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  1. Just going through a scenario here to try to understand a proper ruling. I walk into Thresher and I am fortunate enough to have Millstone within the three inch pulse off Blood rain playbook result. Can I choose for her to get the bleed first then put it on Thresher or does it even matter?
  2. Thresher Vs Shark

    Played a game with my friend Stephen Easton trying out Thresher into his Shark. Won the game 12-6 forcing a lot of take outs.
  3. Grange Vs Obulus

    Got in a game with my friend Maurice Kent and first time playing into Grange. Game ended up 12-6 me with a really back and forth scrum in the middle. Vote for Harriet Alchemists.
  4. I had something similar to this happen to me the other day. Say the Engineers are doing a goal kick the ball would rest on top of a model. Would the point of least disturbance be just below Vitriol or would she just be able to gather the ball automatically?
  5. Tobias gets his Revenge

    Tobias Ford has been playing Engineers getting warmed up for Steamcon UK and I brought the Union. I elected to receive. I was able to kill Collosus to go up 2-0. He killed Strongbox and amazing enough Gutter with use of Singled Out and Thousand Cuts off Decimate. Score 3-2 Tobias. This turn I killed Hoist and scored a goal with Mist to make it 8-3. I made a mistake and pushed Benediction too far forward. Tobias gets the kill to make the score 8-5 me. He was able to kill Mist and score a goal with Ballista to make the score 11-8. I tried an aggressive scatter which ended up on Ballista. Tried to get the ball to no avail. Tobias got a kill next turn to win the game 13-8. Thanks for the game Tobias. Match report for Vet Hemlocke Morticians.
  6. W / Kickstarter Obulus

  7. Blackheart vs Hammer

    Wanted to play some Hammer into my friend Adam who enjoys Union. I elected to receive to try some Hammer tech. I was able to get into Avarisse turn one and he was able to build some momentum to make it even with me winning initiative. I was able to kill Avarisse with Hammer to go up 2-0 sitting on the ball with Tower. Adam scored a goal with Blackheart and I was able to build momentum off Blackheart and kill Decimate to make the game 4-4. I was able to kill Decimate and Blackheart to go up 8-4. I had to push Avarisse off the pitch and later Mist secondary to losing the ball at one point. Ended up winning the game 12-4. Thanks for the game Adam.
  8. Campbell Vs Jared

    Got a game in with my good friend Campbell Dandy Thresher vs Obulus with him using Thresher. I chose to receive to work on my receiving game. Turn one I had to use Puppet Master to move Thresher back and set up Memory winning the Momentum race also pulling Tater forward. I won the initiative round two. I was able to kill Tater with A&G and PM Thresher away again. Won the momentum race up 2-0 Killed Jack Straw this turn with Thresher and Tater trying to finish off Avarisse. Was able to get Thresher to four health with a bleed. Won Momentum with use of Legendary up 4-0. Killed Tater and Thresher with Campbell killing Avarisse and Dirge to make the score 8-3. Harrow ended up with the ball and Campbell lost a plus two Momentum initiative. I finished off the game with Obulus tap in. 12-3 Morticians winning the game. Another match report for Vet Hemlocke Morticians. Thank you for the game Campbell.
  9. W / Kickstarter Obulus

    Please and Thank You
  10. Tobias vs Jared

    Wanted to try some Fillet Butchers out into Tobias Engineers. I received. I positioned Shank poorly with Tobias killing him with Pin Vice. Fillet was able to get into Ratchet and kill him with Legendary. 2-2 I won momentum but Fillet is knocked down. I messed up this turn not activating Fillet soon enough. I ended up losing Fillet and Shank plus a goal. I killed Ratchet and Pin Vice down 10-6 with Meathook having the ball. I won momentum. I was able to kill Collosus with Boar first activation and Tobias was able to manufacture an amazing goal with Pin Vice scoring charging into Boar, tackling off Meathook, activating Legendary passing to Vet Velocity and dodging with pass back with Oil Token to score the game winner. Another match report for Vet Hemlocke Morticians.
  11. Purchased

  12. Beaston Vs McGraw Round 3

    Got in another game with my friend Stephen Easton playing Union mirror. He wanted to try Brisket out. I chose to receive he kicked off with Mist I was able to manufacture a goal with Mist and he won the plus one initiative. He was able to kill my Mist and score a goal with Brisket using I'm Open. I killed Avarisse late in the turn with Vet Rage and won the momentum race to go first. Score is 6-6. I was able to kill Benedection and Stronbox as well as score a goal late in the Turn secondary to Mist being able to counter attack his Mist and hold onto the ball. Scored a goal three dice needing a five secondary to no line of sight to win the game 12-6. Another match report for Vet Hemlocke Morticians.
  13. Obulus Vs Theron

    Got a game in with Marty Nackers from Australia. Marty wanted to try out Guild Identity Cards so I picked Inheritance Tax and he used the free counter one for Hunters. This is top of turn three with Cosset dying from Boom box madness and Hearne dying from Crowded out in the center with a neat use of Inheritance tax of Graves having one influence killing Hearne and using Inheritance tax to give another influence to himself using that to tool up Obulus. Top of turn four after A&G killed Jaecar, Obulus killed Theron with Man Marking, and Cosset kills Ulfr. The ball ends up loose next to Snow with me winning initiative. Ended the game with Obulus shadowlike and sprint to get the ball, attacking Snow , Ulfr, and Jaecar building up two momentum for a bonus time tap in hitting the shot. Another match report for Vet Hemlocke Morticians.
  14. Beaston Vs McGraw Round 2

    Stephen wanted to play some Shark and I have been on a little bit of a Smoke kick recently. I chose to kick to get some practice into Shark receiving. I was able to condition up the middle of the board having to bring Smoke forward to farm some momentum off Jac. Greyscales missed a three dice shot on goal just outside tap in range and got punished by Vet Kat for it. I had killed Siren with Smoke Legendary. Vet Kat killed Greyscales and witness me Salt while dropping the ball on Smoke during the charge. This put me up 7-2 with Stephen scoring a goal with Shark making it 7-6. I was able to get the ball to Vitriol with Smoke even with Shark using his Legendary. I scored with Vitriol making the score 11-6 with me winning initiative. I used Smoke Cloud Jump to pick up the loose ball and charged Jac with Smoke to build momentum. I decided to go ahead and try to end the game with a bonus time snap shot with Vitriol since Stephen didn't have any influence on Greyscales. Hit the snap shot and won the game. Another match report for Veteran Hemlocke Morticians.
  15. Got a game in with Ben Homer. Super nice guy from Canada who is comedy gold. He wanted to try out some Seasoned Brisket and I have been pondering Smoke. I was able to spread conditions and set up Vet Kat on Mist losing a plus two initiative roll with Ben going first turn two. Brisket was not able to get to the ball and I was able to kill Brisket and Mist going into turn three. I won the Momentum race going first at top of turn. I went with Smoke first scoring a goal setting up a Witness Me on Minx next activation. Ben was able to counter that with Benedection engagement. Grace scored a goal. 8-4 me with Ben winning initiative top of turn four. I finished the game with a Witness me on Grace winning the match 12-6. Ben is a pleasant opponent and always enjoy our match. This has been a match report for Veteran Hemlocke Morticians.