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  1. I'm not sure what more you need, truth be told. The timing sequence is very specific here: Dreadful Shriek is resolved immediately when triggered, during Step 2.5, wherea the Counter-Attack is resolved after the attack, thus at Step 4... Here's an example that used Seduced (which also resolves Immediately) that confirms the play takes place before the Counter-Attack:
  2. For clarification / in case you need references: Counter Attack, page 43: After the active model resolves their Attack... This therefore means that if we follow the Attack Sequence on page 53, the Counter-Attack is resolved at Step 4. Playbook results (including Character Plays) are resolved at Step 2.5.
  3. Anyone care to clarify one more thing, as I can't seem to find any post ongirmuming whether the following is possible... Can Between a Rock trigger on a Parting Bow?
  4. Just to clarify something further: This part often confuses some people, so I'll use your diagram to illustrate what it's meant to represent. Step 1: Calculate the new landing spot (Red circle) Step 2: Because of the obstacle, move the ball back along the ball path until you reach the point where the ball first contacted the obstruction (Green circle). Step 3: Assuming the ball cannot be placed there (because of a model or token), use the Rule of Least Disturbance (RoLD) to find the closest suitable spot. In this example, if there was a player (Yellow circle) preventing you from placing the ball in the intended spot, you'd use the RoLD to move it to the red circle outline.
  5. Spinsane

    Action within an action

    I know it's not quite an official ruling, but the blog post about Ebb that was released today pretty much says he loses only 2 HP... If it is true for dodges, I can't see why it wouldn't be for movement too... http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/22-8-2018-navigators-guild-ebb-guild-ball
  6. Results are applied at Step 2.5 when selected. There wouldn't be any point for Step 3 if the results were applied at Step 4... Note that you select all results before applying any (although currently I can't locate the reference for this).
  7. Piper's activation ends, even though he's not the one shooting at goal. Per page 27: During an activation, if a friendly model scores a goal, immediately end the activation.
  8. Spinsane

    Windfinder KD off Playbook Eye Spy

    I'd say the player is KD'ed. Where Momentous Inspiration requires a successful hit, Stormwind simply requires the enemy model to be hit; the first refers to a TN test's dice result, whereas the second refers to the result of an action. Since the wording on Glutonous Mass is a lot more similar (imo) to Stormwind's than Momentous Inspiration's, and GM applies on Playbook-triggered Character Plays, that's how I'd play it at least...
  9. It sais so here: Edit: The scatter is done on the active player's clock. Asking their opponent to perform it risks it taking a lot longer than necessary...
  10. Spinsane

    Ball Scatter Behind Goal Line

    U'm not sure what the point of the post is? Is the ruling unclear, or do you simply disagree? I know it's not my place to do so, but I'd like to point out rule no.5 of the Rules Clarifications Forum... Please don't turn a thread into a discussion. This is not the place to discuss why a particular ruling is great/lame because of all the cool/horrible stuff you can do with it. There are, handily, forums for each specific Guild on this page too, which are perfect for that sort of thing. As seen here...
  11. All models roll at the same time, and there's no pass or fail. Roll a d6 for each player and add their respective kick stat; highest total (even if the dice was a 1) wins the ball...
  12. Spinsane

    False Start

    Why would declaring a 0" advance, which has already been ruled to not be an advanced (as you quoted), actuallyr esult in an advance starting? If there's no advance, how can one start? + Edit: Let's try to actually contribute. Considering the timing sequences on pages 51 and 52, I'd say your example stops after step 1 of the Jog/Sprint or Charge sequences, before Step 2. Minefield is triggered at the very beginning of Step 2 (once the advance actually starts) whereas Rush Keeper is triggered at Step 3. Since you never reached Step 2, you don't trigger Minefield...
  13. Spinsane

    Microspeed Chase

    I'd have been tempted to say that no, Jackstraw would not end up within melee range of Mercury, based on the existing LoS ruling on same sized bases: if it is physically imopssible to make a perfect alignment of 3 same-sized bases, it should be physically impossible to mode a model exactly towards another. However, since such a move is precisely what a directly towards condition requires (see Goad as an example), I'd have to say that SFG has deemed such a move possible and Jackstraw would therefore be able to toe right back into range of Mercury... ( Does this seem to make any sense to others? )
  14. Spinsane

    Burning Spirit and advance

    Same is true with Rough Ground: if the -2"/-2" penalty suffered upon entering Rough Ground means you have no movement left, you still end up within said rough ground...
  15. That second quote simply means that a 0" dodge does not count as movement; any other distance does.