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  1. Hunters being swept under the rug?

    If we're wishlisting... My three changes for hunters I'd like to see are 1. Zarola replaces linked Fahad with linked animal. Only Fahad still links back to her though. 2. Egret replaces snap fire with rough seas. 3. Snow loses the anatomical precision play and gains stand firm. Those 3 changes would make me consider literally every hunter in every game and make a 10man roster difficult to form for me.
  2. Double/Single GB Playbook results

    The primary reason that's left for this would be in say a doubles format where hoist couild true replicate a playbook triggered play. Double gb is higher in playbook than single when both are present. Previously true replicate could target enemies so the distinction was important in that instance.
  3. Hoist conversions

    So the guy I bought my Engineers from converted all of them in little ways - couple of overwatch charcters (Ratchet and Compound to Junkyard and Roadhog I think), Velocity doing a flying kick, Salvo as a Fury Road madboy. Hoist has a spring leg which makes his pose more 'active.' I really like it. Unfortunately, since photobucket nuked all my pictures I don't think I have a group shot but I'll try and remember to take one at my game night this evening. You can sort of see him here. Not much but just enough to change him up and leave him easily distinguished from velocity imo. (Note, my pictures do not do justice to Dan's conversion or painting work at all.) https://db.tt/3l01CxLteY
  4. Snapping to kickoff team in formation

    My argument from the other thread is that the center line is in both sides of the pitch (based on both teams having to deploy b2b and completely within their own half) and therefore the ball is not completely within the opponent's side. I would suggest that a kick-off simply not be interceptable in this format, but that probably exceeds the scope of this question thread.
  5. No per recent ruling.
  6. Bricks counter charge

    No. His trigger is not "the first" like stoic for example. So if brick elects not to counter charge he still has the option to later in the turn.

    So if I as the kicker have my model intercept the kick off, I'm pretty sure my opponent gets to give the ball to any of his own players since the ball is still within my side of the pitch (becaise it's location is the player in possession's base). If the receiving team intercepts the kick though, since his model is also b2b with the center line, the ball is also still within the kicker's half because the line is within both halves of the pitch (as I understand it). So this part is the question I was asking. Because even though the receiver has possession on one of his models, the kick off technically failed (at the choice of the receiver to intercept) and so they could then give the ball to whichever player desired.

    Will try these individually. I can see.the momentum making a big difference, but the deploy order I think just exaggerates the receivers advantage. I really feel this setup method rewards pro-active rather than re-active placing which is why I made the deployment order suggestion I did. If receiver deploys everything, then as the kicker, I can keep all but my kicking model outside the worst threat ranges, but I've had to give up field position to do so and I (due to interception on kick off) have my kick direction options reduced by opponent placement and I (likely) will still have a very difficult time keeping the kicker in a safe spot. Regardless, will try both singly and together and get back to you.

    So taking for granted the only deployment slots that matter are the 4 on the mid line, you just let the receiver completely dictate all 4 of those by placing both his midliners after the actual kicking model. Because both teams are so spread out and interceptions are a thing, it is actually extremely likely for the ball to wind up out of range of either team. And as the receiver, it's much better to take a full influence beat down or control sweep legendary activation than it is to pick up the ball and make it live for your opponent. Them getting super deep into your own team by overextending is preferable even especially if they aren't going to have a valid pass target because as the receiver, you split their two midline players by approx 7"

    Currently, the kicker deploys his kicking model on his deploy line. Then, the receiver can place his captain, beater, whatever (boar is particularly efficient here) directly opposite the kicker on the midline. Three things just happened. 1. That full influence player has a garunteed target in my kicking model who amost definitely cannot get out of threat range and still get the ball to a good place across mid field. 2. Due to the possibility of the kick off being intercepted the receiver has started to dictate my kicking direction. 3. Because the receiver got to place on midline first, he gets to be the one who partially dictates where my midline players go as the kicker due to the minimum 3" distance. By forcing the receiver player to match the line, and not letting him choose to place his best player first thing on the mid line, what happens is the kicker can partially dictate the terms of engagement. If I place a resilient model (tough hide, glut mass, poised, sturdy, whatever) directly in front of my kicking model on.the mid line, your beater now has to be 3" displace to one side or the other at a minimum. So I've protected my kicking model and given you a worse target for your opening alpha strike. You now must place a player on the mid line. So I get to see where that player goes and I can plant my second mid line player to either avoid your first threat, support my first place, or deny you space I don't want your models because I want that gap to kick through. Currently all those decisions are in the hand of the receiver and on top of an unmitigated full influence dump AND the ball AND the last draft pick (assuming not kicking with captain or mascot) it just too much to also dictate the terms of how I as the kicking team get to kick off the ball.

    What it does is let the kicker deploy a model first on the centerline which based on placement can change who fillet (or hammer or shark or whatever captain) can get to. The point isn't they don't care about getting on the center line, the point is the receiver doesn't get to choose to deploy on the center until after the kicker places there. So the kicker can limit the access to targets.

    So having played 2 games, Union Brisket vs. Fish, Shark and Union Blackheart vs. Hammer Masons, receiving feels way too strong. Unless kicking with a captain or mascot, the kicker now has to draft first so loses that small advantage. He also as kicker being forced to deploy on the deploy line cedes the center of the pitch to the receivers best beater who will get an unobstructed activation due to no momentum. And, obviously, you don't have the ball if kicking. All of these together meant that the kicker felt (once me, once my opponent) that they had even less agency than before because the receiver could absolutely and irrevocably control the pace of the first turn in part due to the unexpected complication of deployment issues but also due to the huge advantage the receiver gains from the format. Our suggestion would be that the receiver has to mimic the deployment position of the kicker. So kicker starts by deploying a model with the ball on his own deploy line. Receiver then must deploy a player on his deployment line. When the kicker chooses his next player to deploy, whichever line he chooses to place this player (mid, deploy, or goal) the receiver must match this line choice. Thus players in effect march out into the pitch by their positions and their opponent mirror this. (Announcer callsstarting lineups by a position and the two teams each send in that player.) The net effect is that the kicker now gets to control the mid field as he chooses rather than ceding it to the receiver and he might force the receivers draft order due to desired positioning. Edit to add, Shark legendary as an 8" pulse is 100% not ok in this format. Jac getting midfield on deployment is only 80% not ok.

    If the kick off is intercepted by the opposing team's mid line deployed model, is the ball considered within the kicking player's half of the pitch (since the player had to be b2b with the line) and subject to being given to any player on the team, or does it not meet the criteria since the ball marker no longer has a physical location on the pitch when possessed by a player?

    Also on the questions front; I assume Granite can still get her free jog and still snap up a kick off the same as the previous ruling. It's worth asking because it now requires almost nothing out of the ordinary for it to happen.
  15. I have a short question which as far as I can tell has the answer, yes. Can a harvest marker be placed on an obstruction? This makes the entire obstruction impassable since its not possible to end with your base overlapping a marker and means it's impossible to remove the marker until the farmer player chooses since its not allowed to sprint or charge into/over/through an obstruction. Is this answer consistent for all markers (ie trap, nest, ball)? I can't see any way for the ball to end up on an obstruction, but it could be placed when kicking to a spot or making a goal kick.