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  1. Please note the £3.8M raised wasn't going completely towards the core box, it also included production of stretch goals which, if you remember, we managed to reach all but one, which they included regardless. This also goes towards manufacturing costs and mass shipping, as well as having to pay for replacement pieces to be made. They aren't just saving money for the sake of profit, which isn't even a bad thing to do unless the method doesn't justify the savings, they're saving money because they need to. This is a product being shipped on a global scale, of course there are going to be problems. SFG aren't shafting anyone, you'll get your copy eventually.
  2. Please calm down. No one's scamming anyone and no one is calling the police. I understand it's frustrating having to wait for the game and I understand you've paid a lot of money for it, but that doesn't give you the right to falsely accused them of scamming. If you have proof that they're scamming us, and I mean physical proof and not just people not having their copy yet, then that'snot something you can just say. We don't know the circumstances surrounding the problem and remember it's a small company. Also please refrain from venting your frustration out on others. I'm not saying you are, but you're coming across as quite aggressive and some people on here aren't very comfortable with it when there are genuine want for discussions about the game. Thank you, and Praise the Sun.
  3. Update 107 stated EU shipping had just started, you may have misread the start of the update. It first states: 'Shipping is in full swing around the world[...]' But then goes on to further detail stating: 'EU: Shipping has started of the core game, this includes English, French and German copies.'
  4. SFG response time is terribkle

    I'm not a moderator, but just in case things go too far, please try and be civil in your discussions. We've had a lot of people complaining about response time, broken figures, undelivered games and the like. I know it's easy for the ones with no problems to say this, but please try and calm down. Be patient and save the moderators having to tell people to be calm.
  5. Knight Artorias (Steamforged please!)

    My guess is we'll get the ten armour figures along with ten matching armour cards to be added to the treasure pile. Then I imagine the armour will have really high stat requirements, like 40 strength and 30 faith for the catarina armour or something of the like. I'd find it rather pointless to have ten different armour sets for characters with no real effect otherwise, but that's just me.
  6. Knight Artorias (Steamforged please!)

    Yeah, what happened to jolly co-operation? Solaire would be most displeased. I see a lot of people talking about minority opinions getting hated on, but that's kinda unfair to the majority when we're offering our opinions and being labelled as haters and the like. Maybe I don't speak for everyone, but I find it pretty upsetting the lack of respect both sides have shown as of recent. Keep it civil okay?
  7. What future DS 3 boss do you want in the game

    I find them to be two different types of 2 v 1 boss fights. Twin Princes starts as a 1 v 1 which become a 2 v 1 in phase 2. In contrast, Smough and Ornstein are 2 v 1 and then a 1 v 1 in phase 2. I wouldn't worry about them feeling same-y.
  8. Knight Artorias (Steamforged please!)

    I'm gonna play Devil's advocate with the Zelda analogy. Bar Hyrule Warriors and, to an extent, Breath of the Wild, the Zelda series has been pretty much the same, just with a different story (Something happens to Zelda/Hyrule, Link has to acquire stuff from dungeons, fights the final boss, usually Ganandorf, and saves the day). Now I understand the want for a new/different pose, and by all means you're entitled to an opinion, but there's nothing wrong with iconic stuff being used over and over. Take Solaire for example, everyone who knows Dark Souls knows the iconic pose he does. Is it generic nowadays? Perhaps, but it's by no means a bad thing. When I think about his model pose, I'm thinking about how he should compare to other models. Smough and Ornstein are in their starting poses, Dancer is in a dormant pose, titanite demon and gargoyle are in their starting poses too. So I wouldn't think it's a bad thing to have Arty in his iconic pose. But hey, whatever SFG choose, I'm sure it'll come out great.
  9. Returning to bonfire between encounters

    This as well. If you manage to save, like, 32 souls before a mini boss, with three players you can, theoretically, pull 8 times and have enough for at least 4 level ups for every player (I.e. everyone gets to tier 1 in their stats.) Now that's just in a general case, but let's use the shadow armour again. You have 24 souls left, you have enough faith, but your dex is tier 1. Even if you spend the 12 souls to hit tier 3, you'll have plenty left to do stuff with. Things like this are why I love this game. Even going through the motions of turns, it still feels fun. It's in your face from the beginning and it forces you to think like a team. So many times has the Knight blocked damage or the Assassin dodging damage just to save another player, or a clutch Herald talisman restoring 6 stamina, ensuring the character survives next turn. Best board game ever for me.
  10. Returning to bonfire between encounters

    Yeah, honestly, some situations are unlikely to ever happen, but I think you kinda just learnt from the video game that, rather than hording a bunch of souls and risk losing them for the sake of a big level up, it's better to just spend what you can on smaller level ups and equipment upgrades.
  11. Returning to bonfire between encounters

    I mean, that's a part of dark souls as well, you can spend all (or most) of your souls before an encounter. But if you're holding out for tier 3 levels, which is 8 souls a pop, and you die with 6, you'll have to get them back. For example, you're playing solo as a assassin. You want the shadow armour, but you need 34 dex. The Assassin needs tier 3 dex and tier 2 faith (I think?) to equip it. All your stats are tier 2 but you have 6 souls left. You don't want anymore loot for now, so you go to the final encounter before the main boss. Unfortunately, you die, so you'll have to treck all the way back through at least 2 other encounters before you get your souls back. If you do, congrats and enjoy the armour. If you don't, you'll be starting all over again from 0 souls. In a 4 player game, you'll be getting a bunch of souls, yes, but you'll have to distribute them effectively otherwise you get characters who are lacklustre when it comes to level 2 and 3 encounters. That said, if you manage to strike some good loot and level accordingly, you're in the money (Or souls, I guess.)
  12. Let's talk about the 4 heros for now!

    Haha, yeah, been pretty busy with work and...life, I guess. Good to be back though.
  13. Let's talk about the 4 heros for now!

    Loving the Assassin at the moment. He's a great distraction for enemies that attack the closest player. Couple that with his ability to equip magic fairly early on and he becomes a great and fun character to play as. Warrior and Herald are iffy for me at the moment. Herald plays nicely with miracles, but the warrior seems to feel mediocre to me. Still need to play more, maybe I'll change my mind on him at some point. Knight can block like there's no tomorrow. The claymore gives him so much damage output. All in all I'm loving the majority of the cast at the moment. Great game, fun and so challenging.
  14. Future expansions

    I completely forgot about the pharros' contraptions, and it could be a really interesting expansion, especially for players looking for more diversity. Irithyll of the boreal valley could be interesting as well, there certainly were dangerously tough enemies in that area. Plus you could implement frostbite as a major influence within that area seeing as the boreal knights could inflict it on to you. Loving the discussion guys, the hype is back. Only a month away now.