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  1. MO-Ball Episode 6

    Josh here. I usually abstain from internet discussions, but I guess it's time to jump in. It'll be shorter than I'd like, but I'm trying to get to dumb ole work. First off, thanks for the feedback. I actually mean that. We usually go into these casts with minimal prep (in case you hadn't noticed), so the fact that anyone listens at all is pretty amazing. I think the reason we didn't break down the shark nerf is that other podcasts have already done a better job of that. As a note, I also agree with a lot of the "things less dumb than stagger" thread. My main point was, try it for yourself and see if you agree. I have a very young GB community that is actively growing and I often have new players who have an idea of what they want to play, but read somewhere that it was a bad idea. I think that is what prompted the rant, which I am prone to. My main goal is to grow the community. Games, for me, are really about people. Few things in this world are as satisfying to me as meeting someone I have never met who already loves the same thing I do. So if at any time my actions are divisive or polarizing, that is a failing on my part. I clearly have some work to do. Thanks for reading. It's time for coffee.
  2. MO-Ball Episode 6

    I guess I may have missed my mark on this, but my main point was don't give the internet too much credit in regard to what, and how, you want to play.
  3. Farmers Release Event

    Come celebrate the launch of the Farmers Guild with a themed tournament! Teams will be composed of 1 Captain, 1 Mascot, and 4 players. No painting required.Special rules for each team and swag galore! Doors at 10 with the festivities starting at 11. $10 gets you in!
  4. Hello from Northeast Arkansas

    Welcome! There are a few of us up in NWA as well, although growth has been slow. Hit me if you ever head west!
  5. The Sanchex Cup

    Anyone have trouble getting in touch with @seanocelot? Having trouble trying to schedule our last game...
  6. The Sanchex Cup

    We played and posted on Monday, chaos won 12-0
  7. The Sanchex Cup

    Josh (Engineers) vs Nackers (Hunters) Josh wins 12-2
  8. The Sanchex Cup Sign up!!

    Name: Josh Skype: Vangrundle Team: Engineers Ballista Pin Vice Mother Ratchet Hoist Velocity Colossus Mainspring Salvo
  9. Byron coaches the Engineers

    Oh snap that's me! (Josh, btw ) Great game, looking forward to more.