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    Wave 3 update?

    I'd like to hear more about this as well.

    Wave 2 Thoughts

    I’ve been actually testing the rule to allow dodge to always autopass as long as dodge dice number exceeds the required roll at 2 stamina cost. For double the Sta cost, you autopass the attack of equal dice difficulty. No rolling for dodge. Block costs one stamina as well. Block is no longer random either - it autoblocks 1/2/3 damage depending on the dice colour. The dice rolling is involved is now only applicable for damage rolls.

    Wave 2 delayed - It's good news though

    I am more chaffed that they released printable expansions. There’s quite a bit of content instantly available. Cannot wait.

    Dark Souls card game announced

    Card game seems to draw some inspiration from Gloomheaven, which is among the best board game systems out there today. A good sign.

    Update 110 on Kickstarter

    Curious what the teaser is about, Anor Londo is plausible, but it is the strange icons that have me most interested... new mechanics of some sort?

    boss minis 'fragility'

    As a person who had converted the Dancer model into an original sculpt pose, I would have to say that the model was FAR from fragile. The plastic is pretty hard, and I had to put a lot of effort to change the pose. Rock hard miniature. Normally I would recommend plastic glue for plastic, but my plastic glue had no effect on this material. Had to use super glue, which worked fine.
  7. Aldrich, Aldritch, Aldritch... i find him to be the most interesting character in the game, and very visually compelling one as well. My one major disappointment with DS3 was that it never explored the "Deep" which had managed to both seduce and terrify Aldrich in various times.
  8. Yeah, I'm going to need to sift through and see if something works. Fantasy may have something bit smaller.
  9. Yeah, before I go that way, I want to check if I have some bits lying around from my old modeling days that would be a better substitute. I didn't get rid of all my old stuff. I am pretty sure I can find something.
  10. I've changed my mind a bit and sculpted a tailcoat for the Assasin, since it would have minimal folds. Doesn't look bad. Only thing missing is a a blood vial now...
  11. Coat was in my original plan. I tried to make a coat out of his tunic but... the mini is just too tiny to make it look convincing - his pose would require making a lot of folds, which if very difficult on such a scale. I went with something more conservative, since if I messed up the model, I was not gonna get another one. If I had one model to test on, I may have tried to risk it. I cut the arm at the elbow, removed some plastic so that it will fold on itself, then I used epoxy putty to both connect the pieces and to create a metal elbow guard so that it looks nice externally. You can't actually see it from this angle, but I sculpted a segmented elbow protector, a bit like he has on his left shoulder. It's a pain to work on such small scale... Actually now that I think of it... I might add coat tails to his tunic. That would be a lot easier since there will be no real folds.
  12. Something I've been working on this weekend... An Assassin model I converted into the Bloodborne Hunter (before you ask, it's a Loch shield, so it's ok )... ...and the Dancer of the Boreal Valley, which I restored as best as I could to what the original model was. Hunter has a primer and a light basecoat wash, Dancer is still pristine. http://imgur.com/a/y6Y3V

    How are People Liking it so far

    Does it translate the feeling of playing Dark Souls? OMG ayes it does! One of two biggest highlights of my first game was dying twice in the row on the same room, for exactly the same reason ("oh yeah I can totally dodge this even though I don't have to"). Cause of death? Silver Knight bloody Bowman! If that does not ring an immediate bell in any Souls player, I don't know what will. It was my most keenly felt moment of "s**t, I AM playing Dark Souls". Lessons learned after the first game: - double the Souls income 2->4 -luck token now rerolls any number of dice when used. Otherwise, dodging is way too much of a gamble. -first five cards of treasure deck are face up, forming a shop. Every time item is bought, new card is flipped to replace it. -Avelyn with blood gem is love, main reason why I was able to beat Dancer. Wish I had it earlier.

    Herald's Talisman

    Sounds like a valid combo.

    In Depth Review (youtube)

    Lovely, thorough, meaty review. Well done!