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    WHEN?!!? can't wait!?

    Not yet, not had much time at this point. I think they will be good. What this game needs is content and lot's of it. Once we have loads more enemies and encounters to mix in, I think this will start getting a lot more fresh and less repetitive.

    WHEN?!!? can't wait!?

    There's going to be an update soon this week which should have more information.

    Potential Idea for a new Shop System

    Just normal play at this point. The expansions are designed to balance with how far through you are with the play-through and they've been put together with a similar mindset to how a lot of the tiered deck rules have been designed. I'm not sure how well they'd scale with a campaign play, but you could try it with some tweaking.

    Wave 2 Thoughts

    Unfortunately, SFG are not receptive to doing this as they've said to me in the past that they are more dedicated to bringing new content and new IP's to fans. Sad really since there are most definitely problems with the core rules that definitely need rectifying. The bottom line is that SFG have no intention of fixing the core rules so it will be up to fans to work out how to fix the issues with the board game using house rules.

    Potential Idea for a new Shop System

    Here's some basic rules I've slapped together if anyone wants to try this out. When you begin the game, this initial shop is available from the Shrine Handmaid: base shop Soul Cost thrall axe 3 heal aid 2 titanite shard 4 soul arrow 4 sunless armour 3 silver eagle kite shield 3 If you choose to purchase something, search through the deck for the card and reshuffle the deck afterwards. You cannot purchase more than one of any item, this goes for items such as tinanite shards too. If you've bought it, the shop will no longer stock it unless another one becomes available in an ashes expansion. If you find the same item through random treasure flips, and only one of said item exists, then it is no longer available in the shop. You cannot purchase any more from the shop than is already available in the deck e.g. if you've found 4 titanite shards from treasure flips, then no more can be purchased from the shop. As you explore, you will discover ashes to expand the shop. When you've cleared 3 tiles following the bonfire, pick a random ashes card from the appropriate pile. If you are before the miniboss, pick a card from the basic expansions list. If you have defeated the miniboss, then it will be from the advanced expansions list. The same rules apply to these expansions as does to the base shop, however, these expansions do extend what the shop sells as is the same in the video game Dark Souls 3. I've chosen cards in the expansions to hopefully both be thematic and provide a well balanced progression route forwards if you're getting shafted by the random treasure flips or otherwise don't want to risk them. This may seem unbalanced as this will always seem to be the optimum route, however, you will never find the best weapons in these expansions as they only contain common treasure, so it may not be in your interest to wholly rely on them. basic expansions 1. grierat's ashes Brigand axe 3 firebombs 3 worker armour 3 ember 5 2. Mortician's ashes Morning star 3 titanite shard 4 drang armour 3 heal 5 3. grave warden's ashes scimitar 3 kurris 3 poison gem 5 east-west shield 5 4. cornyx's ashes poison mist 4 reinforced club 3 pierce shield 3 fireball 5 5. Morbeck's ashes great magic weapon 3 rapier 4 firelink armour 4 simple gem 5 advanced expansions 1. crestfallen ashes dragon crest shield 4 claymore 6 sunset armour 5 blessed gem 6 2. Eastern ashes murakumo 5 hard leather amour 6 eastern iron shield 5 sharp gem 6 3. mage ashes crystal gem 6 soulstream 5 court sorcerer robes 5 sorcerer's staff 6 4. barbarian's ashes exile armour 5 great axe 6 heavy gem 6 ember 5 5. patches ashes chloranthy ring 6 black armour 5 titanite shard 4 winged spear 5 Please test and let me know how well the balance feels. This is a work in progress, so tweaking will almost definitely be required. Many thanks!

    Potential Idea for a new Shop System

    @catup I'd like it to be implemented as I think this would definitely sort some of the issues the game has with the treasure deck being too random. It would take a lot of work to implement however because there are a lot of considerations to be taken into account such as what gear to bundle together and at what cost. These would need to be handled carefully otherwise it would lose balance quickly. My initial idea is that there would be a set of ashes cards for before the miniboss and another set for before the main boss so that they scale with the core game. I think there should be a fair few in the end so that there's sufficient randomness to keep the game fresh, but of course, this does lead to more testing required. At the minute I'm just gauging peoples interest to see if it's worth the dev time.
  7. Hi all, I've been thinking of ways to balance some of the issues in this game. Mainly, the punishing randomness of the treasure deck and the overtly long play length of a typical game. I've not decided on what my favourite variant is for reducing the game length, but I'm told that the half sparks double souls variant works reasonably well. With regards to fixing the treasure deck balance, it's always felt difficult to capture the balance of having some challenge in optimising your build to deal with randomness as opposed to not leaving the players open to very poor treasure pulls as a result of bad luck. The amount of games I've played where I've pulled 4 armour sets in a row, or found all of the upgrade items somehow bundled at the bottom of the deck are too many to mention! What do people think of this idea as a potential fix? I wanted to introduce a new character to the bonfire room. The Shrine Handmaiden. My idea is that Andre will still provide treasure flips for one soul as is done in the core rules. I felt this was necessary to keep as it emulates randomly finding items in the field but with some balance. The handmaiden on the other hand will provide a set menu of items that will be expanded throughout the game. For example: You could either pay 1 soul to randomly flip treasure or buy the following from the Handmaiden's initial shop: titanite shard 4 souls short sword 6 souls workers armour 3 souls (just pulling these figures as example, but basically items will be assigned a cost based on their value. This is how the balance is kept. If you purchase an item, you search the deck for it and add it to the inventory and then reshuffle the deck). If you've played Dark Souls 3, you'll know about the ashes items that expand the Handmaidens store in the game. I wanted to perhaps emulate the same feature in the board game. The idea being that as you explore, you will uncover random ashes that make a small selection of items available at costs based on their value. These items will also be grouped together strategically to try and keep as much balance as possible. These ashes cards will be printed on custom cards that show the entire shop expansion menu to make life easier. I don't know by what mechanic these ashes will be found yet, either through exploration with random dice rolls for discovery, or in chests etc. What do people think of this as a potential idea? It would take some work to develop, but could be a good solution to the randomness of the core game.

    Location specific effects

    @Squirtis - the names are on the encounter cards, so OP has cleverly matched these conditions to the specific encounter cards. @Chud_Munson - this seems really cool! Have you tested it much? How well does it balance? It's funny to think it would actually give me a reason to break barrels for once!

    Armor Sets

    Yeah, it will be interesting to see what becomes of this. I suspect the sets will probably be final at this point though.
  10. D S SIRIUS

    My finished set

    Cheers masterkdog! If you put nihilakh oxide over some bronze paint, you can get that oxidisation effect pretty easily. I'm not really that talented, I just followed the Lothaworks videos as a base reference and abused dry brushing! They turned out alright so I'm pretty happy with that, but I did make mistakes early on. I made a bit of a mess out of one of the heralds legs for instance!
  11. D S SIRIUS

    My finished set

    Cheers Leolian. I wouldn't say I have patience to be fair! I've been at this set for months. Just finally decided last bank holiday weekend to buckle down and get them finished. I spent literally all day Monday doing the Titanite Demon, Gargoyle and Dancer. I'm probably the only person who's dreading Octobers shipment!
  12. D S SIRIUS

    Painting blog

    That's painted to a superb standard pal. You should be proud of that. Don't blame you for taking a break. It is an absolute slog trying to paint through them all!
  13. D S SIRIUS

    Armor Sets

    That would be fair!
  14. D S SIRIUS

    My finished set

    Hi all, Thought I'd post my finished set on here like a lot of other people are doing. I'm extremely new to miniature painting and the knight in this set is literally the first miniature I've ever painted. This took me absolute ages to finish but it's finally done!
  15. D S SIRIUS

    Armor Sets

    All opinion is subjective of course, but I personally would be very willing to accept an additional delay to get them redesigned with action poses. Their purpose is to replace the player models when you find the armour miniatures respective equipment card so it doesn't make sense to me replacing the action pose of the player with an emote pose. I find it very immersion breaking when you have the dancer in a pose diving head on at you with a flaming sword and then your guy is just clapping in response. Emote poses are novelty and I feel they would have been better suited to something more like a limited edition range instead.