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  1. King in yellow

    S4 Tournament Help

    I realize Roast's buff is 2" so isn't necessarily on the pig but the area is small enough that I don't think the pig will be in the area all the time. My point was the positioning. If during Roasts activation I have to make a decision between a squaddie or the pig being in the buff's aura, I would pick the squaddie as he wil be one to do a lot of heavy lifting in comparison. I recognize I could end up buffing both but that seems that it might ending up bunching up a bit to much. If the pig had furious base then the pig would require no special consideration, if the enemy is next to it, hes a tad tanky and can't be knocked down as easily. If you leave, parting blow of knocked down is easy enough. And if you push the pig, he charges back for free. Furious makes the pig a tanky annoyance that doesn't buff your team like princess but is less avoidable. With relying on Roast's buff, I would rather not have to spend the effort to ensure the buff works on the mascot as much as someone like shank, boiler, or fillet. Instead you could put roast's buff on princess and use her as a buff taxi. Charge with one squaddie that started within 2" of princess. Move princess to within 2" of an other squaddie and let them have the buffed charge as well.
  2. King in yellow

    S4 Tournament Help

    he does, and may prove more interesting with roast (haven't played roast yet) but i am initially reserved on making me need to keep track of where roast wants his buff to help out squaddies + captain and if the pig gets it. Just passing thought says that is a lot positioning problems with very little pay off due to the size of the buff is only 2". furious would make the piggie very self sufficient and a good activation to use in most instances. furious because of roast makes the piggie selfish due to there is a more competent squaddie or captain that would rather have the buff and i feel the answer would be to sacrifice the piggies ability to charge to often to make it a worthwhile plan. Could be wrong however
  3. King in yellow

    S4 Tournament Help

    Fair enough mate. And it's sad but true about truffles. Maybe furious over vindicate would make it good enough to have a use, then it is doing work for free influence. But now? Princess.
  4. King in yellow

    Legal Christmas Roast

    I was curious about that specific line, is Christmas roast considered releasing to the general public? Because in a couple days everyone will have the ability to buy him does lean towards "general public". I have no idea how they have ruled it in the past however so could miss the mark xD
  5. So, from the newsletter, Roast (from cooks) is getting a LE model from the black friday event. This is before their release in February but is available to the general public. Does this make him legal to play in tournaments for butchers?
  6. King in yellow

    S4 Tournament Help

    I feel once cooks are out, then meathook is going to be replaced by roast and if cinnamon is good, then replaces vBrisket. vBrisket might be good in an ox list vs disease heavy ratcatchers. Roast does meat hooks job better with fillet and he might even help out ox nicely, not so much for meathook anymore.
  7. King in yellow

    Jackstraw goal score and the 4" dodge

    Wasnt sure how moving from season to season changes how rulings work. If this is still valid, can close this up. Thanks!
  8. If jackstraw makes a goal and wants to both do the 4" dodge and teleport to a harvest marker. What order does it have to be in, as well as is there any restrictions on when measuring to the harvest marker must occur?
  9. King in yellow

    What's your "secret" tech

    a thing i want to try is shank with the new GIC of take it to em. Effective 4 inf shank is back and can use it on others as desired.
  10. King in yellow

    AOE character play while engaged

    This is the exact question i was concered about, answer included. Thank you all.
  11. So, from what i have read of the rules, an AOE character play doesn't target anyone, and the rules for being crowded out is targeting someone other than the model engaged with you. Does this mean that if you use an AOE character play that touch models that are engaging you, you will still suffer crowding out as you are not targeting them?
  12. In the clarification thread it has the three statements about Fillet's 2 character plays and her ability that allows her to dodge against bleeding enemies. One says she cannot dodge using her plays against priorly unbleeding enemies, while her plays says she can. Which is correct? This says she cannot: Blood Dance The model has to be bleeding prior to the attack that casues damage to trigger the dodge. These two says she can: Blood Rain The damage and bleed are simultaneous, active player chooses the order in which they resolve.(so you may dodge as a result of Blood Dance after it). Pain Circle The damage and bleed are simultaneous, active player chooses the order in which they resolve.(so you may dodge as a result of Blood Dance after it).