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  1. Calum Todd

    S4 Farmer Preview

    Who makes the new 12 then (or really, who gets dropped on their own)? For me it's probably going to be Buckwheat (again) - he's good but Peck is just too good, and the other players each have their place. It's a tough choice though and as I said earlier I'm not totally sold on Honour yet. Will need to get some games in first. I think Ploughman will make most of the 6s though - he's really good as a battery and/or helping out.
  2. Calum Todd

    S4 Farmer Preview

    I totally glossed over the fact that Crop Dusting is only 1 INF now - very happy with that. I'm happy with losing Tooled Up in exchange for mostly better damage results. The lack of Tac bonuses is not as fun though and I will miss them. It certainly appears as if we've been giving a bit more mobility to compensate though. Honour still seems a bit meh - still not feeling it here. She's probably useful against the likes of Alchemists along with Peck and Millstone. She seems a bit too similar to the latter there though - would have been nice to have something a bit unique in the team.
  3. Calum Todd

    S4 Ploughman

    I'd be very happy for us to move to more accessible 2-2 win. I would like for Harrow to become a bit more football focused with the loss of Tooled Up - currently Ploughman looks like a better version of him really.
  4. Calum Todd

    S4 Ploughman

    http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/season-4-ploughman A nice streamlined version of Ploughman for Season 4. Biggest take from this is the rather large change to the rest of the team! No Tooled Up or Honest Labour (as it currently is), and presumably Threshers Legendary has changed too.
  5. Calum Todd

    S4 Granite

    Making her more similar to Fallow seems likely, if a bit dull perhaps. Crazy idea: At the beginning of every friendly activation she gains +1 ARM (instead of TAC like Fallow) to a max of +3 or something. Just turn her into a slow building wrecking ball of masonic destruction. Sensible-ish idea: Make her just a tad faster in some way. or impervious to movement penalties - i.e Fire/Snare etc don't reduce her (low) movement at all.
  6. Calum Todd

    Idea for farmer's minor guild

    I'd like to see a Gardeners Guild. The focus being conditions from the harvest markers, speed and goal scoring. Sort of a mix between Hunters and Alchemists but less ranged abilities. Theme would be a lot more foppish than the Farmers, less rugged and rough, a bit snooty/haughty instead. Reaper style Captain with giant garden shears. Mascot would be a giant plant that eats people - Audrey II Harvest markers can be used by reaper equivalents to chuck out poison, snare and bleed depending on the player.
  7. Both Fillet and Meathook have Smell Blood which adds +2" to charge against someone with Bleed, Millstone can help against that with her Take One for the Team aura but it's not something that can totally count on. You'll need to be sensible when to absorb conditions with Millstone since as @ForestRambo says they can very easily reapply it - then you have 2 people with Bleed instead of 1! You'll likely get more mileage out of Harrow's Rapid Growth trait for dealing with the Bleed condition damage - though Butchers do use Bleed for other benefits, not just the 3 damage later on. Tater and/or Fallow are useful here. Tater with his Counter Charges and Charmed [Female] against a team that has a lot of females is great. Fallow can also prevent the Butchers from hitting the people they want to and she can blenderise them in return if set up right.
  8. When I'm playing I don't exactly go into the game thinking "I will score at least one goal" it's more of an oppurtunistic thing usually. If receiving, Bushel can score from the starting line as long as she has some momentum to start with and 4 INF. Generally I'd pick up the ball with Jackstraw and place some Harvest markers at the same time to allow Tater to Counter Charge as soon as possible. Pass the ball around a bit and get into position for the next turn. Last activation, or close to it, would be Bushel. Eat a Harvest Marker for re-roll kicks. Passing to Grange (ideally, for the For the Family trait) for a dodge 4", get him to pass back and dodge 4" again, jog towards the goal and pop it in for a goal. Jackstraw allows for less linear and predictable goals, and can be a good player to hide the ball with since he has some absurd movement shenanigans. Thresher and Tater can threaten goals with decent speed and kick threats - nothing out of the ordinary though.
  9. Our staple players of Millstone and Tater will probably do most of the heavy lifting (barring the captain) in this matchup. Millstone (and Peck) are key in "ignoring" the Bleed condition, Millstone can also provide some goal keeper style assistance. Tater's counter charge is massive against Butchers who really don't like Counter Attacks - let alone Counter Charges. Farmers have access to a lot of pushes (not so much easy double pushes though) which can ruin a Butchers day if they want to keep hitting you. Thresher can and will delete any Butcher player he wants pretty much, but can end up overextended and farmed for Momentum and then VP. Try to take the Butchers on on your terms - so in your half of the board and in a good ol' brawl. Getting the ball off them is very useful to prevent them dodging into combat or out, thus avoiding any Counter Charges. Or just denying them any goals obviously.
  10. My own preference would probably be Grange, Peck, Tater, Harrow, Millstone and either Bushel if receiving, or Fallow/Windle (yes, Windle) for a brawl. Grange, Peck and Millstone can deal with Knocked Down rather well and dish out reliable Harvest Markers. The repears should be able to do what they do best in this match up, especially with Tooled Up and possibly Honest Labour. Though keep in mind the opponent will likely be doing the same thing.
  11. Peck will be very useful in this match up. Cocky for ignoring the first condition; knock down most likely, but fire, poison and bleed can happen too. When the Cock Crows our only heroic on the team, it removes knocked down and allows for a dodge! If you have access to all the players then Millstone will be very useful for helping deal with Conditions. Jackstraw can be fun against the Brewers as he's generally hard to pin down and kill - he won't be doing much fighting for you against Tough Hide, but can help with the football side of things as well as useful crowd outs and making the opponent think twice about leaving his melee zone. As @Cassaralla has said you can expect a brawl! Farmers excell at this, but so do Brewers. You'll want to make sure that their force multipliers (Spigot, Dirty Knives, Commanding Aura etc) aren't getting used to their potential. Either by killing or pushing the models out the way. Counter Charge from Tater can help stop Brewers getting to where they want to with the extreme lack (but not absence!) of dodges they have.
  12. Calum Todd

    Season 4

    Rename Vet Spigot to Guy Incognito so that he will actually get used? Or just tweak him a bit. Some buffs to Stave would be nice too - Ramming Speed as a trait perhaps? Sturdy and/or Stoic?
  13. Calum Todd

    Farmer Player Summaries

    Not had much experience with most of Box2 yet but will cover the stuff I do know. Jackstraw Good into: Most teams really. He's our only source of ranged damage, which while this isn't really the point of taking him it does allow for some options. This AOE also produces 2 harvest markers and with 3/3 INF he's very INF friendly for the team. He may appear slow but he's actually one of the faster players in the game currently with his teleport shenanigans. With a 2/8" kick stat he can threaten goals fairly well, and within Grange's aura he becomes a very respectable 3/10" for passing which can really help with getting our slower models moving around. If receiving the ball I usually pick up with Jackstraw as he's usually the most likely to be able to get into range and pass it back to the team. In doing so he can set up some harvest markers for Tater (or other reapers) to help defend against the kick off model. Risky into: Jackstraw struggles against armour on his own, so the likes of Masons and Blacksmiths can be a pain for him. He isn't likely to get that tackle off from some of their players so watch out when getting into a more scoring focussed game. He'll need to be even more of a setup piece against these teams, threatening a snap shot goal instead of a goal run on his own perhaps. Bushel Good into: Receiving the ball. She ideally wants to be in a Grange team for the pass bonuses to get the most out of her I'm Open! ability - she can open up Turn 1 goals for us which is nice. Teaming with Harrow can make her one of our better ball handlers with a DEF:5+/ARM 1 which can protect somewhat against the likes of Shark. She has momentus 1 damage which is useful - she's probably the least damaging Reaper we have, but can at least generate momentum for us easily if she doesn't have the ball. Risky into: Not great in a Thresher team I'd say, nor a team that's kicking off. She can't really threaten the ball all that well on the kick off and you'll probably want to be killing stuff if the opponent is going for goals (from receiving) as we struggle to keep up there. Not great against fighty teams as she doesn't have a KD but she's not terrible - there's just better options available in that regard. Windle Good into: Bit of an odd one I guess. He's good (sometimes excellent) against other fatties/mascots/apprentices. His dodge mechanic is pretty predictable but can be hard for some teams to stop. He can totally murderise players if set up right - though this will take several activations to set up. He'll probably want to be in a team with Grange, Millstone and Harrow for the set up/INF/movement help & Damage bonuses. Don't be afraid to use the ball to get him around either, he's a 3/8" kick with Grange nearby! Risky into: Probably everyone. He's easy to hit and hurt, but not so easy to actually put down with the amount of healing available to him. He should never be the first model you put down when chosing your team and likely shouldn't really be in your 10, but he can be a lot of fun to use. Harrow Good into: Everyone really. He's a very useful model to have. He brings Tooled Up which is great obviously. He heals people around him for 2 HP a turn, which can totally shut down some condition based teams. He does generate Harvest Markers, though isn't guaranteed to do so. He needs to be near the Captain or hitting someone to get them - though this also means he can potentially produce more than anyone else. Risky into: Everyone really! He's got poor defence stats and no real defence tech to speak of. Beater teams can kill him and Football teams can dodge/push him all day. He's a support piece that needs protecting sort of like Spigot does for the Brewers.
  14. Calum Todd

    What AoE marker do you use for alchemists?

    I get mine from here: https://art-of-war-studios-ltd.myshopify.com/collections/guildballcompatible or if you're wanting cheaper ones: http://blotz.co.uk/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=24_124_137
  15. Calum Todd

    Minerva, The bird is the word.

    I would expect not.