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  1. HammerTime

    S4 Captain Choices

    Corsair for all
  2. HammerTime

    WTB Fish

    I want to buy a full set of Fish taking offers
  3. My disdain for the forums is once again renewed. Thank you for the reminder!
  4. Layne for me because I really want to go all in on football with two strikers and Obulus
  5. I need a ruling when using Ballista's Legendary Breach for a shot on goal when Pride has Predatory Gaze up. Is it similar to a furious charge into a model that has fear?
  6. How does Predatory Gaze impact Memory taking a shot on goal with Brainpan's Pulling the Strings ability?
  7. HammerTime


    Here is what Bonesaw should be doing daily until Season 4.
  8. HammerTime


    I love how all that dedication and meditating equated to TAC 4. Do you think he will release a work out video next? Geriatrics are a booming population at the moment.
  9. Does the damage from Jaw Bone trigger Rising Anger since the damage comes from the trap and not a character?
  10. HammerTime


    It just irks me that he is such a cool looking model and a monk but has low TAC and a hard to reach tackle. Neither one of these qualities seems very Monk-like to me. He just needs a total rework and until then I will not use him unless I want to humiliate my opponent by winning with such inferior tools. My suggestions would be TAC 6 with Tackle being on the two keeping him one-inch reach or TAC 5 with Tackle on the one having two-inch reach. Having a 50mm base and one-inch reach I do not think that TAC 6 would be OP because it is more difficult for him to position without a crowd out. His problem is that he can score a goal but he can not retrieve the ball.
  11. HammerTime

    Canadian National (Eastern) Championship

    Is anyone not going to be able to make this? I am dying to make this trip for the tournament and am stuck on a waiting list.
  12. Just a quick question because I have recently got back into playing the game. Pelage is being attacked by Jaecar with the result of momentous 2>. Does Jaecar get a momentum since there is a dodge involved or does her ability just negate any momentum since there is a playbook damage result?
  13. Just going through a scenario here to try to understand a proper ruling. I walk into Thresher and I am fortunate enough to have Millstone within the three inch pulse off Blood rain playbook result. Can I choose for her to get the bleed first then put it on Thresher or does it even matter?
  14. HammerTime

    Thresher Vs Shark

    Played a game with my friend Stephen Easton trying out Thresher into his Shark. Won the game 12-6 forcing a lot of take outs.