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  1. Assuming we were to consider this ruling to be relevant only in regards to Traits and Plays that allow damage transfer, and to simply ignore everything it says in every other instances, what kind of clarifications would people actually be looking for? I’m legitimately asking, because I don’t see the ambiguity here...
  2. Spinsane

    Wrapping and harriers

    Also note that by the Sequence of reaolution of an Attack, as seen on page 27, you calculate Damage modifiers at Step 2.4, before you start reaolving any of the reaults at Step 2.5. This means that Damage modifiers are calculated before you can place the Harrier AoE. + Edit: I’d just like to clarify @Mootaz‘s answer a bit. You resolve each part of an attack as it is selected. The only part of your attack which is resolved right away is the Damage modifier, everything else is resolved as it triggers. If Katalyst triggers External Combustion and a push, you can chose to resolve the push before the play, thus modifying who actually ends up in range of the External combustion pulse when it reaolves.
  3. It seems to me as though this was already ruled as not allowed: + Edit: Scratch that, I had misread that previous ruling... + Edit 2: Well, assuming this was answered correctly previously, it seems that as long as you haven’t yet reached the ‘check for takeout’ part of the Play resolution, vHarmony can absord the damage even if all her health boxes are already filled: in the 3rd example, after the first Intensify Harmony is down to 2 health and yet she then takes both the 2 damage intended for her on the second intensify and still absorbs the 2 intended for Tower even though she’s out of boxes...
  4. Just to be clear though, for similar plays that also affect friendly players (like vKat’s Ground Pound), you can’t chose to roll for friendly players in the pulse; the only roll you could make is against the model itself (vKat), and if it gets hit then everyone in the pulse, friend or foe, is affected.
  5. Spinsane

    Precise calculations

    Yes. A Counter-Attack is an attack (so is a Charge, or a Parting Blow). Declaring a counter-Attack or a parting Blow is not the same as declaring an Attack, but both are forms of attacks. In regards to counter attacks, the S4 rulebook actually says, on page 23 (emphasis mine):
  6. If your opponent uses Sturdy, you don't generate momentum, no (unless you had a double result, like Corsair's Mom KD>>). If he doesn't use Sturdy, yes you'd get 2 Mom, plus he wouldn't be able to bank Sturdy for later, so there really wouldn't be a point (usually).
  7. The second one would be wasted, yes, but when it was selected it still was a valid result. Note that in the case of someone with Sturdy, even if they chose not to use it they wouldn't be able to use it later in the turn either ("first time" wording and all). +Edit: @Celary is an honorary Ninja's Guild member... 😂 + + Edit: This previous post of mine explains, I think, pretty clearly just how it would be impossible, by the current rules wording, for reactions to be declared before all results had been selected (Note: S3, but the wording has not changed):
  8. Spinsane

    Loved Creature vs Sweeping Charge

    Hmm, I have to disagree with @ScarycrowJack here. Per this previous (S3, but still relevant) ruling, any damage that is triggered by an attack is considered to be a direct result of it and would thus trigger associated traits like Lashing Out or, in this case, Loved Creature. Note that one of the examples specifically mention Sweeping Charge...
  9. Spinsane

    Simultaneous Triggering of Traps

    Since it's considered possible to leave two melee zones at the exact point where you leave both at the same time, it would be fair to assume it's considered possible to enter the reach of two trap markers at the exact point where you trigger both at the same time. So yes.
  10. Spinsane

    Multiple Instances or Conditions

    I'm sorry for knowingly going against the rule, I just wanted to comment on one of the possible outcome here before a decision is rendered... Considering the one example that has been provided here where multiple copies of a single condition would be relevant is Miasma, wouldn't allowing multiple copies of a single condition end up requiring prohibitively confusing management for any Ratcatcher's player? For example they'd need to keep track of every instance of Disease Miasma suffers at the end of each turn and the almost exponential number of Disease condition tokens being produced after each activation...
  11. Ask the TO? If I were to run an event and allow Roast, I'd say that any Butcher's player is allowed to take either Roast OR a Union player, not both...
  12. Spinsane

    Jackstraw goal score and the 4" dodge

    I know it was S3, but was nonetheless already answered:
  13. Spinsane

    Voodoo strings and escaping fate

    Since both traits are triggered simultaneously, the Controlling player (in this case the Mortician's player) gets to chose which trait is resolved first. It could be Escaping Fate or Voodoo Strings, as s.he sees fit. +Edit: it is my understanding that both effects trigger at Step 2.5.1 of the attack, when the damage is applied, and that Escaping Fate is not triggered at "Step 0 (or 1)" of the Take Out sequence...
  14. Spinsane

    Goal Kick lands on a barrier

    I'd go with C. The RoLD (or how I've always understood it) says you move the ball back towards the goal until it clears the obstacle (original B location). If at that point the ball cannot be placed because of models or tokens, you find the closest location that is available, which in this case would be C, or maybe somewhere sliggtly left of D, in contact with Cutlass...
  15. Spinsane

    Marker Limit

    I'll go by S3 rulings, assuming these still stand. In regards to maximum number of tokens, once reached you can't just chose to remove tokens to place new ones, you need to find some way to remove an existing token first. As for Crop Dusting, we have the following ruling to refer to, so I'll assume it's still up to and not strictly a hard 2 : +Edit: Note that the Collected Clarifications Thread says the following about Traps: Big Game Traps:- The only way to remove an existing trap is to trigger it.