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  1. DrJekyll

    Kill team

    Out of curiosity, which are your favored six when you go for a take-out oriented playstyle?
  2. DrJekyll

    Tournament Trays

    I got this from Micro Art Studios, fits neatly into my Feldherr Mini bag. I tweaked it a bit and made it sturdier by smacking on some wall filler:
  3. DrJekyll

    The Casual Mortician

    Hey, nobody puts baby in the corner! Thanks for an inspiring thread. Had my first Morts game yesterday. Ob, Dirge, Silence, Cosset, Graves and Casket against Shark fish. Gave up a goal, but caused general mayhem in the Fish gameplan, which made his clock go tick tock tick tock. Memorable moments include PM:ing Shark down behind his own goalline with the ball, shutting out Hag so I could complete the takeout, losing an entire turn due to caught in the net, and having three INF on Graves and failing to take out Angel when she had three health left ... #thankyoudicegods Didn't get much work out of Casket though. Had great fun and look forward to explore the faction further. On the painting table: Bonesaw, BPM, Scalpel.
  4. DrJekyll

    Drunkards' Guild

    Wasn't aware I did.
  5. DrJekyll

    Drunkards' Guild

    Dunno. Why the question ...?
  6. DrJekyll

    Drunkards' Guild

    Just a lol guys ...
  7. DrJekyll

    Drunkards' Guild

    Called it. http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/18-7-2018-the-blacksmith-guild-farris-bolt
  8. DrJekyll


    TBH, I don't like them at all. They do bring some strategizing to the game, but to me this is mainly a distraction. It slows down the game, I much prefer a dice roll and moving on. The extra tactical aspect, to me, brings no extra fun to the game. Grumpy man, yes.
  9. I think that Ref could actually be the team mascot. A badger, of course. Or possibly a skunk (but that'd be too mean). Striped anyway.
  10. DrJekyll

    The Watch

    And this I love. They don’t underestimate their customers. (And that they excel in lousy plays on words.)
  11. Just watched Denmark vs France. Legendary play A hard day's work If facing an opponent that also has this Legendary Play, both players may agree to end the game immediately. Move models around aimlessly for 2*45 minutes. Use widgets at times. Each team ends the game with 0 VP.
  12. Heroic (or, "Heroic") Zero pain threshold When attacked and damaged by a playbooks result or character play, this model immediately gains the Knocked down condition. It may no longer be attacked by this enemy model in this turn.
  13. The flu (Rataclysm?) forced me to stay at home instead of attending a local launch party. I'm so fever-dizzy there's only one thing I can do: Watch the World Cup. And watching this, I realize we really really really need an Actors' Guild in order to mimic a key aspect, perhaps the key aspect, of contemporary football. So I started writing up some abilities that could come in handy. Character Plays Just fakin’ it! CST 2, RNG P, ZON -, SUS n, OPT y Remove this model’s Knocked Down condition. I’m hurt! I’m hurt! CST GB, RNG P, ZON -, SUS n, OPT y This model gains the Knocked Down condition, then this model’s activation immediately ends. Friendly team gains two MP. Medic! Nah not really. CST 3/2GB, RNG -, ZON -, SUS n, OPT y Target friendly model that is suffering the Taken out condition immediately gains an Icy Sponge, returns to the pitch with 1 INF, and removes the Icy Sponge. *Uncivilized gesture* CST 2, RNG 8, ZON -, SUS n, OPT y Target enemy model goes ballistic and loses up to two INF. Taunting CST 2GB, RNG 8, ZON 3”, SYS y, OPT y Models within the AOE pays +1 INF extra for character plays. Heroic plays I’m in so much pain! When this model receives damage from an enemy character play or playbook result, it can immediately make a 2” dodge. Virtually Assisted Randomness (VAR) In this turn, you may re-roll the outcome of one Character Play. Legendary play The unexplainable offside trap Target enemy model in possession of the ball, within 8", and closer to the own goal than any friendly model immediately loses ball possession. Perform a standard scatter. (Yes, this is for funsies.)
  14. DrJekyll

    Terrain base size

    I think it should all be referred to as ‘pitch furniture‘ from now on.
  15. Makes complete sense, thank you!