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  1. What was your first Guild and why?

    What was your first Guild and what attracted you to that Guild? Alchemists, but it quickly changed to Fisherman's. My family has a history in the fishing industry so it felt very thematic ... And one thing I really like about GB is that the game is actually not about soldiers killing each other off, and Fish really epitomize this to me. Ethically pleasing. Do you still play that Guild or are you a deserter and play a new Guild yet? Just started Smiths and I've decided to give them a year, but I'll always be a slippery fish at heart. Does your original Guild still hold your heart or have you a new favourite? See above .
  2. Damage Trackers

    https://museonstore.com/products/damage-tracker-dials Muse on minis have generic damage trackers, I'm not sure on details here, I just googled.
  3. A series of really interesting points being made here, both in terms of game characteristics and player interaction. I hadn't thought about balance in that way, @malladin.ben ... Another good point is on players – we often talk about the bad losers (ragequitting, throwing dice, we've seen it all). But when you face a bad loser, you've at least won the game. Facing a bad winner is worse, that when the (winning) player really needs to step forward and be at their best. Encouraging this in the local community should be in the best interest of us all. In my (small) community, where I'm the worst (and most irregular) player, we always take the time to talk through the game afterwards which is not only good for learning, but also a way of sharing both the joy of successful moves (or dice rolls ...) and the frustrations of, well, not so good ones. (Something like this could actually be incorporated into official documents for tournament play by encouraging tournament organizers to have a 10 minute "chit and chat" session scheduled after each game, in order to stress things down a bit. OTOH, forcing people to do something like this may come out awkward or even counter productive, I guess.) When it comes to advice for new players, I think the mechanics of GB makes it difficult. Not only the abundance of choices and the clock (which I like, you learn to go by intuition and feeling rather than outright calculations .. or at least I do ... did I mention I'm really really bad at this game?) but also the fact that even the best laid schemes of mice and ratcatchers often go awry. Comparing to Warmachine, there you can have a fairly well prepared strategy, or several tactics, in terms of order of activation and triggering interactions. In GB you can rest assured that a good opponent will disrupt these things. From this, I think something I (I did mention I am rather quite bad at this game, right?) would appreciate is games, or even tacticas, where the flow is interrupted and the rationale behind moves is briefly explained. Or games with a voice-over if you want the game flow to be more like a "real" game. Advanced Maneuvers do some stuff like this for Warmachine; some of the @tandgproductions stuff also have the players explain their reasons. I really like podcasts (great audio backdrop when painting!) but at least I feel like I need the visuals to really appreciate tactics.
  4. Ratcatchers Guild

    That comment caused about 40 minutes of rofl watching old Izzard sketches on YT ...
  5. Ratcatchers Guild

    Well this is interesting indeed ... wheel-of-cheese balls, sewer grate tokens ... Release March 16. http://www.phdgames.com/steamforged-march-releases/
  6. GB resolution for –18?

    That’s almost cheating
  7. So what are your GB-related goals, ambitions, dreams & so on for 2018? For my part, I've just started painting up the Blacksmiths, setting my beloved Shark team aside. For 2018 year I: – will only play painted, and – will only play Blacksmiths.
  8. Fluff compilation?

    I have tried to find a compilation of links to the GB fluff in chronological order, but my googlefu has so far failed me. (This thread has a few links.) If you're aware of a forum post or site, please feel free to enlighten me!
  9. Washerwomens' Guild. Big and brawly. All female.
  10. NEW OPD (15.12.17)

    Nice to see the discussion turning to one of craftsmanship. I’d recommend Richard Sennett’s ‘The Craftsman’ for a good, albeit somewhat romanticising, introduction. For my part, I’d like to see the Chimneysweeper’s guild. Easy to paint
  11. New Home Field!

    Just wow.
  12. Whalers would be awesome. Captain Ahab!
  13. Hey you marketing students looking for topics to your thesis, look no further!
  14. Another good point. I have absolutely no idea what price elasticity looks like here ... Interesting. It may be that Guild Ball is not an entry level game at all, rather it is bought by us already addicted and under the influence (see what I did there?).
  15. Good point. I guess it depends on how much stock they have of the 6-player metal boxes. But if they run the 6-p metal boxes in parallel with the 12-p pvc boxes they'll probably have to change the prices a bit. A 6-p box is currently €65, and $100 = €85 (about). A €20 difference between the 12-p and 6-p boxes seems a little too tight. Unless people are keen on paying premium prices for metal models.