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  1. Just Something Short

    It would give a whole new meaning to Fangtooth Unleashed. William
  2. Sacrificing enjoyment of the game for a statistic?

    I also don't mind being both ruthless and my opponent being ruthless. That can make for a fun game itself. For me the play is the thing. If I play a competitive game against a ruthless opponent and have fun doing so, I've had a good game, whether I won or lost. I started out playing Battletech back in the 80's against a guy who would whip me weekly. After the games, we would talk about the outcomes and situations and in the end, i became a much better player. That guy that used me as his regular whipping boy is also a guy that I am proud to call a friend as well as an opponent. Every game we played, I expected no less than his best and got it. I rarely beat him, but always enjoyed playing him. I play to beat my opponent in every game I play. I play dirty but by the rules and expect no less from my opponent. If you've figured out a legal trick or strategy to use against me, bring it on. I appreciate competitive play. Always give your opponent 100%. They deserve no less. William
  3. Sacrificing enjoyment of the game for a statistic?

    I won't speak for you but merely myself. Enjoyment is my number one priority. I want to win every game and I try to win every game, but having fun is more important to me when I'm gaming. This is my hobby. If I'm not having fun, why am I bothering? If I want to do something not fun, I'll go to work and at least get more money for it. Playing games like Guildball is what I do for fun and if I'm not having fun, what is the point? Yes, I could be ranked higher, but if I don't enjoy it, what have I gained? I encourage you to do what is best for you, but that is my perspective. I would rather lose and have fun, than win and not enjoy it. William
  4. New player , noob questions.

    This is not 100% correct. While the likelihood of the cards being out of date in the older blisters is extremely high, I've bought 2 blisters of season 2 models that came with season 3 cards in them. If the retailer got in the blisters recently, there is a chance of new cards. I'd still recommend being the season 3 card deck, if you want to be sure you have all season 3 cards though. William
  5. I have bought every starter, so I guess the answer is the price they are at. William
  6. Ulfr model flash

    My experience matches that of Azreal13. My figures came very clean. I will have very little prep work when I start assembling and painting them. Sorry to hear you had issues though. I hope it's a rare case. William
  7. Collected Farmers Spoilers

    I have to honestly say, those look good. I'm not a fan of Steamforged going to plastic models but the figures here in the picture look good. I think I will now withhold final judgement on the plastic switch until I see the physical models. So far these look much better than Malifaux's plastic models. William
  8. Young Theron - Limited Edition Coming To Salute

    Complete on sir, complete on. I fully understand and support you. William
  9. Young Theron - Limited Edition Coming To Salute

    That's really cool. I don't begrudge anyone buying the figure and both using him and enjoying having him. It's just that multiple figures of the same figure isn't for me even if I like the new figure better. I really liked the LE Mist figure but I already had Mist so passed on it. I did get the LE Rage to use as Vet. Rage though because I liked the LE better and didn't have regular Vet. Rage. William
  10. Young Theron - Limited Edition Coming To Salute

    I appreciate the reply. I guess there will be no Young Theron model for me then. I don't like having 2 models for a single profile because then I feel I have a wasted model that I won't use and these are models I intend to play with. Anyway, Thanks for the info. William
  11. Special edition Fangtooth

    Wow, I didn't think he was going to even be dispatched until the 21st. Maybe my stuff will come sooner than expected then. Here's hoping and thanks for the assembly tips. William
  12. Young Theron - Limited Edition Coming To Salute

    Does anyone know if he's just an alternate sculpt Theron or a new profile of maybe Rookie Theron? Thanks, William
  13. Season 3 Tater Card?

    Just wondering, Is there a Season 3 card for Tater so that those of us who have him can use him in our season 3 games? If not, can we just continue using the current card? William
  14. Sweet Goal Kickstarter by Dark Tower Studios

    My biggest concern is the number of backers. All of his previous campaigns had low backer counts. I can easily see him getting overwhelmed here. Asit stands now, this goal post campaign is only 4 backers less than all his other campaigns combined. I wish him luck and will watch the campaign but right now, it make me nervous. William
  15. Collated Season 3 Spoilers

    The work is appreciated. Thank You. William