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  1. Butcher GIC Theory Thread 

    The team I qualified for US nationals with uses Minx. As far as what team can best use GIC's, I'm not really sure. But Minx is a pretty good model.
  2. Watch the Parting Blow Burn

    This also suggest parting blows happen in the maintenance phase
  3. No to both I believe. Think there is a thread on this, might have to dog it up.
  4. There was a thread on this a while back. I'll see if I can dig it up. It was ruled that you could though, iirc. Well this is the thread I was thinking of. It does not mention Puppet master but I thought it did. So I don't know of this actually applies or no but I figured Id still post the thread. http://forums.steamforged.com/topic/36024-pushing-models-away-from-obstructionsbarriers/?tab=comments#comment-102409
  5. Butcher GIC Theory Thread 

    Even more disappointing than the fact our cards are pretty bad (along with Morts) is the fact that the cards are incredibly boring and uninspired. Two gain VP effects and a different (sometimes better/sometimes worse) way of healing. Really boring. There are a lot of directions they could have went with these. Can't say I'm happy or excited for these particular cards.
  6. Butcher GIC Theory Thread 

    Can't say I'm excited about this card. I find myself needing to heal after my activation far more than during it. Generally I play to threat other models in a way that I can some into them but it's dangerous if they come to me. This allows me to better dictate when engagement happens. So I generally go in at full health. It's pretty important to be able to come on mate my players for 4 health. Most players can't kill another player in one activation (beside beaty captains). So healong between their activations is a pretty big deal. I just don't ever see myself wanting to play this. Even without knowing the other 2 cards. There are plenty of gaps I think butchers need to fill and this doesn't address any of them.
  7. Theresher. Fix before he hits please.

    I'm just going with the flow and letting it run it's course. I wouldn't be surprised at all if he (or other models on the team) saw changes in the future.
  8. Offal a New Butcher, No More Vets

    2" melee. Able to take 4 INF, Accessible KD and interact in some way with bleed.
  9. Recap and Qualified for Nationals

    I've been giving some thought to using Gutter as a control piece. She can chain grab people to help Fillet engage them. Her KD is roughly the same as OX's. Less TAC but a much better book. And she can take 4 INF. She can really do some damage to set up models who have been hooked/KD. Biggest problem is she is greedy and Minx isn't. I'll probably test her out a bit.
  10. Recap and Qualified for Nationals

    Not at all. Overall I find him to be a subpar model that I only played because he paired well with Harry. Ironically, I think VOx would pair much better with Ox as the captain. Butchers really suffer from lack of 2" reach models with the ones we have, having serious drawbacks. The biggest issue with this list is obviously the full 1" team. However, keeping tempo, pushing being the aggressor, and smart targeting will deal with a good portion of that. And you can always bring in Boar or Tenderiser. I like Boar versus Hunters in particular. Do you prefer VBrisket just for the extra INF? If I were to drop one I'd personally drop VBrisket. I generally only draft her when I'm receiving, but she pretty much can't score against engineers and alchemists if they take compound. A team like fish or Farmers with a lot of 2" models also make it very hard to score and can eat up your clock/completely prevent the goal run. I'm finding myself aggressively killing the ball more often which oBrisket does better. I also find myself gething 4 takeout and then a goal where as earlier in the season I was getting 1 goal then 4 takeouts. It's interesting to see people's preferences.
  11. I had a thread running a couple of months ago, documenting my games in preperation for regional championships. Well my meta is practically dead at the moment and I didn't play for a couple of months. The regional championships were yesterday. I got to play two games before the championships. I had no games with new A&G (with or against) and no games with post nerf Harry. I went with Minx as my union choice as I played with her for roughly the first half of Season 3. I don't like taking models I am not intimately familiar with to a competitive event so A&G was a no go. On paper, Harry doesn't do what I want him to do reliably anymore (KD's and Damage) and I value the other parts of his card less in Butchers. Since I wasn't taking Harry, I didn't take VOx. He feels worse without Harry. Even before the tournament, I was heavily considering playing Morticias but in the end I went with butchers. The 10 I took was Fillet, Ox, Princess, Meathook, Boiler, OBrisket, VBrisket, Tenderiser, Boar, and Minx. I took the same 6 all my games: Fillet, Princess, Boiler, Meathook, OBrisket, and Minx. I'm not going to go very in depth in my games as they are foggy by now and I had a 9 and a half hour drive and only slept maybe 3 hours. Round 1 was against Union. He chose: Trisket, Coin, Benny, Decimate, Mist and Minx. He received and I kicked with Fillet. He went fairly early with the Trisket goal. I was able to threaten to box him in so he took UM on Boiler. Tooled up Fillet took her out. Brisket held onto the ball for a while but he was able to score with Mist again. I Who Are Ya'd Mist and Minx took him out. I also killed Minx that turn. He took out Meathook. Next turn I was able to kill Decimate and Benny with Fillet. He kills my Minx. His Minx was on 6 and and Boiler was in walking range and I had 8 momentum. Brisket had the ball and I had activation advantage. She couldn't score but she gets the ball to Boiler who sprints up for a 3 dice tap in for the win. 12-10 Butchers Next round was against a fish team consisting of: Shark, Tentacles, Greyscales, Sakana, Hag and OSiren. He chooses to kick and kicks with Shark. I'm able to get the ball with Meathook and get it to Boiler who is able to dodge outside of Sharks threat. I tool up Fillet as well. He moves some people up with Hag, including Shark. I get the ball to Minx who dodges further away from Shark. She'll be threatened by Greyscales next turn however. I use Fillet last and kill Sakana. He attempts to kill the dog but leaves him on 1 due to choosing a momentous dodge over 1 dmg once. I win the roll off. I'm able to kill shark first activation with Fillet and take 6 inf off the table. He gets the ball with Greyscales and scores. I give it to Brisket. The ball is dead this turn. I use Meathook and Minx to put some damage into Hag and put hooked, snared and seething Banshee on her. Boiler finishes her off. He brings in Shark and is able to get the ball off Brisket and score. I send the ball up the field to where I have Boiler, Meathook, Minx and Princess. Minx gets it and scores. 12-8 Butchers Last game was against another Union. He took: VRage, Strongbox, Benny, Gutter, Mit and A&G. I end up kicking. I kick with Fillet and stay outside of Rages threat. Kick scatter is less than ideal. He does some passing around and it ends up on Mist who scores. I set up Fillet and save her for last. I have an option of going after Vrage or Gutter/A&G/Strongbox. I go for the trio because I'm going to get intitiative and can take out Rage. I take out Gutter and Strongbox, putting some damage on A&G as well. I win iniative. He doesn't put any on rage and 5 on A&G. I kill A&G with Fillet. He uses Gutter to get the ball which is near Brisket to keep her from attempting a goal run. I use Minx to do some damage to rage and tie him up. We position. Some pepole around. I get the ball with Brisket and send it up his field and it scatters to Fillet. I go first again. I kill Rage but it takes my full stack to do it so Fillet can't ditch the ball so some one can score. He takes Minx out with A&G. Boiler puts damage into Mist along with Meathook for the takeout. Boiler walks to engage A&G and Bleeds him. He wins intiative. VRage comes back on and kills Fillet. He is unable to kill Meathook with A&G and leaves her on 1. He is unable to pick up Greede. The dog engages Avarisse. Benny kills Meathook.Boiler kills Avarisse, walks up to Greede and does some damage and bleed. Min charges Greede and rolls a killer roll and leaves Greede on 2 with bleed and no way to clear. 12-10 Butchers. Really great games. I had a fun time. Still slightly undecided on going to nationals or not, but I do plan to play more games. Probably on Vassal. Don't know if I'll play Butchers if I go, but I don't think they are in a terrible spot but they definitely havery a rough time with their lack of good 2" melee. Anyways, figured I'd give an update. Thanks
  12. Vitriol got nerfed too much?

    Asking people (alchemist players) if they are happy with a nerf to their model(s) will almost certainly garner a resounding "no". However, I'm certain the larger portion of the community (non alchemist players) are happy with the change.
  13. We are the champions of the World! :)

    Probably a bit more than sometimes.