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  1. GraeOfLondor

    Fixing Bended Models

    I get two mugs, one of boiled water one of cold water, I dip in the hot, hold straight, dip in the cold, it holds perfectly well. As for paint, if you use acrylic paint it'll flex with the model, you shouldn't get any flaking or peeling, especially if you spray them with a coat of sealant or varnish afterwards.
  2. GraeOfLondor

    Too Nervous To Paint

    Believe it or not, these models are actually significantly easier to paint than GW minis, GW stuff has an overabundance of minute details which are quite hard to get right. These minis are largely simplified and very elegantly modelled, if means you can get away with much less precision and it becomes more about the colours, washes and how heavily your drybrush.
  3. GraeOfLondor

    Titanite Demon Treasure Cards

    Nope, that's the whole shibang.
  4. GraeOfLondor

    Knight Artorias (Steamforged please!)

    The Image of Artorias has him holding his shield, presumably prior to his injuries in the Abyss, who knows.
  5. GraeOfLondor

    Treasure Deck Balancing

    hmm, i quite like the idea, the number and distribution of cards will need to be tested a bit but over all I like it, especially the last bit about reshuffling encounters.
  6. I know a bunch of 40k kits had vials in them somewhere but they might be a bit oversized
  7. I know it would be stunningly fiddly BUT, a tiny piece of styrene rod with a little green stuff to round out the bottom and make a cork at the top
  8. Ah an elbow guard, good idea, and believe me, I know how fiddly sculpting on that scale is, I'm not very good at it myself. Still, impressed, love the hat!
  9. Nice! I wonder how difficult it would be to add length to the tunic to turn it into a coat using green stuff? Also, how did you reposition the arm? I'm curious.
  10. GraeOfLondor

    A Quick Thank You!

    This is just a quick thanks to steamforged for replacing the Silver Knight who was missing a shield, and a small PSA to let people know that I received NO communication or confirmation this was happening, the replacement model simply arrived today. So yes, maybe Steamforged can't speak to everyone directly, but they ARE working on things. For the record, I used the Damaged/Mispacked Products form here: http://steamforged.com/contact/
  11. GraeOfLondor

    Favourite Character so Far?

    Yeah, dodging is very VERY gear reliant, you can get your hands on up to 4 dodge die using armour with 2 die and two single hand items with one each. But you have to get really lucky with the item draws. I've found that up to the miniboss you can normally doge most anything with +1 dodge value without too much hassle, but you start to rely on the dodge, and that can mess you up BADLY on a bad roll (Silver Knights with your 5 damage and 2 node movement I'm looking at you) Sometimes blocking is the better option if you can do it and there have been times I've regretted not having many block or resist die. (Titanite Demon's Lightning Bolt spell. Ouch) But that's how it works eh? Tradeoffs. But yeah, up til the miniboss you don't have to worry about anything with a dodge value higher than +2 that I've seen in the couple of games I've played.
  12. GraeOfLondor

    The Color of Dark Souls

    Personally I paint with a fairly dark and dirty style already, which is convenient, I tend to stick to dark browns and washed down colours and use a lot of drybrushing/haphazard layering to break up smooth areas. I haven't painted the gargoyle yet but I'm planning on using Citadel's Sybarite Green with a drakenwrath Nightshade ink wash, drybrushed with Barroth Blue for the armour, not sure how I'll do the skin yet.
  13. GraeOfLondor

    Favourite Character so Far?

    I have always held that the best armour is not getting hit in Dark Soul and I've stuck with that philosophy, I love the Assassin, but I confess, that lack of Blocking and Resistance die can hit REALLY hard if you get unlucky.
  14. GraeOfLondor

    Current Satisfaction With SFG

    i cannot see the results at all
  15. GraeOfLondor

    So I Painted the Knight

    I did the chainmail the same way but with a few extra strokes of drybrushing.