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  1. Theron and Hearne Both Buffed in New Errata

    What I don't get is why this wasn't done in the Season 3 release. It isn't like these are solutions to new problems. SF is late to the game (although I'm glad they finally did SOMETHING)
  2. Sledging

    He seems overly powerful against low defense targets. The entire design of the Blacksmiths seems like a huge FU to the Brewers. They hit much harder (and momentously), are harder to kill, seem to have a ton of synergy, and want to be in a scrum.
  3. vs Fish

    I feel like Skatha's fast ground AOE is a huge liability against Fish. The two skews for fish (speed/scoring or toughhide/tank), lots of 2", long threats are just a nightmare for Hunters. If you were going to design a team to explain all of the Hunters' weaknesses it would be pretty close to what Fish bring.
  4. Hunters V Morticians

    Morticians seem like a nightmare for Hunters. With the low defenses most of their CP will hit without issue. We are also a team that has to have a particular turn activation order or the results are subpar. We are just ripe to get screwed.
  5. Clearly Missing the Point

    Desperately avoid anyone with easy access to to easy dodges on their playbook. With a 4/0 defense he is very susceptible to counterattacks. I have fallen into that trap before and it makes you very sad when he changes in, whiffs on his dice, then they dodge away (Vitriol :(). This low defense also means he is terrible at holding onto the ball. With his speed he has a decent ball threat, but you have to make sure he can't be attacked between receiving the ball and going for a goal. I have had the most success using him to 1) apply movement debuffs then running way or 2) picking off someone who already has snared or KD on them. If you can find that juicy 3/1 target to snare, Jaecar will tear them apart. I have used his trap and then a push result to apply snared, but honestly that can seem like a waste of an influence as the resulting damage (or gut/string) a better use.
  6. New Hunters info in SFG blog

    I definitely had this experience playing this week. Minx has a pretty decent playbook and huge threat range. She can often put as much damage out with two on her and a free charge as Jaecar does. Ulfr definitely needs a full stack to be effective. Having to damage someone to get supershot is a terrible design as a low dice spike can burn an influence or hit you with a counter attack. Having 3 on him just doesn't cut it most turns. I don't know how easy it will be to actually play Jaecar and Ulfr in the same lineups as both want 4. I actually found I needed 4-5 on Skatha too. Her low kick distance means she often needed a couple extra hits to get dodges after stealing a ball. Ack! So many choices. At least it is in the context of "these models all get stuff done." I think I will have to with Fahad over the wolf just because he is a mini battery that can threaten a free charge.
  7. Hunter's Current State

    This to me is the key issue with hunters. If you get one bad spike your plan just collapses. Ulfr is fine, but having to spend that 1 influence for an attack to get the kick bonus is just stupid. It doesn't give him super shot, it makes him get a kick stat that is simply on par with other strikers, and requires you to risk a counter attack. This counter attack is very likely to succeed as he is a 4/0 model. Against anyone with a lower tackle or KD this is suicide. It is the classic example of the Hunters having to work harder to get players up to a basic level that is comparable to other guilds. Snow I don't get. I have only put him on the table once, but he did nothing the whole game. His ooh ball did limit where the ball could be kicked to me. After that I couldn't figure him out. The lower defenses on the hunters meant they were almost always KD before the damage piled on. The 4" aura just doesn't seem like enough. I understand it requires very careful positioning, but I want my model to be useful most of the time. Giving out anatomical precision was normally not worth burning an activation early in a turn once lines were engaged and a 4/0 state on a mascot with no other defensive tech made him trivial to remove. With Furious, linked, the damage potential, and nimble, I just see much higher utility for Fahad.
  8. Double Mascot?

    If the wolf could hand out anatomical precision for free I think that the discussion would change. In a guild already hurting for influence Fahad brings a high level of utility with no influence, while the wolf needs at least one. That is a shame, as the better kicking stats/ball threat from the wolf synergize well in a team with Ulfr, Jaecar, and Skatha, but that is a really hungry team. You need batteries somewhere on the team.
  9. New Hunters info in SFG blog

    My concern with Ulfr is that the Hunters are a very greedy team. Jaecar wants 4 every turn, and I feel like Ulfr also would want maximum influence. Unless you have BOTF or a lot of furious models that leaves you in a very tight spot. Is that what you found in your games, or did you think his low defense/health was a liability?
  10. Initial thoughts?

    Sigh, that was my impression when I looked at the cards, but I'm terrible at the game. Hearing other players with more experience voice similar views is disheartening. I mainly play Brewers and Hunters. Past the esthetic, which I like on both teams, I've gotten really disheartened with the new releases. Some of the new additions/team just seem bonkers good while many of the others are just eh. As EpicChris said I just don't see the downside to the Farmers. The stuff that looks obvious on paper (low defenses on some models but many with high defense, lower armor) are very common in other guild that don't have crazy high HPs, lots of auras, and the potential to be a high influence team. Even things like the Donkey being such an efficient piece. With mascots being only 1 VP, isn't that a disadvantage in of itself? I will be very interested to see how these models play out on the table top to see if they really are so impressive.
  11. Identity

    I think the Brewers are getting by on the fun theme and aesthetic. Beyond easy KD and pushing there isn't a lot of a coherent them. We aren't at the top of the fighting game anymore. We don't have the most tough hide or 2" like we did in Season 1. Booze and a Scottish theme take you a long way.
  12. Getting Rid of Charmed

    Being able to dodge away from any mechanic while being KD just seems ridiculous. I don't know whey they don't change that.
  13. First Light of Solthecius - 2 new union players

    Benediction looked really good. As you note he will be an unbelievable tank. Grace looks great are you kidding! She has an 18" goal threat herself (16 native). She has an AOE heal and can give out Quick foot. Plus her aura allows her to use any model within 6" as the point of origin for those CP. So that is a 11-12" range. As you noted she is doing that for free from her trait giving her 2 extra influence. Think about being able to add +2/+2 to already fast union models at will. Mist already gets a boost from Solethians, if he is near one of these guys that is an extra 4" of movement for Mist (shadowlike and Quick foot). She has a lot of tools. There will rarely be a turn where she isn't contributing in some key way.
  14. Collected Farmers Spoilers

    I thought the whole thing was that they would have low influence stats and the harvest markers would boost that or provide synergies. That clearly isn't the case. They can have as many influence or more than normal teams, get extra from harvest tokens, and still get bonuses from the markers. How on earth does SFG think that BOTSF is justification for giving Hunter terrible influence stats, and then has a team that can run 15-20 influence?
  15. New Hunters info in SFG blog

    That was a nice read. It made me laugh because of how spot on it was. The Theron forest changes really are just inexplicable. You can't leave out the loss of forest sight either. I feel like that is even more amazing. If you are going to force him to magically grow a forest when he starts his turn, he should be able to still see through it . . .