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  1. Commander Vimes

    Scalpel woes

    I agree with most of what you said. However, in my experience everything that can (re-) reposition models after Scalpel's activation is huge, and Buckwheat/vHonour bring that in very different ways. I. e. in some of my games Buckwheat (who is VERY fast) was able to push Morts forward several times and thus force engagements Scalpel tried to avoid. But Peck is also always a good choice. Also, I found that Grange is a possibility, But you have to be very conscious where to put Tough Hide + heals. Scalpel needs at least one activation for Tooled Up, so he should be able to activate in time. His damage output can also be also quite similar to Threshers. But it's a rope walk either way...
  2. Commander Vimes

    How do I find Vassal games?

    Hi! Just try the GB Zone on Discord, there is a Vassal subgroup for finding games etc...
  3. Commander Vimes

    Season 4 results

    In my experience Harrow is very important in the Alchemist match up due to the healing aura (basically negating 2/3 of their condition damage over several turns is huge) and MT (to reach them in case of stand off). I would also consider them against Guild where a stand off is plausible, for example Butchers. But this is theory, as my experience against them in S4 is limited and I didn't play Harroy then.
  4. Commander Vimes

    Season 4: rebalance of Spooks

    I like that. We don't need much on any model. I think the INF issue needs to be adressed, either through INF pools or through more abilities like Soul Seer.
  5. Commander Vimes

    Guild Ball in Brussels?

    Thanks guys, but I'm already a long member on the forums etc, just looking for a GB community in Brussels due to a move there ;-)
  6. Commander Vimes

    Guild Ball in Brussels?

    Hi! From this October onwards I'll probably be in Brussels for 7 months. Since I'll have quite some time on my hands, I'm looking forward to increase my GB output and to prepare for Steam Con (and maybe some tournaments?). I know it's still a long way off, but is anyone of you located in Brussels or knows of gaming groups/ active stores? Your help is appreciated!
  7. Commander Vimes

    Fertile Soil + Field of Wheat

    I stand corrected. Thinking is quite hard sometimes ;-)
  8. Commander Vimes

    Fertile Soil + Field of Wheat

    I do not think so. Step (2) and (3) are separate actions, and Honour does not shift HM, but removes and places new ones. The situation can better be compared to Grange using Planting Season + Legendary in conjunction with Fertile Soil, which to my knowledge results in 5 HM.
  9. Commander Vimes

    Vet Honour?

    If this is working as I think it is, Honour + Ploughman might be the way to go:
  10. (1) Plouhgman places a rough groung AoE (2) Honour uses Crofting Time and places a HM in the AoE, gaining +1 HM (3) Honour then uses Fields of Wheat to remove one HM and place a new (!) HM in the rough ground. QUESTION: does step (3) also result in +1 HM due to Fertile Soil, thereby generating 4 HM in total?
  11. Commander Vimes

    Veteran Minx Speculation Thread

    Snared/Poison? Snared/Disease? Or maybe Snared + additional -1Spd? I'm really looking forward to vMinx! I hope she brings enough INF efficiency via Furious etc...
  12. Commander Vimes

    Into Butchers...

    Scalpel is very good when kicking - especially against Butcher counterattacks...
  13. Commander Vimes

    The Puppet Master / balance equation

    Control is much more than PM - at least include Tormented Agony, Tucked/Shutout and Ghast/Casket as a whole (I agree with Dirge, though). I think Morts players have stopped exploring other control elements than PM due to Silence and Scalpel group think. I think at the end of S2 SFG was afraid of Obs period ;-) They redistributed power by buffing (!) Graves1, Bonesaw and (maybe?) Cosset, but with the unintended consequences of INF/health.
  14. Commander Vimes

    The Puppet Master / balance equation

    Mmmh, I'm not sure. Maybe we have to agree to disagree. Let me clarify some of my points: 1) I think the Guild is underexplored, not "heavily lacking" as you put it. Underexploration is nothing game designers can fix. Apart from the two points I mention (INF/health) I think we have stellar players. 2) I do not think PM is a Character Play that leads to a conscious decision of game designers to hold other models back. The main reason for the problematic change from S2 to S3 was Obs as a whole (rightfully so) coupled with Silence, which apparently led to some unintended consequences. PM might habe been a factor then, but right now I do not think that play holds us back. So I do not agree with your Hypothesis that the potence of PM is the reason some players are below the curve for two reasons: I do not think SFG consciously balances the guild arounf PM, and I do not think we have many players below the curve. The two issues I mentioned are IMO there because of a) path dependency and the unwillingness of SFG to change guilds mid-season.
  15. Commander Vimes

    The Puppet Master / balance equation

    Well, this thread seems to have gone down the usual path. However, I'd like to share my limited experience: I have played a fair share of Obulus, but have always mostly been a Scalpel player. As such, I do not agree with the core proposition of this thread. PM is a very powerful play, but it comes at a very high opportunity cost: 4 INF less MOM, less attacks and less versatility in allocation throughout the team. Scalpel can reliably move an opposing player 6" during her activation (9" with legendary), generates 6 MOM and delivers 6-12 DMG (if you want to compare with PM, exchange 6 with 4). At the end of that, she can be further away than she startet. Yes, her >< on 3 is no PM, but it is also very powerful - especially coupled with an easy T on 2. It is different, but good. I feel a lot of this argument stems from an overreliance on Obulus/PM, which naturally leads to an underexploration of the guild's depth (note: this is no "get git" argument! My point says nothing about your playing skill!). I currently have some issues with Morts, but they are not related to PM. I feel that our low health pools and the downgraded INF total have been collateral damage in the change from S2 to S3. Perkins recently wrote somewhere that Morts have more INF than other guilds, which is simply untrue. He also said somewhere else that the low health pools were not intended as such. I feel that we have lost some guild profile, especially with the downgrade of Silence, who was our main control guy apart from Obs. That said, all recent additions to the guild habe been very flavourful as well as powerful.