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  1. thecoffinsupportsuite

    Possibly New Fisherman here

    From the experience centrally belonging to the Morticians I see two very polar play styles arising and that is well, Shark's seemingly 2 minute game or Corsair's bully pulpit. I like both. I need to math out a lot of this tonight so I can see more clearly a lot of what comes out of the two strats. Since my main strat I've played is a combo VP ramp list I'd like to start actually seeing through on the math behind some Shark lists and then I'll be moving to Corsair. My ultimate goal while testing being a defensive football focused team.
  2. thecoffinsupportsuite

    Possibly New Fisherman here

    I reread your post I am sorry for the verbiage misunderstanding
  3. thecoffinsupportsuite

    Big Guild Switch Possibility

    I'm working on a lot of lists. Like every game I play I've been running Mathhammer type of lists on simulators and on paper to see what I can do. Have been trying guild by guild and testing the gammet. Corsair is a close close friend right now, as is Esters, and Smoke.
  4. thecoffinsupportsuite

    Possibly New Fisherman here

    Thank you guys. This stuff is eye opening for fishermen. From stats and such it's like a different game from Morts. I was trying to tiptoe the line trying not to use union that I didn't use that much right away. As a Mort player as I'm sure you're guess is that Avarisse would be my first choice as a union player. By way of Gutter, I don't have much experience even playing against her. Playing the Mortician combo lists I don't choose lightly. So with Gutter, I believe you are mistaken her kick is the same as greyscale. After my education and reading I have revised what I've thought. My eyes also being forced open to newer ideas and thinking pure aggression along with synergy. Just focusing more on the side of the aggressiveness. Corsair Salt Sakana Jac Greyscales Angel Sub: Siren [vet] Hemlocke Please help me continue on this I am excited to learn.
  5. thecoffinsupportsuite

    Big Guild Switch Possibility

    They've crossed my mind. I'm looking to do a slight polar aspect to my game, working toward Pundit slowly but surely. I want to diversify to portfolio so to speak.
  6. thecoffinsupportsuite

    Alchemists in to fishermen

    Remember to stay defensive. You need the defensive lists. I'd do a Smoke list; Smoke Flask Compound Katalyst [vet] Venin Avarisse You have two pillars from what I know about Fish. The Corsair lines cheat the ball up the field so you'll want to meet those with a brick wall. The Shark lines run straight at you and simply red rover you with dodges and trick plays. Avarisse gives you a player that can be defensive and offensive all at once. You deploy him and Compound toward the back and if they try to rush you detach Greed and assassinate the living you know what out of them. Katalyst the Vet is an amazing midfielder because of how much ground he can cover, he'd be your first line of defense. Your aggression comes with Venin and Flask setting up AOE SHENANIGANS to get smoke up field with the ball faster than the seas can take it from you.
  7. thecoffinsupportsuite

    Bringing GF into the game

    Bringing the girlfriend in the game and she pointed out Truffles from the Butchers as what she wants on her team. I am personally not that well versed in Butcher play and building. What line ups can carry Truffles well?
  8. thecoffinsupportsuite

    Possibly New Fisherman here

    Going to be switching over toward Fishermen from Morticians to here to give my buddy his own guild so to speak (we both played Mort). I'm falling hard for Corsair. What kind of line ups work well with him? I'm thinking: Corsair Salt Kraken Greyscales Avarisse Siren [Vet]
  9. thecoffinsupportsuite

    Big Guild Switch Possibility

    My friend who I played a lot of guild ball with is coming back from the military and I know how proud he was of his Morticians (which we both play) I am thinking I'll switch guilds to give him his own thing. Thoughts? I am thinking fishermen might be the best next choice. An aggressive Corsair Charging Line Up.
  10. thecoffinsupportsuite

    How do we deal with Hunters?

    Remember to take account at what time you are sieging the goal line, at what time you're coming up for the attacks. I've been a long time Mort player, only recently wanted to start up here on the forums. For the match up with hunters it's the game of time. With guys like Casket and Avarisse you have essentially three models that can close in on the hunters from more angles than they know how to protect. You use your Cap Obulus to hold onto the ball while Dirge is causing mischief across the field. When it comes to the problem pieces like Theron you want Silence or Mist and even Graves.