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  1. Noodles

    H: Various Alchemists

    Hi, I have the following Alchemists that I’m looking to sell. Anyone interested in one or more please let me know? All are unpainted and in as new condition with bases but not attached. KS Midas (Resin, assembled) O Katalyst (Metal, part assembled) Naja (Resin, assembled) Venin (Resin, assembled) Crucible (Metal, in blister) Mercury (Metal, assembled) Vitriol (Metal, assembled) Smoke (Resin, assembled) Please message me if interested? Cheers.
  2. Seasoned Brisket backed her old team in an effort to ensure Gutter ends up in the right home. A 12-2 victory with two goals, one by Mist and the other with aplomb from Brisket herself and a pair of take outs too as Hearne bleeds out after being stuck by Rage for the win!
  3. A 5-12 loss for Fillet at the Heroic Throw Down as Fillet, Boiler and the girls struggle to deal with the tough Engineers side. Only a goal and Mother takeout from the Butchers as Pin Vices resilience holds strong.
  4. A 12-4 victory for Fillet against Hammer at the Heroic Throw Down after an overconfident Hammer come at the Butchers and learns that’s not always the best plan!
  5. Seasoned Brisket ran out a dominant two goal two take out shut out against Honour and her Masons. Clinical finishing in front of goal and at the edge of their knives saw the Union rep the Butchers and make sure Gutter goes to the right home!
  6. Ox watch’s on as his boys (and girls) beat down the Masons with 8 Take Outs! A hatrick of mascot kills plus five others brings home the win as the Masons score early and get a take out of their own.
  7. In a first run out of GICs the Fillet lead Butchers coached up with “Take it to ‘em” face the Hunters and Theron armed with “Go to Ground”. Early game sees Vet Brisket and Fillet combine to take out Hearne followed quickly by Jaecar but then Fillet herself goes down after some attrition from Theron and his team. Later a Snipe hits Vet Brisket but she takes a tap in anyway and scores but vengeance comes her way and she goes down in response followed soon after by a returning Fillet. Meathook then comes forward, taking out the recently returned Jaecar and sneaking into snapshot range. Theron then brings down the Beast Boar before Shank, using Take it to ‘em gets to relive the golden days crossing half the pitch to take the ball from Zarola, passing to Meathook who slams in the snap shot for a 12-8 victory for the Butchers.
  8. Noodles

    Blacksmith Guild - Anvil and Guild Special Rule

    How does the lack of Captain/Mascot work with the OP document. Must they declare their Captain and apprentice at the same time as the opponent declares their Captain/Mascot? If not that gives them a massive advantage on the draft as they can declare two players after the opponent has finished drafting their six?!?
  9. Noodles

    Using Shank in s03

    I thought one option for Shank was to split his playbook up. It should either be damage or dodges and not both. By doing this it gives home the multi role but the player has to choose between the two and so he can't kill something and dart around for the ball as well. Do this and up him to his original 4 inf cap and I think he'd then not be over powered as they worried his was.
  10. Hi Henry, i live in Bicester and work in Oxford some days and would be happy to give you a game sometime. Drop me a message and we can try and arrange something. Cheers, Ryan
  11. Noodles

    Season 3 - What do you think?

    If it was perfectly clear then people wouldn't be asking the question would they? Even at SteamCon there was confusion, an FAQ would clear that right up as there will be people who don't frequent the forums who will miss read it just like I did. To make it perfectly clear they could have added a line stating that the kicking player does not receive one MP for not having the initiative. I'm not saying you're wrong just that clarity could've been better.
  12. Noodles

    Season 3 - What do you think?

    I can see what you mean, it's the wording that's confusing to me. Tbh the simplest way to answer this will be for SteamForged to FAQ it officially.
  13. Season 3 rule book is online and reading through it says that the receiving player on kick off automatically has the initiative. Later it says the player who doesn't have initiative gets 1 mp so I would say you do get the mp on kick off. Quote Edit
  14. Noodles

    Season 3 - What do you think?

    Season 3 rule book is online and reading through it says that the receiving player on kick off automatically has the initiative. Later it says the player who doesn't have initiative gets 1 mp so I would say you do get the mp on kick off.
  15. Has anyone considered that the second new (top secret) guild may be another mercenary guild (church perhaps). And as such the 1 Union player restriction may be in place because you can now take models from a third source. If that is the case then 1 Union and potentially 1 other Merc is there to keep you from running a team that has no original guild players bar Cap/Mas. Just a thought!