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  1. Hearnes on a part-time leave

    See, I don't love Egret, but I also think she's a useful piece. Flurry is really good into teams that like to clump up and Back to the Shadows is extremely powerful. I usually put her off on a flank to pretty much just troll the other team with a few potshots while slipping away. Poison can add that extra bit of damage that can help a Jaecar take out or even sometimes just baits someone into using momentum. She can also occasionally go into melee to hand out a bit of damage and poison. On top of all of this, she's got a 3/8 Kick. She's a flexible model who rarely has a ton of impact on the game but I've almost never regretted bringing her. Usually I take her if I'm looking for a goal threat who brings more damage (Poison > Ulfr for damage). That way she helps me pick away at the other team and provides an option for a snap back goal at some point.
  2. We need to talk about...the Herald's of Winter's Moon

    I mean, Skatha brings a lot to the table. Sure, she's not as good at scoring as some captains, but she can shift her team around, provide fast ground, generate momentum without the ball, and has an AOE snare ability. All of that is in addition to being a super dangerous goal threat thanks to her mobility, accurate kick, and legendary. Is Skatha as good a striker as Shark? No. Is she as good a fighter as Fillet? No. Is she as good at support as Esters? No. But she brings some tools from each of those styles into the mix. She threatens goals, has momentous damage and a KD (on a team that doesn't exactly have an abundance of KD), and can enable her team in a variety of ways. No, Skatha isn't on the same level as Thresher, but she's not designed for that. She's not the kind of captain who just gets a full allotment of influence every turn and does everything herself. The fact that she can shift her role depending on the team around her and the situation is really powerful, so the decision making associated with her flexibility should have risk built in. In my mind, Skatha could use a small tweak (6" range on Blessing, 6/8 MOV), but is in a really good spot overall as a model.
  3. We need to talk about...the Herald's of Winter's Moon

    I'd be interested to see how this works. If she can cast it on herself, it gives her essentially an automatic momentous 2" dodge or an incredibly likely nonmomentous 3" dodge, which seems crazy strong. It would be really difficult to stop a goal run if she can do that. Of course, lots of teams have someone to outrange a 10" threat range, so it's not exactly free either. My thought is that it would make her a bit too easy to set up. One of the things that balances Skatha out is that as a 5/0 model with a 1" melee, her goal runs tend to have a bit of risk to them and she has to be creative about how she gets to the ball. It would be interesting to test, I just think it would probably give her a bit too much power. That being said, yes to 6" regardless
  4. Zarola ..... and playing her well

    Man oh man, I love me some Zarola. While she definitely needs to have her playbook updated, since no player in the game should have a useless playbook (yeah, I'm looking at you too, Jac), she's my second favorite non-captain model on this team after only Jaecar. Let's get the obvious out of the way first: yes, I use her almost exclusively for Midnight Offering. But the more I use it, the more applications I find for it. It makes our turn 1 threat so much stronger by getting a second player up the field to offer a second, non-Skatha threat to the enemy team (usually Jaecar, but can be just about anyone in the right situation). She can disentangle a model who's being shut down by reach (I've had Jaecar locked up by Mash a few too many times). It can make Theron's control game 100000000% more viable. it can provide unexpected Gang Ups. Midnight Offering is so strong that it justifies Zarola by itself. But Unpredictable Movement, Light Footed, Def 5, and Chain Bolas means that she's not exclusively Midnight Offering. She can kill the ball pretty well, get around the pitch easily, be annoying for a lot of models to take out, and even contribute that once-in-a-lifetime charge to farm momentum or grab the ball. The more I play Zarola, the harder time I have swapping her out for everyone. To me, she feels super integral to the Hunters' hit-and-run style and fits both captains extremely well.
  5. We need to talk about...the Herald's of Winter's Moon

    While I actually agree with most of the points, I don't think they make the second box sub-standard. The reason I'd like to see some changes to the second box isn't because the models aren't viable but because they are either clunky/non-intuitive or just not very interesting. Skatha - easily one of my favorite models in the game. I agree that Blessing of the Moon Goddess is very situational (I've almost never used it), but it's good for dealing with Unpredictable Movement (giving Jaecar a triple dodge on 2 results can get him into anybody) and the aforementioned turn 1 goal. My main wish would be that Skatha is faster. I understand that she can be a 7/9 model for free, but that's dependent on placing terrain that benefits the other team and still lags her behind Thresher. The idea that a Farmers captain out-threats a Hunters captain who has speed as one of her defining attributes is pretty silly. I know Snowball extends this threat, but the fact that it even as the possibility of missing means that Skatha should at least have 6/8 MOV in my mind. Ulfr - rather than getting a buff, he just needs to be smoothed out. My main issue with him is just that it's extremely rare when I feel like I can give him much influence unless he starts the turn with the ball. Where'd They Go is amazing, but the rest of his stuff is kind of underwhelming. The fact that he has to work so hard to get his tech to work right in my mind just makes him a very situational pick. I like the idea of Crazy instead of Lone Hunter. Another idea is that he starts out with TAC 4 and Kick 4/8 and Blood Scent gives him an additional 2 TAC when he does damage but drops his Kick to 3/6 or maybe even 2/6 to show that he's berserking. This would need a slight tweak to his playbook, but I think would make him a smoother and more flexible model. vHearne - this guy's one of the most frustrating models in the game. On the one hand, literally the only reason to take him rather than oHearne is because of the additional point of influence he generates. On the other hand, I feel almost obligated to bring him in the tournament 10 because if I go oHearne, it becomes very difficult to run a team with two models that have reach. So even though oHearne feels so much smoother and more rewarding as a model, I haven't been able to fit him into my roster yet. This is a problem with one of the Hunters' main weaknesses (lack of reach) and the model definitely needs to be updated so that I'm taking to fill a role, not just to provide another 2" melee. Giving vHearne some defensive tech would go a long way to making me feel better about him. Forcing someone to go through a 3/1 model with Tough Hide and/or Sturdy (rather than his almost useless teleport ability) and a pretty dangerous counterattack would make him a lot stronger as a control/disruption piece. Then it becomes a choice of a speedy (with Theron or natural forest) offensive model with set up abilities in oHearne and a slower, less directly impactful model in vHearne, who brings additional influence, disruption, and toughness. Snow - I actually really like Snow, but she's just too situational compared to Fahad, so the roster keeps her out. Not everyone has enough armor to make Feral Instincts worth it, I rarely want the ball on a 4/0 model with 2/4 kick, which makes Ooh, Ball! only ok, and while Pack Instincts is amazing, it's also situational considering that it's pretty worthless against a lot of teams (scoring teams or teams with lots of KD) and requires bunching to cover multiple members, which is something I almost never want to do, especially with Skatha. Her low MOV also makes it difficult to consider Pack Instincts a mobile support ability, since Snow really doesn't have any good way of getting around quickly. I would be way more interested if Snow gave some kind of combat buff like Assist, but the fact that she has amazing match ups into certain line ups isn't nothing. Again, I think Snow is good, just too situational for a roster that struggles to fit her. So ultimately, I agree that the second box of Hunters could use some love, though not because I think they're behind the power curve so much as because they just need to be smoothed out a bit or given a bigger benefit to either compete for a roster spot (Snow) or further justify that roster spot (vHearne).
  6. Your favourite 6.

    Skatha, Fahad, Jaecar, Zarola, Minx, Seenah is probably my most comfortable team. It's fun spreading out three Furious models and making the other team try and stop all of them when Zarola can just shift them around
  7. Thursday night Guild Ball Hunters vs Famers

    Two major points of advice for this match up. Number 1: I always kick off with Skatha, since she's the only model with real ball threat on turn one. Number 2: I also keep her in the center at the beginning of the game so that she has as many options as possible for facilitating your team. This allows you to transition into shooting the bear up the field of a first turn goal isn't an option and gets her into position to influence the game on turn two. Having your captain on the flank the whole game means that you're leaving your most influential player in a position where she cannot consistently play a major role. For take outs into Farmers, it really depends on the team. If you're playing into Grange, consider Egret, since Grange likes to bunch up and has low defense. In addition, Egret provides another goal threat on the flank.Otherwise, Windle is perfect for Hunters. Most of our highest damage is non-momentous anyway, so we don't lose anything by going into him. The real trouble with him is that if you go into Windle and don't kill him, he's probably going to kill you good unless you can force him to overextend. Typically into Farmers, I try to force them to extend up the pitch early in the game for momentum. Once they leave the safety of their bubble, they're pretty easy to pick off. My general approach is to constantly threaten the ball, forcing the Farmers to spend resources trying to protect it rather than getting set up for the scrum. This can also force them to choose between maximum fighting efficiency and spreading out to play defense. Spreading out is even more important against Thresher, since you need to force him to go for take outs one at a time as opposed to being able to shift easily from one target to the next.
  8. Kick or Receive (Captain & Mascot Choice)

    Well I generally prefer Skatha in both scenarios. However, I think this makes Theron more interesting for me to learn since I can take him into more match ups when I receive. Don't think this will effect the mascot much. You either like free charges or support and I think it's tough to fit both in a tournament roster. Definitely seems more relevant for the captain choice.
  9. Teach me how to vHearne

    Interesting. I have to test Egret more, but I like the idea of her floating on the flank, threatening a goal. If she drags a beater over to deal with her, it's just going to free up other players. Ultimately, I always favor goal-scoring over fighting and support
  10. Teach me how to vHearne

    Now I think I'm in the minority in not using Chaska a lot. I actually think he's a really cool niche model because of his Brewer style playbook that gives him access to a KD and high damage potential and he has some interesting support abilities. However, I struggle to fit him in since he's a 3/1 normally with only a 1" melee without any extra native defensive tech. So I don't run him a lot. However, I think Chaska is probably a bit better with oHearne. Slap Singled Out on someone and suddenly Chaska has more access to his KD and wrapping, more so than any other play in the squad. This isn't something I've had a chance to test since I don't run Chaska in my usual 10 and I'm more of a Skatha player so I don't tend to run oHearne despite preferring him, but I at least like the concept.
  11. Tuesday Night GB (TNGB)

    Yeah, if you have room for Snow in your 10 (I don't bring him in spite of what I'm about to say) he's money into Butchers. I would run Skatha, Snow/Fahad, Jaecar, Zarola, Ulfr, Egret/vHearne. That last slot is pretty up for grabs. vHearne can help Ulfr and Skatha with goal scoring, but he's also a 3/1 Def model with no defensive tech, so he's going to die suuuper fast once they get him, especially considering he's not great at disengaging. Egret is way slipperier but more dependent on character plays, brings less control, and isn't exactly tanky. What she could do is slip in and out of melee and add yet another goal threat. It's a build I haven't tried yet, but I plan to give it a go tomorrow against the Farmers. Jaecar is Jaecar, so he might die but he's stupid good and threatens take outs and goals while forcing your opponent to chase him to the flanks and through traps. And Zarola is just amazing in general. She speeds your team up and is so annoying for a Fillet team to get into. Ultimately, you're looking to score early and often. Get to 2 goals and then threaten both the third goal or two take outs.
  12. A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    You put four onto Chaska, then give him Blessing of the Sun Father from Theron and Last Light from vHearne. Boom x4
  13. Let's Talk Hunter's - Jaecar

    Sounds like a new blog entry
  14. Let's Talk Hunter's - Jaecar

    Jaecar is definitely one of the best models in the game. But like any well designed model, he has significant and exploitable weaknesses., He is easily the most flexible tool the Hunters have. He does lots of reliable, momentous damage, covers the map extremely well, can hand out Gut and String and can hand out Snare. He's even a sneaky good goal scorer thanks to his speed and ability to disengage. Outside of Skatha, Jaecar has definitely been the leading scorer/playmaker on my roster. But he's also a 4/0 Def model with 1" melee and no knockdown, which makes him extremely susceptible to counter attacks. Players with access to a double dodge, push dodge, or double push on the first three columns are scary for him if he doesn't have another model to jump into. He also goes down ridiculously fast if a team manages to catch up to him. This means that while Jaecar can do a ton of work that he can be shut down in certain match ups or with bad positioning. I personally don't run him into Engineers because of how good they are at disengaging with counter attacks and how resilient they are. Other than that, he's viable in every match up but certainly has to be careful about who and when he engages.
  15. Every time I've tried going for a turn one goal with Ulfr he shits the bed charge against a 3+/1 and all I need is the double dodge, ok I got this. Wait, why is my double dodge not until 4 on a striker? And why did said striker only roll 3 success on 10 dice with no defensive stance declared? And why does said striker get knocked down so easily? Is it my fault? No, it's the model who's wrong! All joking aside, I've had less than no luck with Ulfr as a turn one goal threat. In theory, he's the best option for an early goal, since it keeps Skatha safe and ready to threaten the ball right away. But that 5/7 MOV and the lack of a good damage/dodge option until the last column of his playbook are pretty restricting. Generally, I just take the goal with Skatha if I really feel I need a turn one goal. It seems to me that the real danger of scoring a turn 1 goal is that the Hunters don't threaten the follow up goal super well. Don't get me wrong, the Hunters have a ton of viable goal threats: Skatha, Ulfr, Jaecar, Egret, oHearne (with a forest around), hell even Minx (scored two goals in one game with her recently). But the lack of 8" kicks and a general lack of ball recovery ability (not exactly a good tackling team), the Hunters struggle to recover the ball and make your opponent threaten the second goal. For example, you don't really want Ulfr to run out the flanks to recover the ball considering he only has a 3/6 native Kick, which isn't great for getting the ball where you want. I generally try to set up Skatha for a turn 2 or 3 goal, by which point I hope to have taken control of the game flow and set myself up for either a few take outs or a follow up goal, all while leaving Skatha the option to hit eject and just score a goal if things are starting to unravel. So the ideal scenario is that I've got the other team under threat from a few directions with damage, conditions, positioning, etc. and my opponent has to make a choice between a few bad options, only one of which is the possibility of the second goal. This is of course an ideal scenario but it's what has felt best to aim for typically.