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  1. Spinsane

    Voodoo strings and escaping fate

    Since both traits are triggered simultaneously, the Controlling player (in this case the Mortician's player) gets to chose which trait is resolved first. It could be Escaping Fate or Voodoo Strings, as s.he sees fit. +Edit: it is my understanding that both effects trigger at Step 2.5.1 of the attack, when the damage is applied, and that Escaping Fate is not triggered at "Step 0 (or 1)" of the Take Out sequence...
  2. Spinsane

    Goal Kick lands on a barrier

    I'd go with C. The RoLD (or how I've always understood it) says you move the ball back towards the goal until it clears the obstacle (original B location). If at that point the ball cannot be placed because of models or tokens, you find the closest location that is available, which in this case would be C, or maybe somewhere sliggtly left of D, in contact with Cutlass...
  3. Spinsane

    Marker Limit

    I'll go by S3 rulings, assuming these still stand. In regards to maximum number of tokens, once reached you can't just chose to remove tokens to place new ones, you need to find some way to remove an existing token first. As for Crop Dusting, we have the following ruling to refer to, so I'll assume it's still up to and not strictly a hard 2 : +Edit: Note that the Collected Clarifications Thread says the following about Traps: Big Game Traps:- The only way to remove an existing trap is to trigger it.
  4. Spinsane

    Impersonal Anger

    I'd say it doesn't in the same way you don't get MPs from End Phase Condition damage... +Edit: Wait, could depend, here... You get an MP if the TakeOut occurs as a result of one of your player's actions, so if the trap is triggered off a Push, I think you would get MP, but wouldn't if it's the opponent moving or dodging into the Trap...
  5. Spinsane

    Ikaros S4 clarification

    Previous wording said that once per turn he could treat Harrier AoEs as Fast Ground. Once he had flying, however, he would ignore terrain and, thus, the Fast Ground, hence the rewording, I assume...
  6. Since both are resolved at the same time (when the Hunter's model suffers damage), the controlling player (Mortician's player) gets to chose which is resolved first.
  7. Spinsane

    Escaping Fate: Order of Effects

    Wouldn't the Controlling Player in this case most likely be the Hunter's player?
  8. It's unfortunate that an errata will be required, but I find this to be a lot better than the previous ruling nonetheless.
  9. Spinsane

    S4 vCinder Grim Vengeance

    a KD'd model can still dodge, so no... (and uh, which occurs first? Grim Vengence or the Counter?)
  10. Spinsane

    S4 vCinder Grim Vengeance

    I'd say no, because of the Timing sequences found on page 27 of the S4 rulebook: anything that occurs "after an action [attack/play] is resolved" is resolved at step 4. Whereas Berserk doesn't mention when the free attack has to be resolved, it appears that vCinder's Grim Vengeance does...
  11. Nope, no mom (unless things changed with S4)
  12. Spinsane

    S4: What is an intervening model?

    The use of the words intervening model when explaining LoS is somewhat problematic, I agree. However, there's one clear explanation, but it does require a clear ruling I think... Page 28, Index, points to page 16 for the definition of Intervening model. Therefore when on page 10 the rules for Line of Sight say: Are we to disregarf the definition of intervening model that appears on page 16? Of course, this still requires Lawyer confirmation, but: that definition is not a game-wide definition. It applies to kicks, and kicks only, otherwise it would have appeared in the game lexicon on page 9 with all other definitions. In regards to LoS, we don't have any actual definition of intervening model... We can extrapolate, or just use common sense, but one thing is imho clear, is that the page 16 definition doesn't apply.
  13. Because there is no such thing as an Active Player? We have Active Models and Controlling Players... When two abilities are triggered simultaneously, the controlling player choses which is triggered first. If this occurs during a model's attack, that model's player choses which ability is triggered first. Similarly, if it occurs during a counter-attack, the player controlling the counter-attacker choses.
  14. Spinsane

    S4 terrain question

    The model can claim cover from both, but the bonuses don't stack. Note that in a tournament setting this couldn't happen unless playing with or against Theron, since there has to be 6" between any two terrain features...
  15. Considering the previous ruling clearly shows that although they are simultaneous, the conditions are applied one at a time and Take One for the Team is triggered once each condition is applied, she would only be able to Take 1 of the 3 Bleeds... T1FTT is triggered three times, but she can only select to transfer one of the 3 bleeds because once she does, she can't take it a second time.