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  1. Wariat

    Alchemist ball ideas

    Old WIP of my ball, but you can see what I was thinking.
  2. I expect the guild to get buffed, nerfed, changed again and, to add some new flavor, entirely erased from the game.
  3. Wariat


    Good player, but brings nothing really new to team at the moment. Midas with 4 strikers is interesting but not game-changing. Also the huge Alchemist rework teased in the blog makes me want to just pain my Farmers and wait for s4.
  4. Wariat

    W: Pint Pot

    Still looking, Canadian store doesn't ship to anywhere I can reach.
  5. Wariat

    W: Pint Pot

    Up, now i need Pint Pot
  6. Wariat

    W: Pint Pot

    It turns out I need a PintPot now. Anyone? Location Poland, but can buy from (almost) anywhere.
  7. Wariat

    Midas post-nerf? Little buff pls?

    No immediate goal threat? What do you call 22 inch goal threat??
  8. Wariat

    Midas post-nerf? Little buff pls?

    Why do I always get into factions with the most rollercoastery buff-nerf cycles?
  9. Wariat

    Need Help !!!!!

    Okay, first of all, where are you from? Perhaps there are guys you don't know about lurking somewhere. Secondly, try non-gamestore locations. Perhaps there is a bar or pub for nerds, or nerd cafe? They'll probably gladly host you if you play, bring friends and buy food/drink from them. We mostly have MTG-only shops where I live,and we mostly play in our rented hobby-space, but thats not gonna help you get new players. Tip: If place organises boardgame nights, you'll probably get players there.
  10. Wariat

    Kicking/receiving Midas or Smoke?

    you deploy on 10", you have 26" to opponents side of pitch and 20" to goal post
  11. Wariat

    GB resolution for –18?

    Pick and paint my second guild Get into sideguilds Play more tournaments Organise more tournaments Get Poland more noticeable in Guild Ball World
  12. Wariat

    Kicking/receiving Midas or Smoke?

    You receive with anything, pass to Midas, 4" dodge and you are already in range for a goal. (Heroic, sprint+shot). Don't ask me where the momentum for heroic comes from, you figure it out
  13. Wariat

    If ever in Poland...

    ...come visit Gentleman's Club in Warsaw for Thursday Veterans' Nights. We're playing Guild Ball every Thursday after 7 p.m.