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    S4 Captain Choices

    Skatha is just too fast for Corsair in my opinion, especially now that she can reliably get a triple dodge and has a tackle on one while Corsair has lost Close Control and momentous damage. I think you want Corsair vs Theron and Shark vs Skatha and since I think the normal pick into Fish will be Skatha, I'd prefer to drop Shark. Plus, Theron has plenty of ways of controlling Shark, but if he focuses there, you can use your other football players to get around that control. But no doubt, this is a tricky match up as Hunters are probably the top team in the game right now.
  2. Penguin Warrior

    S4 Captain Choices

    Hey there! Always good to lure another player to the salty depths I've played a decent amount of Fish in Season 4 and I can give you my opinions on match ups, but take them with a grain of...Salt I guess. Alchs: Corsair I haven't played this yet, but I've played Alchs a bit and it feels like the match up likely hasn't changed much. Alchs want to grind and keep their range, so you want the captain that can deny that. Now you're looking for more of a 2 goals, 2 take out approach, but the overall flow of the game should be pretty similar. I'd run Line up: Corsair, Mascot (Salt if kicking, Tentacles if receiving if you fit them both into the 12), Kraken, Hag, Fathom, vSakana/Greyscales Blacksmiths: Shark I think either captain is fine here, but I prefer Shark since the Smiths threaten high end damage that can, to a degree, get around Tough Hide. Meanwhile, they aren't particularly good at killing the ball, opening the door to a 3 goal approach, though Shark can absolutely chew threw some of those squishy apprentices in the right situation. Line up: Shark, Tentacles, Hag, Sakana, Greyscales, oSiren (still need to play around with vSiren some more), Fathom/Jac Brewers: Corsair Between Mash and Friday, the Brewers just have too much ball killing tech for Shark in my opinion. Meanwhile, Corsair can either drag a model out and grind it down or play a tricky 3 goal game with Rough Seas (you can even pop Resilience with Drag first to make this easier). Line up: Corsair, Tentacles, Fathom, Hag, Jac, vSiren Butchers: Corsair This match up seems to have done a full 180 since last season. Shark is still viable, but his game is a lot riskier with Tenderiser so much better, especially if you have to kick. Ideally, you receive and play Corsair and Kraken, who then threaten the kick off model with a drag. The idea is you use Corsair to just deny Ox's board control by yanking models out of The Owner. And if Ox ever comes up far enough to project it onto Corsair, you just suck him in instead and that's a dead Ox Line up: Corsair, Salt, Kraken, Hag, vSakana, Greyscales Engineers: Both This one can go either way. I've run Corsair and grinded out the take out game while denying the ball as long as possible against Pin Vice and that felt very strong. But if you can, I'd kick with Shark since he out-threats their goal scorers and with reach and a pretty reliable tackle, he can get through Close Control. But Corsair has a very good game into Pin Vice if you're not comfortable receiving with Shark Line up: Shark/Corsair, Tentacles, Kraken, Hag, vSakana, Siren/Fathom Falconers: Shark Corsair is too slow and vulnerable to Harriers. Stay fast, threaten the ball (this team doesn't really hold it very well), and look for a cheeky take out if it's presented. Mataagi might have 5+ defense but with only 10 health, Shark can pretty viably take him out if he's in the right position Line up: Shark, Salt, Fathom, Hag, Kraken, Sakana Farmers: Corsair Haven't played this one yet, but Tough Hide seems like a challenge for Farmers right now. I'd just suck people out of the control bubble and grind them down while threatening the ball with a couple of fast strikers Line up: Corsair, Salt, Fathom, Sakana/Greyscales, Kraken, Jac Fishermen: Shark I've played both sides of this and it's a pretty fun match up to be honest. I personally think this will ultimately be Shark favored since it's harder for Corsair to protect the ball now, but Corsair absolutely has game here. Seems like if Shark gets to kick and plays well, he'll generally win Line up: Shark, Tentacles, Hag, Fathom, Siren, Sakana Hunters: Shark Also haven't played this one, but it seems pretty tough. But Harrier markers seem like they make life hard for Corsair and I think he struggles to keep pace with Skatha or to match Theron for damage. Shark doesn't feel a lot better, but I think he can out-goal Skatha if he kicks and at least adds some variance to the game that might give you an opening Line up: Shark, Salt, Hag, Fathom, Greyscales, Sakana/vSakana Masons: Shark I could be wrong, but I don't think Corsair can deal with Mallet. That asshole ignores Drag and has both tough hide and access to a +2 damage buff. Honour might be better overall, but I wouldn't risk the other player dropping Hammer. Shark has pretty good mechanics for bunker busting, so I'd go all out on goal scoring here Line up: Shark, Tentacles, Hag, Sakana, Siren/vSiren, Greyscales Morticians: Shark I've played Corsair into Scalpel a couple of times and it didn't feel so bad, but it's really tough. A few bad rolls can snowball the game away from you and she's just so damn tough to pin down. I have concerns about Shark against Scalpel since she'll have plenty of ways to get around his counter attack, but he can threaten goals and make her be a bit less resource efficient. I also think Shark into Obulus is pretty Shark favored, so you don't really need to worry about an unexpected pick Line up: Shark, Salt, Hag, Kraken, Sakana, Siren Navigators: Corsair I've only played Shark into this, but it was pretty rough. Yes, he can threaten the ball, but the combination of Windfinder, Azimuth, and rerolls makes Shark a sad boy. Corsair will be pretty tough for the Navs to chew threw and can still threaten the ball Line up: Corsair, Tentacles, Kraken, Hag, Fathom, Greyscales Ratcatchers: Corsair Piper makes this a nightmare for Shark. He has so many ways around Shark's slipperiness and can set up him up to get taken out pretty handily. Plus, Corsair invalidates a lot of the control that Skulk brings. Just need to watch out for Pelage, since she can screw Corsair up pretty badly. Look for 2 goals and two take outs Line up: Corsair, Tentacles, Jac, Kraken, Fathom, vSakana/vSiren Union: Corsair I think Corsair is just flexibile enough to respond to whatever the Union wants to go with in this match up. He can grind out the fights, play the ball, just a bit of everything to respond to such a flexible opponent Line up: Corsair, Salt, Hag, Kraken, Sakana/vSakana, Greyscales Sorry about the long post. I figured I'd get my thoughts out in some detail. A major caveat is that I haven't messed around much with Fathom and haven't tried Horizon at all yet, but I think they should show up way more than I've listed here.
  3. Penguin Warrior

    Corsair S4

    Corsair definitely feels like the right play into Butchers, regardless of captain choice. The Butchers currently favor a standoff style with Ox and Tenderiser and Corsair is a great answer to that. Drag someone out of the On and Rush Keeper bubbles and beat them up. Meanwhile, Tough Hide dents their ranged plays. So Corsair forces Butchers to choose between leaving Tenderiser's protection, exposing the ball, or fighting with a player disadvantage. Plus, Butchers are not a durable team. So I think Drag/Legendary a model out, knock it down, deal some damage and set up for Kraken (only Shank has any reliable chance of escaping), rinse and repeat. Meanwhile, Sakana/Greyscales/Fathom hangs out at the edge to make sure they can't get to comfortable with the ball. So while yes, Ox will eventually get through Corsair and Kraken, Corsair builds an early advantage and has decent odds of setting up two take outs and a goal to open the game, at which point the Butchers have to devote significant resources and effort to keeping the ball safe. Shark is an ok play too, his win condition is just a lot more fragile and subject to dice than Corsair's.
  4. Penguin Warrior

    The Navigator's Guild

    Yeah, these guys seem to me to be pretty clearly the most competitive minor guild designed so far. The major challenge with them seems like it's going to be when the enemy team manages to find a spot to kill the ball, at which point the guild isn't exactly going to be great at generating momentum to exert some control over the game, whereas Shark can generate 6 momentum while positioning to threaten the ball. I'm super excited though, they look crazy fun! I think the base six is going to be Windfinder, Wander, Fathom, Ebb, Azimuth, and Siren with Horizon occasionally coming in for Azimuth and Angel not really seeing the pitch much until she gets a small bump in Season 4.
  5. Penguin Warrior

    Season 4: Expectations, Hopes and Wishlisting

    I don't know about that. It seems like they've already done an overall good job of balancing a lot of football-oriented models who have different roles. I play every model on the team except for vSiren, Kraken, and Angel with Shark and honestly, each of those models don't need much to get there. If Angel had Ball's Gone rather than Greyscales, she'd suddenly be a great counter to Close Control. If vSiren could toss Dread Gaze onto a friendly model with a smaller TAC debuff, she's suddenly an amazing model to let Shark launch himself more safely. And if Kraken was 5/7 with 2 influence, he'd be a good set up and tide pool model that would pull attention away from Shark. All of these players would have their own mechanics and niches while playing around the same final objective. After all, it's not like Sakana, oSiren, Greyscales, and Jac play even remotely alike but they all support a football game already.
  6. Penguin Warrior

    Season 4: Expectations, Hopes and Wishlisting

    I imagine Fish and Navs are going to live in a similar place of 3/0 teams who can flex down to 2/2. It's actually a pretty unique spot in guild ball and while it narrows our win conditions, I'm not opposed to it. I think Corsair is going to maintain a somewhat similar playbook but with only one momentous 2 damage result in the middle of his playbook. He'll also lose one of his traits on the back of his card (I'm hoping it's Close Control). In exchange for all of that, I'm hoping he becomes just about the best ball recovery model in the game and then a scary tar pit to boot. Give him a double push on 3 and swap Stand Firm for something that gives out Close Control. Maybe make him a bit faster, something like 5/7. I'd even like to see Rough Seas have the ability to be triggered from the playbook. So now you have a model that specializes at recovering the ball, passing it to a friendly model who has Close Control, and then standing on the opposing team's most dangerous player and making it almost impossible for them to get after the ball. Last thing I might add is a trait that lets players that receive a pass from him dodge for free, like an inverse Showboating. And at the end of the day, with that playbook, he'll still have the ability switch over to get some take outs without it being his primary approach. So Shark is your hyper fast, super solo striker who chases down the ball or speeds up his team while Corsair is the center of your team, maneuvering and coordinating the other players while presenting a huge barrier for your opponent to overcome before they can chase down the ball. Both have mechanics in place for take outs thanks to how much reach we have, but the guild is returned to it's original design as THE scoring guild. Meanwhile, Jac gets his playbook smoothed out (thinking a double push on 4 at least, but preferably 3) and Kraken ideally gets 2/3 influence and maybe an aura that debuffs the enemy or forces them to make hard decisions. Something like making it impossible to charge a friendly model that's within 4" of Kraken. The focus being to have a few models that suck other models towards them and away from their lighter but faster strikers. Just my thoughts, but I like the idea of Fish having a uniquely narrow approach to the game but also being uniquely good at that approach.
  7. Penguin Warrior

    The Navigator's Guild

    You're absolutely right. But again, my point is he's situational. So if you're opponent sits the ball on a model with 4/0 or worst and if that model is near its own goal and if you're able to charge, Horizon could score a goal. But then there are going to be games when he fails his one charge or never quite meets all his conditions and he's going to be completely useless whereas a model like Greyscales, Siren, or Jac still add something to the team. Horizon is a model with high variance in a guild with plenty of more reliable ways of doing exactly what he does.
  8. Penguin Warrior

    The Navigator's Guild

    Horizon is all about the ball and only has 3 influence he can use. So regardless of how he engages, a tackle or KD from a counter attack can render his activation completely useless. So in order to reliably get the ball and keep it alive in a helpful way, he's going to need to bounce off of his target once he gets the ball, meaning that if he doesn't get to 4 net hits, he's in trouble. Unless the opponent defensive stances. And if he's charging as the first activation of the turn after returning in the opponent's side of the pitch, they know that he's going to have a very difficult time both recovering the ball and generating momentum to score a goal so they don't really need to counterattack. So now you have to hit five 5's on what is effectively 12 dice, which, while not impossible, is also not reliable. So if you miss the charge and only get a tackle, then you're spending 3 influence to steal the ball and kick it back towards your team, giving them an activation to respond to the new ball position while you have no momentum. Ultimately, Horizon seems similar to Bonesaw in a lot of ways. Yes, there are hypothetical situations in which he could be helpful and have a huge impact on the game, but what he does is subject to a massive amount of variation and if he isn't pulling off his one trick effectively, he's literally doing nothing at all. Meanwhile, Fish already have models like both Sakanas, Greyscales, Shark, and even Jac who can reliably recover the ball, are better at generating momentum, are safer from counter attacks thanks to reach, and all do something else in addition to chasing the ball. I could see him in a Shark line up in Season 3 against a team that is going to just sit the ball in the corner to kill it, but not much else.
  9. Penguin Warrior

    The Navigator's Guild

    Horizon seems like he's designed for the current meta rather than Season 4. If it becomes harder to kill the ball in Season 4 and people aren't just killing it in the corner against Shark, I don't really see what Horizon brings to fish that we don't already have. The 9/11 MOV is nice of course, but at the end of the day, he's a 1" melee, 3/1 model who needs four net hits in order to recover the ball without immediately getting punished with a counterattack. And the fact that he's going to be so bad at generating momentum means that he is going to struggle to even be all that viable when he's picking the ball up off the ground. As for his lack of synergy with Corsair, we'll have to wait and see how the fat guy changes in Season 4, but right now Horizon brings absolutely nothing, which Steamforged acknowledged. So ultimately, this is a pretty underwhelming model, though Season 4 could make him better than he appears right now.
  10. Penguin Warrior

    How rough are the seas?

    I've played this matchup from both sides a few times. Falconers are going to change it pretty significantly, but for now, I think Skatha is actually the better match up, especially if you need to kick. She's hard to Drag in and Snowball gives her a way out of a scrum and to extend her own threat if the Fish don't secure the ball effectively. Plus her legendary makes her one of the few models who have a decent chance at getting the ball off of Corsair even if he's hiding in the fish bubble. In every game I've played with Theron against Corsair, there's always one or two scary points for Corsair, but the unreliability of Theron's high-end damage and the overall fragility of the Hunters means that so far, Corsair always manages to take control of the scrum at some point while also threatening two goals. For a tweaner team like the Hunters, I think you need to outpace and out-football Corsair rather than try to outfight him. I think the match up comes down to using Skatha's legendary to get the second goal and then either working through a couple of take outs with Jaecar and vMinx or stealing the ball for the two goals. But of course, Falconers are going to change this. Harrier AOEs are going to make it a lot easier to get through Corsair with Theron, so at the beginning of next month, I would say that it the match up will swing back to Theron, though Skatha will still be pretty viable.
  11. Penguin Warrior


    I freaking love everything about this model. She is going to make kicking with Midas football teams so much scarier. By running either oKat or Crucible, you can now bounce two models up the pitch to threaten the ball. Add in Midas Touch on Crucible and you're talking absolutely ridiculous threat ranges on a kick off with two models, both of who are going to be very good at recovering the ball. And receiving with her, you have a reliable 20" threat range with 2 influence. That means that vCalculus is as efficient as Friday in terms of threat range. Sure, she doesn't have the same accuracy, but she makes up for that by being able to take her dodge at any point during her activation. So you can run Mercury with her to set things on fire so that you can use the dodge at the end of her move to avoid counter charges. On top of that, she gives out poison for taking shots and her movement debuff isn't a condition, so it can't just be shrugged off. And yeah, vCalculus hints at some really exciting changes for the guild. Can't wait to see them interact with conditions in different ways. In conclusion, vCalculus is awesome and will likely be the last piece of my normal Midas 6 and season 4 Alchs are super exciting.
  12. Penguin Warrior

    The Navigator's Guild

    Hoping that Horizon will have a way of taking himself out, stealing momentum when taken out, or will only give up 1 VP, because even a 6/0 model with 8 boxes is gonna go down fast, which will be fine with Shark, since then he just becomes another ball threat if the opponent is trying to sit the ball in the corner. Plus, Unexpected Arrival could help set up sideline take outs with Jac for some interesting 2/2 approaches with Fish. Presumably, the Navigators have some more movement shenanigans and some stuff to make them slippery or slightly resilient to overcome what looks like a major weakness in terms of generating momentum and a lack of Fish-like reach. Not super thrilled with the mechanics revealed so far (hate the guild rule personally) but I'm interested to see what kind of fun jank Steamforged gave these guys.
  13. Penguin Warrior

    Constructing your new Hunter 10.

    I'm thinking Skatha, Theron, Fahad, Zarola, Jaecar, vMinx, Minerva, Mataagi, oHearne, Seenah vMinx already changes the guild so much. I've been running Skatha as a support focused captain who repositions friendly players, throws out Snare, and positions to get a snap back goal or steal the ball if need be. Jaecar and vMinx do most of the work since both have very dynamic threat ranges and tons of flexibility.
  14. Penguin Warrior

    When do we take Mataagi over Minerva?

    The only time I see Mataagi making a six and not Minerva is in a high tempo, football-focused Skatha line up. Maybe something like Skatha, Fahad, vMinx, Jaecar, Zarola, Mataagi, lots of mobility and weird goal threats. But most of the time, I'd still rather run Minerva instead because her support abilities are just so good and reach is such a commodity in the guild. Theron likes her even more since he gets more value out of stacking Eye Spy with Singled Out and can more reliably take oHearne
  15. Penguin Warrior

    Season 4: Expectations, Hopes and Wishlisting

    I'm saying I don't think Fish should have that as a consistent option. I want them to be 3/0 focused, as that would be fairly unique as the other football guilds tend to have more flexibility to play a take out game. Focus on ball recovery, speed, and goals. And the fish will almost always have the option to fight a little bit since having this kind of access to reach means you'll be able to set up traps (especially with Drag) to pick up a take out or two. This is my personal wishlist, not necessarily what I think will or should happen
  16. Penguin Warrior

    Season 4: Expectations, Hopes and Wishlisting

    My biggest hope is a Corsair rework. My concern is that they're just going to nerf the current version of Corsair, who never felt much like a Fish to me. For me, the ideal Corsair design would take away all his momentous damage and add some momentous pushes. Maybe a Tackle double push on three or four success or something like that. So he keeps his damage values where they are for the most part but momentum is redistributed. Then you expand his playbook by one so he's not wrapping as consistently. Add a double guild ball result that triggers Rough Seas, take away Close Control, and change Stand Firm to a play that hands out Close Control at 6 or 8 inches. The idea is that Corsair is a tar pit who specializes at recovering the ball and repositioning enemy models away from his ball carriers while still giving him the ability to set up a couple of take outs more easily than Shark. Possible add a Character Trait that allows models receiving a pass from him to dodge for free. I want the Fish to be a primarily 3/0 guild top to bottom personally. I think this can be done without overlapping Shark and Corsair too much by maintaining Corsair's overall approach of dragging people to him while Shark goes off and chases the other team. So Corsair becomes a football support captain while Shark is still an active goal scorer himself. Also hoping to see Salt brought up in line with Frelsi and Pride as a more active, influence-dependent mascot. I love the otter and she has had a lot of game-changing plays, but I'd like to see mascots in general brought up and hope the Fish (Tentacles included) see a similar change.
  17. Penguin Warrior

    Falconers, the whole picture

    These guys seem like a fightier version of the Ratcatchers. Lots of early game pressure with a preferred 2-2 approach. Whereas the Rats are rewarded more for creative football play, the Falconers seem like they'll get rewarded for good fighting set up. That being said, these guys absolutely do not want to brawl. I'd guess they'll feel like a combination of the Hunters' trickiness with the Butchers' raw damage when they fight. I can see swapping out Ikaros for Egret when the Falconers want to slow the game down and maintain their distance longer. Don't see running vHearne too much since he's so slow, but he won't be bad as a counterpunching option against teams that have to come into the Falconers or in situations where you really want more Snare options. I also don't see taking out any of the Harrier models since they all work too well with Devana and they're all just too good to swap out for either Egret and vHearne. Final thought: think I'll usually like kicking with these guys rather than receiving. The last activation should give Devana a good chance to set up 2 or 3 mega attacks at the end of a turn that can transition into five Assist attacks at the top of the next turn for a take out. Obviously this won't work against teams that can just sit back and shoot (Smoke Alchemists, Engineers, Esters Brewers, Burnish Blacksmiths) but I think it will be my normal approach.
  18. Penguin Warrior

    Game balancing the butchers

    Ox - Momentous Butchery on 5 Fillet - Clear up Haemophilia so that she heals regardless of initiative Princess - Gains Between a Rock... Truffles - Gains Smell Blood Brisket - Gains Acrobatics vBrisket - Swap Tackle dodge on 3 with Ball's Gone on 4 Meathook - Loses Sanguine Pool Shank - Goes back to 2/4 influence, Where'd They Go? costs 2 influence (I know this is technically two changes but one is an overall game change so I'm going to leave it here ) Tendersier - 2/3 influence vOx - The Old Ways changes to "If a model is taken out while engaged with this model..." vGutter - Double push on 5
  19. Penguin Warrior

    Footballing Alchemists

    My favorite Alchs list is Midas, Naja, Vitriol, Crucible, Calculus, and vKat. Crucible is mostly a battery who gives Vitriol a jumping point, Naja provides crowd outs and a good ball holder if you ever need to slow things down, Calculus can set up vKat with conditions and provides some control with Blind, Midas and Vitriol chase the ball and provide some combat support, and vKat looks for a Witness Me take out to support two goals. It typically works pretty well. Even if your opponent controls vKat, he requires so many resources to shut down completely that it frees up the rest of your team to do what they want. Midas and Vitriol are real hard to keep away from two goals throughout a game, so this team is ready to win quickly and grind a bit if needed.
  20. Penguin Warrior


    Fahad is a 1" melee model with no double dodge that needs to charge to do anything and has no access to three damage. It also needs Snare on an enemy model, which an opponent can clear, and 5/0 is not that difficult to deal with when the model can only take 6 hits. Literally any team in the game can take Fahad out because of his health pool and because he actually needs to get in the fight. Meanwhile, Pride can hang out all safe and snug by his goal with 13 boxes while still providing value to his team. Plus, whereas Pride can do damage while also making enemy goal runs more inefficient with Rush Keeper and Predatory Glare, Fahad literally only does damage and needs set up to work. I'm not saying Fahad is a bad mascot, but Pride is more durable, more flexible, can be just as influence efficient, and needs less set up. Fahad is firmly a mascot whereas Pride is almost a squaddie. Hopefully, Fahad ends up closer to Pride than the other way around though.
  21. Penguin Warrior


    Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaah I'm conflicted about this guy. On the one hand, this is what I would like to see out of mascots: more limited or focused versions of squaddies that still have an impact on the game as opposed to the current approach, which is a pet animal that barely does anything or only does things for free. So it would be great if this was indicative of a general shift in the approach to mascot design. On the other hand, until such a change is implemented, Pride seems pretty ridiculous relative to other mascots. 13 boxes, 5 TAC, 2 Kick, infinite range Horrific Odor that functions as long as he's within 10" of the goal, and only giving up one point on a take out seem way too good. Compare that to Fahad (another large cat), who only has 6 boxes, 1 Kick, and 3 TAC. This is really confusing design, both in terms of gameplay and fluff. So I really dislike him in a vacuum because he seems waaaaaaaaay too good. Predatory Gaze should probably turn off if he's knocked down or something else that limits it, especially because Pride can get it momentously on one result. But in the context of what I hope is a general rethinking of mascots, he would be really cool.
  22. Penguin Warrior

    Fisherman Player Summaries

    I'll take a crack at Hag Hag is a pure support character who generally follows your playmakers around to enhance their speed and support their overall play. Fisher's Reel is her key Character Play and it allows her to make another friendly model make a two inch dodge, which extends threat ranges, helps escape danger, and even fix positioning mistakes. This combines with her Legendary Play, which causes every friendly model within 4" to make a two inch dodge and every enemy model within the same range suffer a two inch push, after which she takes one point of damage for every effected player. Hag specializes in shifting the fight around to enable her team to maintain the advantage at all times. She assists the fight with a two inch melee and can prove extremely difficult to take out thanks to Fear, which forces your opponent to spend an additional point of influence the first them he or she targets Hag every turn, Shadowlike, which lets her dodge away from threats at the beginning of her activation, and Decoy, a Character play that improves her defence for a single attack. In addition to all this, she's incredibly efficient thanks to Talisman, which allows her to use one cost 1 character play for free every turn. However, Hag is not a player who effects the game on her own. Her low Tac of 4 and relatively weak playbook do not really give her access to recovering the ball, generating influence, or moving around. In addition, if the enemy team does get through Fear, her Def of 4+ and lack of armor make her liable to go down extremely quickly. She also struggles if the enemy team specializes in AOEs or conditions, considering that these ignore Fear and take advantage of her low defence and lack of health. As a result, Hag must be positioned carefully so that she can support her team with repositioning without getting caught by her opponents. Strengths: Great movement/positioning support, good combat support, influence efficiency, slippery in combat and frustrating to take out Weaknesses: Lack of playmaking, squishy after Fear Good into: Essentially everything Risky into: Alchemists and Engineers, but neither so much that she shouldn't be picked
  23. Penguin Warrior

    Mataagi, first cross guild player spoiled

    Yeah this guy looks fun, but really tricky to use. Obviously anything with 10 boxes is liable to die to stiff breeze and we'll have to be smart about finding the right moment to activate him, but the Harrier AOE plus some Jaecar-like goal runs mean this guy is going to be a flexible combination of playmaking and support. I think he pretty much knocks Egret out of my 10, which is sad because there's definitely some synergy between the two of them.
  24. Penguin Warrior

    Veteran Sakana

    I definitely agree that he'll still play the ball to a degree, I just don't think that he'll be as focused on it as he is now. Almost every model in the guild plays around the ball to a certain degree, so I'll be shocked if that doesn't extend to him. But I think he'll shift some of his focus over to some combination of support abilities or brawling so that he has a different identity. Won't be surprised to see his Kick change to either 3/6 or 4/6 and have him lose Cover of Darkness while picking up more pushes and picking up something like Confidence or an aura buff so that the two models have different identities. Or maybe something that allows friendly models to dodge for free when they receive a pass from him. So he becomes less of a playmaker himself in exchange for improving the players around him.
  25. Penguin Warrior

    Veteran Sakana

    Absolutely. I just would have been even more excited if it was vAngel or vKraken, considering that those are more rarely used. Still very much excited When you say striking, do you brawling? I would guess the flag means that he'll be more of a support piece that plays a kind of leadership role by handing out buffs that amplify our ability to fight (also hoping this is wrong if that's what you meant). I don't think it's likely that he's just going to be another striker since he would likely just be redundant then. Maybe along the same lines as vSiren but buff-focused and with reach