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  1. Navigators Guild on FB

  2. Some pics just posted in a FB group. Discuss.
  3. Kickoff Stolen

    the awesomeness of this community never ceases to amaze me.
  4. 1: clear and easy to learn ruleset with good core mechanics 2: every model is valuable and brings something to the table; often, models mainly serve as expensive wound counters 3: models are awesome
  5. Model distribution needs to change

    Pretty much sums it up for me. Doubleplusungood for the SFG brand.
  6. Lol, I had another idea on the interpretation, but yours seems better indeed
  7. I'm sure I would, but I still would assume that the number was the mistake, not that they suddenly decided to change the symbols. PS Adding on to this, I think the bottom tokens look as if they symbolize a sneeze aerosol ...
  8. I see the implication, but still, my initial assumption would be that the number of tokens was a bit off, not that SFG intentionally started playing musical chairs with token symbols. Unless it is explicitly stated somewhere how the tokens should be interpreted (ie the back of the cardboard frames)?
  9. And you’re sure it’s not: Poison tokens - Ratcatcher box Poison - official condition token Bleed - Ratcatcher box Bleed - official condition token Disease - Ratcatcher box
  10. Rationale for measurement in ball scatter

    Repeating myself here: And:
  11. Veteran Captain Salt

    Yes. Awesome stuff.
  12. The Navigator's Guild

    So it'll be xmas this year again after all I really look forward to upcoming spoilers giving my life a silver lining the next few months.
  13. Rationale for measurement in ball scatter

    Actually when going rules lawyer here, I think the rules by implication say that the scatter-measuring practice is wrong. The tell us to measure from the edge of the base only when measuring from a goal post or player – not mentioning the ball marker. So the rules actually make sense, the practice (again, to me) does not. p. 31: