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  1. Besides, is there any point in resolving the Seduced first? The 1 dmg won't TakeOut the opponent (Step 3) until after all effects of Seduced have been resolved (Step 2.5)
  2. Ratcatchers Guild

    We know the front of Bonesaw and Graves2 haven't changed, but I wonder if the back of the cards will...
  3. I know this doesn't involve TAC, but consider the Kick stat. When you make a shot or pass, any reduction to your Kick has the same impact as a dice pool reduction. When fighting for possession of a placed ball as per the Snap-to rules on page 26, any reduction to your dice pool has no impact, but a Kick-stat reduction does (since you're rolling 1d6+Kick).
  4. Resolving the Attacking model's playbook results takes place at Step 2.5 (Select Playbook results). Lightning reflexes is triggered and resolved after the dodge is resolved, so still during Step 2.5. The Counter-attack occurs at Step 4, as you said, well after Skulk has dodged back in range...
  5. Since @MilitaryCoo didn't provide any actual quote, I'll indulge... (note: highlights are mine)
  6. When do vGraves & Vileswarm ever see play?

    As I've said before, their biggest flaw isn't necessarily that they're bad, it's that they take space on a limited roster. Which two models would you remove from your roster to add them into your tournament-10?
  7. Canadian National (Western) Championship

    Even though it's the Eastern Championship I'm waiting for, I was very happy to see the "Steam Conada" logo pop on Facebook today. So happy to see the name I had suggested be turned into a logo! (Although to be fair, I might not have been the only one to come up with it?)
  8. Save a swift strike?

    Sorry, that's what I meant. Just pointed out that there was a timing difference between the two... I'll edit my post, for clarity's sake.
  9. Save a swift strike?

    Considering the list of Passive and Active Traits, it appears you cannot. Berserk is an active trait which means it's an action you use during your turn, whereas Swift Strike is a passive trait, meaning it can only be used when the appropriate trigger occurs. See Henry's post, bellow Not sure why, truth be told.
  10. Character Play Cost

    I figured an example might help? We'll look at Cast's Shield Glare, which has a cost of . This means that the only way for her to trigger that play is to get 3 or more net hits during an attack. Let's assume she scored 3 hits after attacking Stave (at Def 2/Arm 0, that would be easy). However, once triggered, the range on the play is 6". She can therefore apply the effects of the play on any visible target within 6". She can target Stave if she wants, but dorsn't have to. Had the range been P instead, the play would have had to target Stave and no-one else.
  11. Who said Pain Response triggers at Step 4? It triggers when Peck suffers damage during an attack, which happens when Playbook results are resolved at Step 2.5. The Take Out and Fertilizer is/are resolved at Step 3. Or maybe I misunderstand the wording on Cocky?
  12. Had already been answered by @TheLieutenant here: + Edit: And apparently, if the model charges over the Marker, said marker is removed...
  13. Gutter's Scything Blow can be brilliant. Even when it doesn't seem appealing to you, it won't be for your opponent either. Used properly, it can be an intimidating deterant.
  14. FTFY. While it's relatively obvious, I still figured it best to rectify this to limit confusion for newer players...
  15. NEW OPD (15.12.17)

    Considering that Steamforged has made it abundantly clear that the 6-man plastic boxes are legitimate teams for a tournament, I don't see anything that could potentially prevent a player from only bringing 6 models and not a full 10-man roster. There's no reason to bring more than 4 players, beyond the flexibility this would offer.