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  1. Benediction + Bushel = question Time

    Yes. As per the Collected Clarifications Thread: Impart Wisdom: Range S Character Plays cannot target Benediction. 'This model' is also intended to be 'the model using the Character Play'. The range and LOS should be measured from Benediction, everything else still refers to the model actually using the Character Play.
  2. Benediction + Bushel = question Time

    Unfortunately here, since Jack is ~10.6" away from Bushel, it won't do anything... (note that adjusting the distances would have allowed Jack to kick back to her, yes) The two uses Impart Wisdom has, in regards to Bushel's I'm Open, are: If the target player is out of LoS. Since the play affects Target friendly model, if she can't see said target (because Grange, Benny, an enemy player, or a combination of players are between her and the ball carrier), Impart Wisdom can be used to draw line of sight If a player is between [6"] and [8"] away, to extend the play beyond the play's [6"] range...
  3. Friendly Model Pushed onto Trap

    Just because it always makes me sad when we just get an answer instead of an actual rules quote, and so @Phlop Donkus can point to an actual rule when/if the issue ever comes up again (not underlined in original text, of course) :
  4. What I meant is that vRage kinda proves your opponent's models keep their Guild allegiance, and aren't just "enemy models". They're, jn his case, "enemy [The Union] models". So when Fish are playing against Fish, you clearly have "friendly [Fisherman's] models" and "enemy [Fisherman's] models" on the board, and when the later turns into the former because of Seduced, I don't see why relevant abilities would not affect them...
  5. I would have to assume the trait applies. Veteran Rage's ability works on enemy [The Union] models, which in a way means that legion allegiance transcends teams. A [Fisherman's] player being Seduced would remain a [Fisherman's] and become friendly to Siren... so I don't see why not.
  6. Attack-X Canadian National championship

    Would be to travel to nationals. Let's assume the 2018 Nationals take place in, say, Toronto, for a moment. There'd be two qualifiers for the final. 1. First one in a western province (let's assume Alberta) Whoever wins the Western qualifier iscrowned "West Canadian Champion" and gets a free flight to the Nationals. 2. Second qualifiers would take place in Toronto on a Saturday. Whoever wins that tournament is crowned "Eastern Canadian Champion" Finals take place the following Sunday between te two champions, maybe a best 2/3 as suggested. Whoever wins gets SFG's ticket to the Worlds...
  7. Attack-X Canadian National championship

    That's exactly why I'd rather it be done this way... Woudn't be fair for those who get their qualifier locally to get cheaper access to it and not chip into the travelling costs of the winner of the other qualifier's travel expenses...
  8. Attack-X Canadian National championship

    Both qualifying tournaments would include an extra surcharge to pay for the flight of whoever won the first qualifier, right? Not just the players participating in it?
  9. Which templates are worth having?

    Regarding printable templates, there are a few official ones available from the Steamforged resources page : http://steamforged.com/s/GuildBall_Templates_Tokens_Season01.zip Unfortunately, they come as a jpg instead of a PDF, so I can't say for sure how accurate they'd be in terms of size... :\ Regarding templates, I think a set or two of blanks/proxy bases can be just as if not even more usefull than the steppers....
  10. Attack-X Canadian National championship

    If Canada ever were to be split in half, it would have to be in Kitchener. The city has a history with walls, it'd only be fitting...
  11. Sunny's Battle Reports

    Not sure which card you're looking at... Salt's is 2/4" (and Tentacle's is 2/6")
  12. Attack-X Canadian National championship

    How dare you steal my playbook, have you been spying on me?
  13. Attack-X Canadian National championship

    Maybe the next Nationals could be held in Paris or London, ON, so as to confuse the f* out of everyone outside of Canada... (Too bad we no longer have a Berlin anymore)
  14. Attack-X Canadian National championship

    Consiering how all the complaints have been targetted at how the national championships have, so far, ignored the fact that over half of the country's population lives in te Quebec-Windsor bassin, I didn't think I needed to elaborate any further... But yeah, it's just as Frostmane said..
  15. Season Four Solthecian Player

    And then we could see a Fully-Unionized WTC team!?