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  1. missing1leg

    Game plan deck revealed

    I would have preferred the influence modifier to be 0-2. Same range but I at least get to play with the base team I built every turn.
  2. missing1leg

    Farmer Errata has landed

    Not for me. I've tried him a good number of times since I thought there was some game to be had. My issues with him are that he only donates 1 inf to the team if he does his rough ground and if he doesn't, he shouldn't be on the pitch. But to get extra harvest markers he has to activate before my other planters. This is a huge problem for grange or harrow for me but a little less so for millstone or Jack. But if I already have millstone and jack, I'm not sure I need the extra marker as much as i want harrow's healing aura and if I have all 3 of those I surely don't need a 4th planter. Even a pitch where I had 2 huge rough ground patches in my way he really didn't feel worth the slot I gave him. Ultimately if I can afford to give him influence he might can give me back one next turn but he's messing with my order of activations to do so. Definitely try him out but for me he feels pretty weak even in situations where he ought to shine.
  3. missing1leg

    Farmer Errata has landed

    My only concern is Jack became even more of an auto include as the only model besides millstone who can reliably drop harvest markers where you will need them. There were definitely some games I liked dropping him from thresher's team and with increased consumption and no better production, I no longer feel that's an option
  4. Short version. If a charging model successfully charges a target but is knocked down by a counter charge, is the charge attack lost even if the original charging model has a momentum to stand back up and is still engaging it's charge target? My understanding is that since the charge is a single action which incorporates both advance and attack, other actions (in this case Take a Breather but also things like Get Over Here) cannot interrupt those two things so even if they original charging model stood back up, they would not be able to make the already paid for charge attack with the 4 extra dice since they have now made an entirely different action. After standing up, they would be able to pay for regular (ie non-charge) attacks assuming influence was available. Example. Iron charges Millstone and ends his advance inside 6" of Tater who has a harvest marker nearby and is unengaged and not engaging Iron. Tater declares a counter charge and Iron plays Brace for Impact. Tater gets 3 net hits and chooses a Mow Down result which knocks down Iron. Iron spends a momentum to clear conditions using the Take a Breather action. He is still engaging his charge target. Does he get to make his charge attack with the 4 extra dice (minus one for Tater now)? If so, why?
  5. missing1leg

    Mulligans during play.

    So to play devil's advocate, how do you feel about people choosing KD vs farmers and having millstone take it? Does your answer change if millstone is cocky from peck?
  6. missing1leg

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    Just noticed a wierd error. While browsing cards in the guild sections, when I close one card and open another, the playbook is not updating immediately to the new player but rather still showing the previous player's playbook. Everything else is correctly changing for the new player (stats, plays, etc). Flipping to the back of the card then back to the front is updating the current player to the correct playbook. Interestingly, going from a guild to a union model is changing the color of the momentous results to union purple ehile having the wrong playbook still.
  7. missing1leg

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    I've also had this problem but fixed it by going to the team rosters and - out players that way since the roster screen became unresponsive.
  8. missing1leg

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    So here I've clicked the partially visible button on buckwheat which has pushed the frame left to make the whole button visible again.
  9. missing1leg

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    A number of player seem to have a dynamic rather than fixed frame width when brought into the roster resulting in either the condition call out button or the left end of the data being pushed off screen when on my phone (Samsung s6) in default portrait orientation. Veteran Rage and Buckwheat it's very obvious. Thresher less so but still present. Otherwise this is an amazing update and I really like the added features so thanks again for your excellent work!
  10. missing1leg

    Midwest Wargaming Batreps

    I just wanted to drop a comment to say I greatly appreciate the written match reports. As you said in the first one, there really isn't much of that available relative to videos and I do like the written ones. I especially appreciate the format you use (both players giving feedback amd input from roster selection through post game follow up)! As far as specific matchup requests, I would really like to see a good corsair vs thresher game. I was super disappointed this game wasn't streamed during the US finals because I think it has the potential to be super interesating and cagey.
  11. missing1leg

    Printmakr for Steamcon creations

    That does seem a bit excessive to me. My library has 3d printers for public usage and the charge is only 5 cents (US) per gram of output. I'm sure the SFG printers are likely higher resolution than what is available to me but that still seems crazy.
  12. missing1leg

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    Just noticed this and came in to say thanks again! Starting one of these leagues this Thursday at our local store and I greatly appreciate having easy digital access to these cards! A couple of minor quibbles. The hp tracking is offset below the bubbles and also to the left. For ease of use - I would simply label the players within the roster as PLAYERNAME-ROOKIE rather than trying to spell out which 2 selections were made. This should allow better access to the HP adjustment numbers and buttons as currently they are being overwritten by the text. (Note this is only a problem when I am using my phone in portrait mode which is my default mode of use and it looks fine in landscape.)
  13. missing1leg

    A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    For me oHerne usually single handedly generates 6 momentum at the bottom of a turn via teleporting or walking into a model with Sun strike on him and just Single out 3 times. He can then use his advance or teleport to withdraw back to safety as he's very squishy. While forward he can throw out his own skewered with one of the momentum (or two for a b.t. into def 5) he generates thus setting up a nice bottom of one turn into top of the next turn order. The momentum and snare set up an early take out form theron or jaecar and then you are up an activation and have the same option at the end of this turn.
  14. missing1leg

    Idea for Thresher Change

    In his interview he states that it's more that Grange is so bad kicking coupled with the necessity to have a fully painted roster that led to him only having 8 in the lineup.
  15. missing1leg

    Fallow is up

    You can choose the play result and not resolve the play.