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  1. The venue is very easy to get to via train from Edinburgh (and probably Glasgow). It's about a 5 minute walk from the station in Stirling. Lots of places to stay nearby too.
  2. Non Thresher Farmers - Anyone trying this?

    Millstone is just better in general for Farmers than Grace I think. She brings a harvest marker that doesn't need to be near the captain to produce - which can be doubled with Plough. INF that can be shared more easily. Decent in a fight, even better when near Grange (Honest Labour), can push your guys around and blah blah... you know why people choose her. With Grange chucking out Tough Hide to a player Between a Rock could be used sort of more aggresively in a way - you know the opponent is going to hit someone, so make it not to as much damage and also cause Murder Granny to bounce around. I think Tater pretty much always has a place in a Farmers team, even if you never give him INF. That counter charge is just so useful for keeping your team safe or forcing the opponent to do something they don't want to which is one of the few control things we can do. My Grange lists would probably be; Peck/Buck - Condition-ish teams/I want a goal or need to push people around Harrow - While he might not be the best at one thing, he can help with everything. Tooled Up & Rapid Growth are great. Pretty much always in the team for me. Jackstraw/Millstone/Ploughman Jack for goals or killing the ball, will almost always be the one to pick up the ball when receiving. Chucking out 2 harvest markers sets up Tater against any 1st activation goal attempts from the opponent Mill for condition based teams - Alchemists or Fillet butchers Ploughman is sadly unlikely to make the 10 but I want to run him a lot first to decide. The rough ground and doubling harvest markers should play well with Grange (and Tater/Fallow). Tater - Counter charge, plus generally being great. Always on the board for me. Windle/Fallow/Bushel - Fighting other slow fatties (unlikely to make the 10)/Not sure what for yet/Receiving the ball and getting a goal - works well with Jackstraw
  3. Hub Ball 3 - Edinburgh - 14th January 2018

    Possible - but there's currently road works there that might make things difficult. Bread Street/West Port is one way at the moment (Lothian Road direction)
  4. Hub Ball 3 - Edinburgh - 14th January 2018

    I'll make a token effort to make some terrain too. It'll be entirely Mortician stuff though.
  5. Cogs sure are a quiet bunch...

    I think/hope things will get shaken up a bit when Harriet "The Hat" comes along - and possibly whenever the minor guild appears too. Engineers have been a fairly rare sight in my meta though - I'm not sure how popular they actually are, but I believe the models/theme rather than playstyle have something to do with it. Blacksmiths, Masons and Brewers are the popular teams for us cave dwelling troglodytes in Scotland it seems. Counterpoint: Engineers are so finely tuned that there's nothing to discuss. Additional counterpoint: Talk is for fleshy meat bag things. Cogs have no need for that.
  6. Are we all plastic now?

    EDIT - Yeah, the one that matches the art more. It's not bad, but just not as dynamic as the current one. In the Keynotes US topic. Pic here though: https://m.facebook.com/JaykeHallOfLegends/photos/pcb.723759017813975/723758284480715/?type=3&source=48&refid=52&__tn__=EH-R
  7. Are we all plastic now?

    I currently only own Farmers at the moment. I've owned metal/resin teams before and while they'd be my preference usually, I would jump on the chance to get a full PVC team of any of the S1-S2 teams. The Fish look great, and Morticians would be cool (not entirely keen on the plastic Ghast pose though).
  8. Hub Ball 3 - Edinburgh - 14th January 2018

    Can't guarantee I'll be there but certainly want to be.
  9. They could have amazing names for Character Plays, such as: Pushing Rope Thar She Blows At Half Mast
  10. Blacksmith basics

    Filthy Farmers player here: From what I've seen you guys are fairly tight on INF, I'd try to get the first goal in as soon as possible to get that extra INF for later turns. Obviously this isn't always a good idea or even achieaveable against some teams but should help lighten the load when you can do it. As others have said, getting activation orders right is important. Does Sledge really need all those extra conditions on his victim, or are you just giving up several activations to allow your opponent to do something else? Similar for Masters being with their Apprentices - they don't always have to help out just their own one, sometimes they can really help out a different one with the abilities they have - or might not even be on the board. Cast doesn't need Burnish to do her thing for example, infact I think Furnace is better for her.
  11. LE Mist

    The mascot will be a vegan-Lion.
  12. Skulk is a new Spook

    He looks like a fun goal keeper that could really mess up some strikers day by just following them around all game and making them rubbish at kicking the ball. Big base and 2" melee covers a big area I guess. Makes those auras nastier.
  13. Fallow is up

    Very weird but fun looking player. I have a feeling that she would be better alongside Grange (and possibly Ploughman too) than Thresher but would be interesting to see in any case. Not a huge fan of Get Stuck In! as it sort of doesn't mesh well with Protective Instinct. I'm glad the playbook doesn't have a GB option just on it's own - there's damage alongside it. Between a Rock.. might work well with someone who moves faster than a glacier (sorry, Granite!) and the jog part isn't so bad when the team has multiple ways of ignoring Knock Down. I was hoping for a player that wasn't just a beatstick - perhaps conditions and other weird plays but Fallow is certainly unique.
  14. Played an escalation game against Alchemists, with the added bonus of fighting over “The Hat”. Unfortunately for the Smoke led Alchemists team which was all female (apart from Mercury) Tater is just too damned charming. He successfully scored twice, once when every player was knocked down by either him or by his less charming, but more honest, captain Grange. In an effort to Look Busy, Harrow managed to pick on an out of sorts Calculus who had been knocked down previously and rather ganged up on by the Farmers to seal the game. 10-0 for the Farmers against the filthy, unpainted plebs that call themselves Alchemists.
  15. So pictures of the new box have surfaced. Finally get to see Fallow! Release date is 12th January 2018. The Guild Ball official Twitter account has some painted ones (Fallow looks different though!)