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  1. Obulus Vs Theron

    Got a game in with Marty Nackers from Australia. Marty wanted to try out Guild Identity Cards so I picked Inheritance Tax and he used the free counter one for Hunters. This is top of turn three with Cosset dying from Boom box madness and Hearne dying from Crowded out in the center with a neat use of Inheritance tax of Graves having one influence killing Hearne and using Inheritance tax to give another influence to himself using that to tool up Obulus. Top of turn four after A&G killed Jaecar, Obulus killed Theron with Man Marking, and Cosset kills Ulfr. The ball ends up loose next to Snow with me winning initiative. Ended the game with Obulus shadowlike and sprint to get the ball, attacking Snow , Ulfr, and Jaecar building up two momentum for a bonus time tap in hitting the shot. Another match report for Vet Hemlocke Morticians.
  2. Beaston Vs McGraw Round 2

    Stephen wanted to play some Shark and I have been on a little bit of a Smoke kick recently. I chose to kick to get some practice into Shark receiving. I was able to condition up the middle of the board having to bring Smoke forward to farm some momentum off Jac. Greyscales missed a three dice shot on goal just outside tap in range and got punished by Vet Kat for it. I had killed Siren with Smoke Legendary. Vet Kat killed Greyscales and witness me Salt while dropping the ball on Smoke during the charge. This put me up 7-2 with Stephen scoring a goal with Shark making it 7-6. I was able to get the ball to Vitriol with Smoke even with Shark using his Legendary. I scored with Vitriol making the score 11-6 with me winning initiative. I used Smoke Cloud Jump to pick up the loose ball and charged Jac with Smoke to build momentum. I decided to go ahead and try to end the game with a bonus time snap shot with Vitriol since Stephen didn't have any influence on Greyscales. Hit the snap shot and won the game. Another match report for Veteran Hemlocke Morticians.
  3. Got a game in with Ben Homer. Super nice guy from Canada who is comedy gold. He wanted to try out some Seasoned Brisket and I have been pondering Smoke. I was able to spread conditions and set up Vet Kat on Mist losing a plus two initiative roll with Ben going first turn two. Brisket was not able to get to the ball and I was able to kill Brisket and Mist going into turn three. I won the Momentum race going first at top of turn. I went with Smoke first scoring a goal setting up a Witness Me on Minx next activation. Ben was able to counter that with Benedection engagement. Grace scored a goal. 8-4 me with Ben winning initiative top of turn four. I finished the game with a Witness me on Grace winning the match 12-6. Ben is a pleasant opponent and always enjoy our match. This has been a match report for Veteran Hemlocke Morticians.
  4. Don’t Touch The Beard 12: Obulus Vs Pinvice

    Your comedy improv is golden each and every video. Love your work and hope to meet you in person at an event like Vengeance or Steamcon one year.
  5. Ox Butchers Vs Hammer Masons

    Another match report vs Martin Koch the legend using Hammer Masons vs my Ox Butchers. Him kicking with me receiving. Turn one we jockeyed for position with Vet Brisket able to score a goal for her plus influence Above and Beyond. Ball ended up on Tower. He won the initiative roll and elected for me to go first. Turn two ended up with Martin able to Goad Avarisse and getting last activation with Hammer into Avarisse causing some problems with last activation and Martin being plus three on momentum. Martin won the initiative roll and elected to go first this time. Hammer kills Avarisse and then passes back to his team moving back into the protection of the double counter charge. I decide I really need to start engaging Marbles and trying to kill the mascot while also sacrificing Boar to start building a scrum. The ball ended up on Shank with Martin trying to pass to an engaged Marbles at TN +5 missing the pass. Martin wins the initiative roll again electing to go first. I was able to bring Avarisse back onto the pitch next to hammer, sprint Greede to within one inch and push Hammer off the pitch scattering the ball to Greede. Greede dropped the ball to Avarisse who was able to move and drop the ball off to Shank. The score is 9-6 me. Martin uses Mallet to tackle the ball off Shank scared of the scatter if he kills Shank going to Brisket, passing the ball to Vet Harmony. Ox was able to Legendary to kill Brick and Mallet with use of bonus time attacks to win the game 13-6. Martin as ever is a classy opponent who people should really seek out a game with on Vassal. Always enjoy our conversation. Thank you again! This has been another match report for Mortician Veteran Hemlocke.
  6. Martin Koch was nice enough to play me on Vassal using his Fishermen. Super pleasant guy that has had a lot of success in Guild Ball. Top of turn two. I was able to Puppet Master the ball off Corsair and we had a bit of a stand off with him killing Memory round one. Posted October 10 This is top of turn four with turn two and three leading to him killing Cosset & Dirge and me killing Tentacles & Siren as well as putting Corsair down to one health. I was able to kill Corsair and Greyscales after lure to pull him in. Martin went for a goal with Greyscales to try to get ahead in the game with him coming up short. Martin was kind enough to finish the game for I could post it to Union in Chains at this point. He is a real champ and gentleman. Also, this is a vote for Vet Hemlocke Morticians if you haven't guessed by now.
  7. I was able to kill Siren and trying to protect the ball. Stephen won this even dice roll and used a Shark Legendary goal. I killed Salt after his goal and we had another even dice roll going into the next turn. Lost it again with Ballista holding the ball. I had to sprint and use second wind just to get to the ball to force Sakana to build momentum instead of just scoring again after the Legendary goal. Stephen ended up scoring three goals after I took out Sakana and attempted to kill the ball one last time. Not my best effort but thanks for the game. This has been another match report for Vet Hemlocke Morticians Stephen wins. Vote for Vet Hemlocke Morticians
  8. Your opinions: starting 3 for league?

    I have given this some serious thought because it seems fun and interesting. I am guessing that this will take place on a smaller 2'x2' pitch for the three models. For me I would play Obulus, Graves, and Ghast. You're looking at eight influence between the three with flexibility in your allocation. Obulus does well with four to seven, Graves access to a tackle on the one, and I love Ghast for Fear, Rising Anger, Knockdown on the Two, Two inch reach, and double push on the two for counter attacks. Ghast engaging people is a huge problem because they have to spend extra influence to hit him as well as they can not disengage secondary to being knocked down.
  9. Match ups, what's currently not good for Alchemists.

    I take the ball and kick it up in one of their corners of the pitch while beating the hell out of the rest of the team.
  10. Hemlock!

    I would like to see her have an aura of 4-6" of allowing friendly guild models to bonus time their first character play for free. Maybe allow her to keep blind since she wasn't on Morticians originally. Something that may be overpowered but I think kind of interesting would be an aura similar to Mine Field that gives off Poison and two damage to sort of keep with her original model but make it "Veteran" status.