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  1. What about that Large Hollow Soldier. Where in push section is stated that you immediately have to push all enemies, Large Hollow Soldier have dmg on move so when he takes an action and moves on node with 3 models all player models are pushed off that node. As push dmg from movement is not an attack action. In case of an attack with push I agree 100% that you push back first to limit of 3 models per node then resolve attack. I wonder.
  2. Hello, have question about timing with 3 models limit and Movement Push [like on Large Hollow Soldier] Which one should be resolved first. 3 models limit or Movement Push? Personally i'm leaning towards Movement Push as even if there are 3 models already, Movement Push affects all enemy models at once [like with Dance example from rulebook]
  3. Hello, I start to be really upset. Me and my friend ordered a game. But from one account, by paying additional cost for another copy of the game. My question is. Do my copy (one payed via additional soul pledge) will arrive with first wave or with add-ons? I can not see logic behind holding additional core sets untill Wave 2. Another thing is, where is info about such thing.
  4. Blackwrath

    Dungeon Master idea (Fifth Player)

    If game is designed in correct way 5th player as DM is unnecessary. Things like Shodow of the Brimstone is prime exaple of such game. Game works and plays by itself, which is nice. On the other hand if game is designed in such manner to excess 5th player role as DM it can work miracles, check old Warhammer Quest or Descent. While i did enjoy DM role in Descent, i flipping enjoyed to play as casual player, in Brimstone. And by the look at current rules in DS TBG i must say we will be just fine with 4 players game. Eventually 5th player as invader/summoned
  5. Blackwrath

    Painting for beginners

    internet tutorials will not teach you how to paint. To learn how to paint one should head to Local Game Store or fantasy club [place where people play games] and ask them directly for tips for beginners. Then, one should head to store and paint single minature, some brushes, primer in spray [used black but nowdays i prefere white] and basic colours [or just but beginner kit from Games Workshop and you will have all apart from primer] and then paint, paint, paint and one more time, paint.
  6. Blackwrath


    Magic is neglected in DS3 by many as it is useless in PVP and from by limited experiance with miracles and spells [played pyro but went for greatswords in the end] is unreliable, occasional fireball here and there, where in DS1 and 2 i played as pyro and miracle guy without a hitch. I would like to see in board game similiar mechanic to DS 1 or 2 with spell uses as it was much more efficient in my opinion. Should I waste my 2 fireballs on these weak enemies and not loose a HP or should i try dispatch them in melee and have that fireball for boss? Thats true question not: should i sip magic flask now or before boss.
  7. Blackwrath

    What Mini-bosses Should be Produced?

    For minibosses i would say: 3 little piggies from Majula