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  1. Jrcitizen

    So we got a striker....

    And what a striker! I don't know about anyone else, but I think alloy and hearth make my 6 every game now. I really liked the cinder kick off with hearth, But I feel like alloy threatens the kick off goal just as much as mist does. And to top it off he gets another way for Smith's to lower def and he has a very achievable mom 3 and non mom 5, this player does it all! I will agree he is squishy, but he has one more def them cinder traded for unpredictable and 1 health. Anyways love to hear what other think.
  2. Jrcitizen

    Hearth Preview

    Her rules are super cool, flavorful, and in situations very strong. But am I the only one that think a her name doesn't fit her abilities? I feel something like "armory" better suits her play style. But I digress.
  3. Jrcitizen

    Curly's Brief Battle Reports

    Just wait till you get him in honest labour with tooled up. I've had a 15 damage charge before lol.
  4. Jrcitizen

    Swapping bushel for grace

    See the joy of farmers is you have in most turns 16-17 influence, so giving her 4 a turn is not ever really a waste. With 4 she can threat grabing the ball in her range or she threats using I'm open dodging up and scoring. If the Ayer hides the ball she at worst is going to do 4 damage and get 4 momentum. At a very reasonable rate she will do 8 damage with either tooled up or grange bear by. And at best if people don't prepare got it she gets tooled up and honest labor and dies 24 damage to something. She can easily be used as a secret damage dealer people have to watch out for.
  5. Jrcitizen

    Hunters being swept under the rug?

    Australian nationals was just won with hunters, So I'd say they are doing ok?
  6. Jrcitizen

    Swapping bushel for grace

    I mean it depends what you consider luck imo. If you can get cabbage punt up and can pass to either grange or tater (in the aura) it is a 92.3% success goal run. Which is actually not super hard to set up.
  7. Jrcitizen

    Swapping bushel for grace

    I keep bushels when receiving and bring in grace when kicking off. Bushel has a 22 inch goal threat off the line, and grace allows us to push our kick off model into threatening positions. Have had great success with this so far.
  8. Jrcitizen

    GIC General Theory Thread 

    As many have stated, myself and the group I play with think to fully test this system more cards are needed. With out more cards you are stuck with having to pick one option, and in my mind the most fun and strongest use of these gic is the options they will provide. So I would strongly encourage SF to give us even 1 more card each to get the best testing they can from their players with this new system. Cheers
  9. Jrcitizen

    So peck is a damage monster???

    So I know everyone is excitedly anticipating the next farmer box and our ass of a mascot ;), but I've been having extremely good success killing things with peck. I'm wondering if anyone else has been in the same boat? Under honest labour his charges are rap city.
  10. Jrcitizen

    Using vOx

    Hey! Welcome to the gb community :). Hopefully I can help answer a few of your questions. Whirling chains is most effective on 1inch melee. The most millage I've gotten out of it is to suck 2-3 people in with inch melee to about 1.1 inches away. Then a player has to deal with him first or risk parting blows from a model with a relatively low kd. He is a model that wants to be the target. He hurts you for hitting him, so put him in positions where he has to be hit. He does have low damage, so the only time you should really give him 3 imo is if you have assured going first and he can get to a model with relatively low health (6 or less). I never try and play for old ways, but I make sure I put him in places my opponent has to think about it. Again this puts a target on his head, and vOx loves to get beaten up. In conclusion I think he is super good with filet because he is a target that yoir opponent has to deal with if you force him on them. Anything that draws attention away from filet is a huge boon to her game plan. Most fun you can have is get off a early activation old ways and then you watch yoir opponent try their hardest to take him off the board while filet runs free :). Hope this helped. Cheers!
  11. Jrcitizen


    That feeling when you have to ask to borrow some dice from your opponent because the 14 you brought wasn't enough ;).
  12. Jrcitizen

    vs Corsair

    In my experience a t1 shut out is very strong into corsair if he kicked off. It give you the rest of the turn to do things like lure and puppet master him in and then have the puppet go to town on him. Or into vsiren it allows you to make her dread gaze useless if you get her shut out. Silence in general is good vs any team with a captain that leans towards getting a full stack or a player with a buff that is very crucial to get off to make their turn play as they intend it to.
  13. Jrcitizen

    Does the 10 man roster change your draft?

    I don't really like the picking captains before the roll, that said I think the hidden captain choice is a buff to morts. I feel both our captains can switch between a football styles to a fighting team based on the 4 players they bring. Both are good generalists which will help in this tournament format. morts have a deep stable players imo, so a 10th spot will help them overall.
  14. Jrcitizen

    how much do you allocate to obulus?

    4-5 every turn. 7 if i'm going for a goal run to end the game.