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  1. Mataagi, first cross guild player spoiled

    Yeah this guy looks fun, but really tricky to use. Obviously anything with 10 boxes is liable to die to stiff breeze and we'll have to be smart about finding the right moment to activate him, but the Harrier AOE plus some Jaecar-like goal runs mean this guy is going to be a flexible combination of playmaking and support. I think he pretty much knocks Egret out of my 10, which is sad because there's definitely some synergy between the two of them.
  2. Veteran Sakana

    I definitely agree that he'll still play the ball to a degree, I just don't think that he'll be as focused on it as he is now. Almost every model in the guild plays around the ball to a certain degree, so I'll be shocked if that doesn't extend to him. But I think he'll shift some of his focus over to some combination of support abilities or brawling so that he has a different identity. Won't be surprised to see his Kick change to either 3/6 or 4/6 and have him lose Cover of Darkness while picking up more pushes and picking up something like Confidence or an aura buff so that the two models have different identities. Or maybe something that allows friendly models to dodge for free when they receive a pass from him. So he becomes less of a playmaker himself in exchange for improving the players around him.
  3. Veteran Sakana

    Absolutely. I just would have been even more excited if it was vAngel or vKraken, considering that those are more rarely used. Still very much excited When you say striking, do you brawling? I would guess the flag means that he'll be more of a support piece that plays a kind of leadership role by handing out buffs that amplify our ability to fight (also hoping this is wrong if that's what you meant). I don't think it's likely that he's just going to be another striker since he would likely just be redundant then. Maybe along the same lines as vSiren but buff-focused and with reach
  4. Veteran Sakana

    Too bad his name is Sakana but I'm super hyped! In two months, we'll be getting three new models and a whole new team to play (in theory). Though I guess this means I might have spent too much money on pitchforks and torches. Ah well, hindsight and all that
  5. Pure Guild

    I think you can cut Gutter out without too much problem. If you're looking for six with Corsair, I'd go Corsair, Tentacles, Sakana, Hag, Kraken, Jac/Greyscales/Siren. Kraken might not be a world beater, but he has 2 damage on 2, some momentous damage, and can set up Corsair so that he doesn't have to spend influence on Drag himself every time. This list definitely has a 2/2 approach with ability to flex to either 1/4 or 3/0 if the opponent provides the opportunity. For a pure guild 10, I'd say Shark, Corsair, Salt, Tentacles (personal preference here), Sakana, Hag, Greyscales, oSiren, Jac, Kraken. I don't think you get almost any value out of Angel or vSiren, so I'd prefer the second mascot. You'll typically run Sakana and Hag every game with Greyscales being the next most common and then oSiren, Jac, and Kraken competing for the last slot. The loss of the Union slot decreases our flexibility but doesn't really weaken the guild too much since Gutter doesn't do anything with Shark normally, you can typically get by without the condition clearing of Hemlocke, and neither Snakeskin or Fangtooth really bring much of anything to the team. Fish are one of the better guilds to get into without relying on Union
  6. The Navigator's Guild

    Thematically, Sakana and Hag make the most sense to me as dual-faction from the Fish, though I suspect vSiren could get thrown in as well. From the Navigator's, I would guess Horizon for one and potentially vShark
  7. vMinx card shown

    Love this model, definitely replaces oMinx for me. Think she's going to be a mid-turn piece who wants to get into an already activated model to generate some momentum, drop a trap, and activate Marked for Death. At that point, even if the opponent spends influence pushing her out of engagement, that's an activation spent responding to threats rather than pursuing a goal more directly related to winning. Before testing her, she seems like she'll play in almost every game since she fits into almost any style and synergizes well with both captains. She seems like a good alternative to Ulfr, who definitely doesn't work very smoothly even if I like him, and makes me more interested in trying out Chaska. Could see a fun list being Skatha, Fahad, vMinx, Zarola, Jaecar, vHearne. Focus on chasing the ball but be able to switch gears for take outs at a moment's notice.
  8. Post-Errata Corsiar Team and Tactics Ponderings

    So are Engineers a Shark match up now? I get that they're tough for Corsair to take out, but he still seems like the best answer to Ballista, especially if you get Kick em While They're Down. This also seems like one of Shark's roughest match ups, the only worse one being Obulus. So why is everyone avoiding Corsair here?
  9. Shark's Fishermen and the third goal

    It's important to know what to do with Shark when he scores that first goal. If you can get him in the right position, you force the Brewers to choose between setting up for the rest of the game and collapsing on him for the guaranteed 2 points. Shark is harder to kill than a lot of people think, so if they don't send in the full goon squad, he can slip away and set up for either the second or third goal. And if they do go full goon and just go all in on him, they're giving up control of the pitch, meaning the places they can hide the ball shrink significantly. I would avoid Angel into Brewers. Friday and Spigot have very easy access to tackles and they are brought almost every game already. She has a very telegraphed goal threat and does nothing for you without the ball in her immediate vicinity. Sakana has better disengage, reach (good for getting through Glutt Mass), and a very reliable goal. When I play into Brewers, I run Shark, Salt, Hag, oSiren, Sakana, and Greyscales. Spread 'em out, split the field into thirds for Shark, Sakana, and Greyscales to patrol, and keep Siren and Salt for emergency ball retrieval or crowd outs. If you position well and time your goals right, the Brewers have an extremely difficult time keeping pace. It might also be worth trying out Hemlocke specifically against Esters. Being able to clear burning will reduce a lot of her early game control. Plus, Hemlocke is a sneaky good ball player. Momentous Tackle on 1 with lots dodges in the playbook. She's not a striker by any means, but she's solid enough at ball recovery to be a fairly flexible tool. Plus she brings blind and you can still bring the otter (yes, I prefer Salt! Don't look at me like that! I'm crazy like an otter). Ultimately, it's about projecting pressure with Shark. If the Brewers are taking someone out, make sure someone else is threatening the ball. Make them constantly decide between pursuing VPs and protecting the ball. You don't always need to be scoring or tackling the ball to be making your opponent's life difficult. It takes some time to get comfortable with how to apply that pressure, but it's worth the frustration every time you get to watch the other player look back and forth between their ball carrier and that sweet, sweet brawl set up and not know what to do
  10. Another Errata, another Fish nerf

    I don't know that I agree with this. With Shark, the score rarely represents how close the game is. Between two players of similar skill level, it becomes a game of hide the ball vs. pure goal-scoring. While Shark can frequently make opponents feel like they have no control over the game, I usually feel like I'm walking a tight rope with him. I personally enjoy this tension and have won games 12-2 with Shark that felt closer than games I've won 12-10 with other guilds. And I think it's rare that Shark loses big. It's hard to stop him from scoring 2 goals, even when the game is entirely out of his reach. So it seems to me that the middle ground for Shark is just harder to see than with other teams. But if you look beyond the score, a lot of Shark games in my experience are a lot closer than they appear.
  11. Another Errata, another Fish nerf

    The few times I played sBrisket, A&G were so nice to have on the field. Brisket is hard to stop when she only needs to score two goals and A&G bring explosive damage with less set up than other brawling options. So they're definitely in the 10 even if they aren't an every game drop. I do understand your frustration though. I really don't have much interest in playing vRage or Blackheart and now I have a bunch of models that won't work outside of Union. Ultimately, I'll either sell them or grit my teeth and pick up a second captain (sBrisket is super fun and I want to play her again in the future).
  12. Another Errata, another Fish nerf

    Honestly though, this one needed to happen. A&G made Fish too well-rounded when they were originally designed to be a football-focused team. They definitely felt good to play but they were brutal to play into, especially against Corsair. While I would have liked to see more teams lose access to these models, not everyone has the same ability to set them up If you still want some momentous damage, Gutter is still available and Corsair didn't get nerfed himself, so he's still a Take Out machine. Plus, this really doesn't change anything for Shark. All in all, this was just an acceleration of what was ultimately going to happen. I'm personally looking forward to trying out some different stuff and returning our guild's focus to football
  13. How to buff Angel?

    So I played Angel for the first time in a while yesterday in a Corsair list and she was incredibly underwhelming. I never wanted to give her a full allotment of influence because she's so easy to disrupt and so bad at doing anything besides shooting a goal, including recovering the ball since she's so vulnerable to counter attacks. Meanwhile, Sakana shredded armor, did a bit of damage, farmed momentum, and ultimately scored my only goal of the game. What I would like to see is Angel become better as a ball recovery model so that she has something else to do with influence without just becoming Greyscales or Sakana 2.0. First, I would take Ball's Gone from Greyscales and put it on Angel. Greyscales already has reach, a Tackle on two, and Where'd They Go. I so rarely use Ball's Gone on him that I think this doesn't hurt him that much while giving Angel a new tool to recover the ball. Second, I would give her a bonus charge against a model holding the ball (think +0/+2 when charging). Now Angel has a very specific, long-distance threat that allows her to get up to Ball's Gone, allowing her to get through Close Control and get the ball off of her before she gets countered. So Angel would become a model designed to score long range goals, snap shot, and recover the ball, all while maintaining her weaknesses of being fragile, bad at disengaging, having limited effectiveness when she isn't around the ball, and lacking reach.
  14. Fish influence spread

    Well the free two influence is already amazing, but the Fisher's Reel is soooooooooo good. The ability to disengage from someone is extremely powerful in Fish and the fact that you get to do it for free just puts her over the top. Think about Sakana; normally, you'd have to buy two attacks to disengage from a model in base to base and you can't do it with less than 3 against a model with reach. Suddenly, Hag has Sakana at the edge of melee and needing on the one attack, freeing him up to use Weak Point safely or run off to chase the ball with more influence. She extends Shark and Corsair's threat ranges on turn one and gives you some very powerful use out of influence that otherwise would have been dead. She can bump Sakana into cover to give him Cover of Darkness. Fisher's Reel is unbelievably flexible and efficient with Talisman, meaning that I bring Hag essentially every game. I've had lots of trouble with this actually, since I mostly play Shark, who is usually so far up the field that her legendary really doesn't have much impact. But it is amazing with Corsair. I've had his entire team dodge into engagement with a model I'd thought I cleverly got out of danger. Suddenly, Corsair was swinging with 9 or 10 dice when he otherwise would have had to chew threw a 5 defence model on six dice. With Corsair, the ability to reshuffle a fight suddenly can help you go from an even fight to having a significant brawling advantage. Then you add in Fear, Shadowlike, and 2" melee and Hag just becomes one of the best models in the game. Yes, she's fragile, but she demands a huge commitment from the other team to take out. She's a core part of the general Fish approach of being fragile but extremely slippery, all while being a battery who still does stuff. Ultimately, this means that Hag is a support model who repositions your playmakers without taking influence away from them, making influence distribution a lot easier.
  15. Fish influence spread

    Both captains are super influence hungry. I run Shark as a super solo striker. Give him 6 influence to go on an extremely reliable goal run or recover the ball, all while generating a ton of momentum. On the other hand, Corsair wants to grind out the scrum and wants to be able to use Drag and push people around. Also, since he's such a pain to take out, you'll very rarely actually risk losing any influence you dump on him. So most turns I start out by giving the captain 6 influence. From there, it's just a challenge of identifying which players are in position to influence the game. One of the strengths of Fish is that they are very flexible in terms of playmaking. Sakana is always safe since he generates momentum so easily and has a ridiculous threat range. I always want to give Siren at least 2 influence so she can try for a charge to get Seduced, but this is fairly situational. Both mascots have stuff they can do with one or two influence. You're already bringing Hag, who is probably the most influence efficient model in the game. I almost never give her any influence and she still has a massive impact on every game. Typically, I load up the captain and one other player (often Sakana) and then spread the rest of my influence around the other players so that I'm ready to respond to as many situations as possible. Sometimes this means only having three players with influence and sometimes (if I've scored a goal or two) this means having a couple of players with two influence each, but I've noticed that with Fish more so than almost any other team, the role of non-captain star player changes almost every turn.