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  1. comuniste

    Fish Mirror Match

    always take oSiren vs Corsair, beautyfull is very strong vs him.
  2. comuniste

    The despair of a castaway

    Now I’m lost, alone on my poor island, crying my overboarded companions and asking myself: is there a reason to live without Gutter? Please, leave me at least Avarisse and Greede, or Hemlock , even Fangtooth... and the corpse of Snakeskin, can I claim it? Greyscale is dead, are you not sated? You already have hard nerfed Shark and both Sirens, do you really need more to satisfy your hunger? You make a fool of Fishermen by giving better kick statistics to the Farmers and Blacksmiths, in addition to increase the mz 2 " to all the other guilds... Even the concept of the hurdy-gurdy stunted is copy… BUT WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY ? What is the next step? Do you also want the skin of Corsair? Will you sell Tentacles to japanese for sushis ??? Moreover, to a fluff point of view, don’t give rum to the Brewers or I swear that I will come in person to your office with two glasses to debate this (and be prepared…. J) What minor guild will be suited with Fishermen? Shell’s collectors? We have been so much used to bend forward to be set from behind that nothing will surprise us!!! So to conclude, please, be a little nice with us if you still want to eat fresh fish.
  3. comuniste

    How to buff Angel?

    I love Angel, but I also find that she misses little thing to be something else than a competitor to Sakana, against the teams without ARM. The speed is for siren, the assist to the fight is for Sakana, and the dodge is for greyscale. my opinion is : she need otherthing, for the kick style, like close control (but corsair give her), Volley Threat, Showboating, Above and Beyond or Goal of the Month. and a better background trait to Tactical Advice, like : can use come on mate on Shark for free, can use team work when she pass or receive a pass to Shark for free.
  4. comuniste

    Fishermen GIC Theory Thread

    Groundwork : I find that it is a good card, balanced, even if the equivalent to the Blacksmiths (Tough as Nails) gives 5HP, and even if I do not see why. Slippery Fishes : It is a really very strong, but not balanced card, the 2HP makes that that forces to play 3 goals, and against a good player it is very hard. Besides the opponents have not fun too much against especially because of 2 " on the captains, if they do not manage him. I shall change well the card so that only the non-captains can make the dodge of 2 " but gives 3HP. Pay To Win : I have never found that this card was more interesting than one of the two others, and when I used her, she did not serve me. I like the idea to "Pay to Win", but on the table it is not convincing. I shall change the card so that she allows to reroll only a single die for 1 MP (or can use 2 bonus time on a shot), but give 5HP.
  5. comuniste


    We were few games tests, and on our side we find more strategic to deploy up to lines (6 ", 10 " and 18 ") and not with base contact. And also, but we don't have to test, to make other than 2-2-2. Maybe 1-3-2 or 2-3-1, and why not 2-2-2 for the kicking and 1-3-2 for the receiving sry for bad english
  6. comuniste

    puppet master

    2 questions to be sure : Obulus cast Puppet Master on X. X can't give up the ball with a jog, Because he is the active player but not in his activation, right? X can't jog over an obstruction because he's under Obulus control? (same for "Lure" of Siren)
  7. if on parting blow i use escaping fate, i can: only recover 1HP? finish my move? dodge? dodge and finish my move? and if parting blow is KD damage, i remove all condition and? thx mate
  8. comuniste

    [France - Toulouse] Luis Figo Summer League

    les motivés pour l’instant: benoit - Mortician's Guild communiste - Fisherman's Guild - O bacalhau de Maria eusebe - Hunter's Guild ishkar - Mason's Guild mamuth - Butcher's Guild taraspoutine - Alchemist's Guild ygemethor - Brewer's Guild zefrite - Butcher's Guild
  9. on fait une petite ligue estivale sur Toulouse, s’il y a des motivés, voici les formalités : chacun se rencontre pas d’ordre de rencontre pour + de flexibilité un rythme de 1 match / 2 semaines en moyenne (par exemple sur 1 soir, 2 matchs fait, ça équivaut à 4 semaines, …) à chaque match les deux coachs se mettront d’accord pour l’attribution d’un point d’infamie (s’il y a lieu d’être) pour l’évènement le plus honteux du match, s’il y a désaccord, alors un participant extérieur au match tranchera. bref un championnat à la cool, ou on définira quelles genres de stats on regarde et pour faire des match « sérieux » inscrivez-vous: https://www.tabletoptournaments.net/t3_tournament.php?tid=17006 plus de renseignement sur le forum : http://warmahordes.sud-ouest.xoo.it/index.php
  10. comuniste

    range of Smoke's character plays

    thanks, my frien who play Smoke is really happy
  11. comuniste

    french player from Toulouse says hello

    i understand, but if u want don't hesitate
  12. hi, we have a question to range of Alchemy Mix & Chemical Breeze. the range on plays (8" and 6") are for the initial AOE or for the duplicate / final movement ? thx
  13. comuniste

    french player from Toulouse says hello

    i have never played on Vassal before guild ball, after 2-3 game it's very cool, and you can do a game in 2h if you are connected on Skype with your opponent. it's with pleasure i coach you, if you want try.
  14. comuniste

    Season 3 rumors but where are season 2 mins?

    somoone know if season 2 official tokens are coming soon?
  15. comuniste

    french player from Toulouse says hello

    thanks mates, fish'n fist = fishermen and Union i'm a warmachine player, so i have no big problem with rules, but with the background... Regrettably I am too much in the South to take advantage completely of the community, and I have not seen spanish players yet. I am working to growth the local community, move on tournaments, and why not organize one i play a lot on Vassal, if someone want play with me.