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    Guildball on Table Top Simulator

    Yeah indeed in the end it started working but like you said the items falling in the middle was also annoying. I still need to get the hang of the basics so it is hard to work with the simulator. If anyone wants please just add me to Steam, I can always play after 22h GMT+1. Steam-id: lord_augustus
  2. Private

    Guildball on Table Top Simulator

    I just added you, also just bought Tabletop Simulator but having issues getting the game to work. Loads funny and also not all textures seem to be loaded etc... Hope you can help and we can play against eachother
  3. Private

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    Great work on the app, have been using it for the last few weeks and really like how it works!
  4. Private

    Questions about AOE use

    Hi guys, I've been playing Guild Ball for a couple of months now and have already got a full Butchers and Hunters team. Earlier this week there was a promotion in a local store, 3 starter kits for the price of 2. So I picked up Fisherman, Union and ALCHEMISTS. I also ordered the whole line-up of alchemists via steamforged (it is cheaper) to start playing with this lovely team. However I do have some questions about the plays these guys have. If you guys could help me out with these I can start planning my tactics. I made some assumptions that are hopefully correct. 1. Placement of an AOE Placing an AOE within x" from the model, do you measure from base to base? Meaning for Noxious Blast I can place the AOE 8" from Calculus. So I touch her base and place the AOE 8" further away, meaning that the AOE (which is 3") will be actually between 8" and 11" away from Calculus? 2. The effect of an AOE. So like before I plan to use Noxious Blast, it has cost 2 [INF]. So do I put the AOE wherever I want (within the given maximum distance) but need to throw 2 dices to see if the model which is in contact gets hit with the condition? And I need to get their DEF number and in case of armor also need to make sure that for example if armor is 1 I throw 2 successes? 3. Cloud Jumper On Smoke's card is says that he can choose an ongoing-effect AOE once per turn and place it within 4" of him. It is clear for me that he can just move to this effect freely but can it be done after he has already made a jog or charge. So at the end of his activation? And also can he choose ALL AOE's which are in the game including the "Pain Circle" from Butcher's own Fillet. Thanks in advance for clearing these up for me!