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  1. How are People Liking it so far

    silve knights not really but we've danced around them to kill the large axe units frequently, and on cetrain tiles they've gotten in the way of the sentinels a bit.
  2. How are People Liking it so far

    they block enemies i think. at least that's how we've been playing it
  3. How are People Liking it so far

    the two most disappointing parts of the game are the tiles and the base enemies. bosses and equipment are largely fine by me. the tiles have literally no interesting features to them, poison bogs that apply poison/bleed/frozen, death pits enemies could push you into, walls that could influence the flow of the fight preventing movement from some hexes to other hexes, anything to give some variety to the content and layout. I was quite annoyed when I saw a shield that gave poison immunity but nothing in the game causes that I could see as for enemies these are literally the most mundane of enemies possible, not one is more resistant to magic then physical, none have any form of interesting tactic or attack pattern, and even the variety of them...6 enemies...that's just far too few....and 4 base classes is pretty minimal as well. i've written that failing of the game off as i'm already aware and have the expansions coming that will rectify this issue to some degree I hope, but the base game is 150+ in my country....that's ridiculous for how minimal the content you get from it.
  4. Treasure Deck Balancing

    while you are completely correct that you can't translate the skills of fast reactions and combat in real time, I believe the game can do an excellent job of playing to the mental part of the dark souls game. reading opponents attacks to avoid them, and taking advantage of weaknesses etc isa big part of the game, at least when it comes to fighting bosses as normal enemies can have 1 of two weaknesses but may not have either, they are either weak to magic or not weak to magic, or they have 1 speed and you can stay out of their range, but either way it's the fact that you can see in advance exactly how a turn will go that let's you apply strategy and in that you get the skill aspect. planning your build is another aspect of skill that can be applied to the game, but that's a personal preference for sure I always follow the usual tiering system for my shops.
  5. Treasure Deck Balancing

    depends, in practice i find it plays differently then that in my games, but I also don't play solo. those +16 souls to start mess with the system quite a bit. anyway let's say zweinhander is in the shop, along side something a bit more moderate like scimitar. with multiple players working up their characters when you can use that scimitar you will buy it and use it until you have the soulss to use that zweinhander, and most likely you will end up using it for awhile
  6. so was contemplating the stagnation of repeat runs. theirs a point between when you have a tough time against enemies, and when you completely stream role them that the fights pretty much play out exactly the same every single time you enter the room. silver knight moves up> hits you for 1-2 pushes you into x square > other knight moves into that square hits for 1-2> pushes you into x square 2 archers attack> you kill knight> etc plays out exactly the same every time you enter the room and the end result is you win. so was considering the possibility of having 2 or 3 cards for the enemies and drawing them at random when you enter the room that modifies their AI a little bit. so silver knight could be silver knight - move 2 > range 0 -5 damage aoe+knockback silver knight -> move 2> range 0 6 damage aoe silver knight -> move 2 forward> range 0 4damage aoe+knockback > move back 1
  7. Treasure Deck Balancing

    I don't consider it a difficulty curve if you could do the exact same thing with a lucky draw on the first turn. any weapon you could buy from a shop is something you could draw with luck on the first turn. that's not a difficulty curve it's an artificial challenge, if the game is truly challenging then you should have a tough time with any combination of gear you use.
  8. How are People Liking it so far

    true but this phase happens anyway at least in my normal game. around your third run I find players spend a ton of time digging through about an equally sized pile of inventory cards you've amassed trying to decide what to aim towards. in our boss run on ornstein and smaug with normal rules our final run against them that we won we had around 45 inventory cards aside from our basic equipment which we spent a decent amount of time digging through each and every time we pulled more equipment, for example our warrior pulled armor that would need an int upgrade to use, then he dug through the pile of equipment to see if int would allow him to use anything else and discovers another shield that with two int boosts he could use that's better then his current that he disregarded before. this type of thing happens frequently in a normal game. in our shop runs you are correct we spend some time initially discussing what we each want to aim for, but after that the only time we stopped to discuss anything was when we hit a treasure chest and pulled some random gear that changed the equation a little.
  9. How are People Liking it so far

    well to respond to this, what appears in the shop is random, i don't have the exact card count on inventory but i think it's somewhere in the 90+ range so i can't say you'd find anything reliably with a 30 card shop. next treasure chests would still be random. and past that some suggested a random drop from enemies idea in the other thread that would be great if you wanted to keep that random nature of things.
  10. How are People Liking it so far

    take the randomness out of the equipment deck and the game becomes far more interesting, as I stated in another thread we use a fairly large "shop" size of treasure cards to plan our builds, and I find it vastly improves play. here's the benefits as I see them, 1) you never get draw screwed 2) if you die due to being unequipped you feel like you just need to win 2 or 3 more fights to use that big sword in the shop, rather then feeling like your draws were shit and that's why you are losing. 3) you can plan your builds around what is in the shop. this was a point of contention in the other threads since the counter argument was that players could just do the optimal build every time if the good weapons showed up but personally if that's what you want to do I think you should be able to, but for me I see it as having the choice to build as you want, and experiment with different team compositions. 4) less grinding...nothing is more frustrating then a failed run where you spent sould on nothing but equipment because you couldn't draw anything useful from the deck. well this aspect of the grind is removed and I find you can usually complete a mini or major boss on average 1 run quicker, not because it's easier or harder but because the random nature of getting your equipment is removed. the way we currently play is 30 card shop, with 3 souls per equip 6 for tier 2 an legendary gear on boss runs. contemplating 4/8 though
  11. Treasure Deck Balancing

    depends on if you like the random nature of drawing random gear and the tedious nature of grinding to pull random cards from the deck hoping to pull the right equipment. 30 cards is about a third of the deck, and it's random enough that your build varies, if you want to try different builds. only played 2 games in this fashion and they both went the same way, so far pick up an early weapon after the first 2 fights that's better then my starting weapon, then begin building my stats to get the better gear in the lot, first game it was the claymore with the blood gem, second game it was lothric blade with some titanite, in this case it was because I wanted to to do a two handed build the first time, but I wanted to do a defensive sword shield style the second time. now that's not to say you are incorrect, if for some reason you wanted to do a two handed build every time it's possible with this shop size that you can probably pull it off even if the weapons are not always the exact same, but if that's what you enjoy why does it matter? it seems like you'd get more enjoyment that way and btw even with this it still took 3 and 2 runs to complete the first mini-boss, which is about the same as it took our runs with no house rules, but we found it much more enjoyable as planning was involved rather then luck as to how we built out characters, and the grinding felt like we had more purpose behind it when we did it
  12. New Game +

    here's is how i'll run ng+ 1) up your encounter difficulties by 1. if you were fighting gargoyle you'd then face 3 level 2's and 1 level 3. 2) if you were supposed to face a level 3 encounter I'd likely make it two level 2 encounters assuming i had enough models. 3) increase the armor and damage values by 1 4) have the bosses start with a heat up card already in the deck for their AI. that should be enough I think.
  13. Treasure Deck Balancing

    I already am doing the shop thing. I was doing 30 cards revealed, and they cost 3 souls to buy a regular 6 souls to buy advanced or legendary gear. when you buy something something else gets put into the shop and then reshuffle the deck between mini boss and boss. this allows you to plan your builds and honestly waste less souls.
  14. been awhile since any news, just curious if the developers spent all the money on hookers yet?
  15. hmmm...how about this. tile has a trap - > flip the trap card -> trap card tells you what area the traps are in -> roll for each node you move through to see if you trigger the trap even if it's an enemy. so for example say you flip the rolling boulder card , the card say tile that the rolling boulder trap card hits is 1,3,5,7,9,11 and when a player moves across those tiles they take a chance to get hit. people are aware of the tiles but them being so numerous you may have trouble avoiding the risk, and you can use it against the enemies by luring them into those tiles