    New player in Southwest Ohio!

    Here is the Facebook page to Dayton Guild Ball https://www.facebook.com/groups/838646896239208/ and the Masons page https://www.facebook.com/groups/1018366981586886/
  11. Congrats on the Mist, might not have been the best way to win it, but it's still yours none the less. On the pitch, the ring is considerably more pleasing, and somehow I missed that it's tied into the color scheme for your team.
  12. borthcollective

    Anamnesis painting corner

    What paint line are you using to get such nice colors?
  13. The team turned out nice, not sure about the base ring color though. How did you do at Gen Con.?
  14. The model doing the parting blow never becomes the active model and counter attacks can only be declared against the active model.
  15. borthcollective

    Why are Boar and Meathook not that popular?

    Yeah, I wasn't thinking apparently.